Touring the Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited / Muppets: Skirball Cultural Center

[Dad] Sorry! Sorry! Hello Bloggineers. We’re at the Skirball Cultural Center, and today we’ll be checking out the Jim Henson Exhibition. Opened in 1996, this museum is dedicated to the Jewish culture. The Jim Henson exhibit features more than 100 objects and 25 historic puppets from the imagination of the famed puppeteer. In addition to the puppets, there are also scripts and storyboards. I am going to try my hand at puppeteering in this interactive exhibit. Next is the Sesame Street display. There are many merchandise and characters here, such as Bert and Ernie. Next we’re checking out the Muppets. And we got to create our own character. We’re adding many eyes to make him look like a spider. We’re adding some hair and accessories. [Brother] This guy’s name is called Hello. My name’s Mr. Hat Guy. Now we’re looking at the Dark Crystal section. Followed by Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, and Pajanimals. [Brother] It’s the Pajanimals song. Pa-Pajanimals is waiting for you. Lastly, we’re putting on a Muppet show. We had so much fun at the Jim Hansen Exhibition. And don’t forget to check out Noah’s Ark while you are here.

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