Total War: ARENA – Hannibal spotlight

Hannibal Barca was one of the greatest
commanders of the ancient world. He was a strategist who made
use of opponents’ weaknesses and relied on courageous maneuvers. At the Battle of Cannae, he utterly smashed a Roman
army twice the size of his own, etching his name into history. In Total War: Arena, Hannibal
is a Carthaginian commander with an agile and
maneuverable style of gameplay. He specializes
in Melee units and War Elephants. Hannibal’s first
ability is “Forced March.” This is a toggleable formation that raises the Movement Speed
and Acceleration of your unit. At the same time, it decreases its
morale, View Range, and Charge Deflect. Use this ability to take up strategic
positions faster than others and, if necessary,
change flanks quickly. But mind that your units are vulnerable
during the Forced March effect and after you disable it, it will take
a while for the morale to recover. Hannibal’s second
ability is “Determination.” Combined,
Forced March and Determination allow Hannibal to navigate the
battlefield with frightening speed, appearing where his
opponents least expect it. Determination temporarily reduces
penalties caused by ground types, allowing your men to fight more
efficiently in woods or thick mud whilst also boosting their
Melee Defense and Melee Attack. Use it to gain
the edge in the melee, or force your way
through difficult terrain. Hannibal’s Ultimate ability
is called “Ad Portas!” This ability can be applied
to Swordsmen and Elephants. Usable only while engaged in melee, this ability causes
the unit’s Melee Damage to slowly build up to incredible levels
for as long as it stays in combat. However, if the effect
stays active for too long, the unit will lose all discipline, preventing it from using any of its
abilities for an extended period. Smart Hannibal players will need
to judge the situation carefully to determine whether
this penalty is worth the benefit. These are just the basics
of playing this commander. Will you manage to fight like
Hannibal in Total War: Arena? Being wise, adjusting tactics, and casting fear into the
hearts of the Roman legionaries.

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