@TorontoPolice & CrimeStoppers Seek Suspects in Debilitating Assault of Zakaria Omar

On August 3rd, 2014 right here in the City of Toronto near York and Queen Street Zakaria Omar was brutally assaulted, leaving him with a debilitating head injury to which is still receiving medical treatment for to this day. We’re going to go and speak to his father, who is going to tell us how it impacted the family…. (Mr.Omar) August 3rd, 2014, Zakaria got off a taxi at the Sheraton Hotel …and six people was waiting for him there and they beat him up… badly… and he ended up in the hospital… oh… it has impacted us big-time… like I …we…. ah… my daughter, the older daughter, she’s spent almost two years here, you know every single day, coming… …and …even now, you know my wife she’s here all the time… and then, we have small kids at home too, and so it has impacted us… big. Well Zak is… now now he’s a different person. Like a year… is… He’s recovering good… ah… but he has a long-term rehabilitation… okay… he’s not the kid he was before… like… a big change… There’s lots of people who knows who did Zakaria to this… but they don’t want to come out and say it, because those people who do this to him, they walking out on the street, and then for sure there’s a lots of people, not few of them, there’s lots of them know who did this to him. But they don’t want to talk… but please I want them to talk, on their own to say something, because this is the people who put that kid at the hospital for two years, and… probably they did somebody else it too, and they’re going to do it again if we don’t stop them (Matt Fenwick): this crime was particularly brutal in nature. I would ask that when you’re reviewing the video please pay special attention to the six suspects seen fleeing the area… please pay attention to any characteristics that you may find, if you happen to recognize anything, or have anything to add to this case i would like you to call me a 416-808-5204 at 52 Division with information, thank you. (Chris Scherk): You’ve heard from Zak”s dad and you’ve heard from Detective Constable Fenwick and their appeal for information, however at Crime Stoppers we know that you can’t always contact the police directly, sometimes you have a need to remain anonymous. If that’s the case call us at 222-TIPS that’s 416-222-8477. At Toronto Crime Stoppers, you remain anonymous crime doesn’t… (music)

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