Trailer: LIVE Q&A with MoMA Exhibition Designers (Nov 14) – Send us your questions!

I remember the arugula phase. Every time I walked towards your
desk you smelled like a salad. Hello everyone, my name is Lana Hum. My name is Mack Cole-Edelsack. We are two members of the Exhibition Design
team at the Museum of Modern Art. As exhibition designers, we work with the
curators and a large team at the museum to craft the environments
that house the exhibitions. We wanted to give you a
behind-the-scenes look and a chance to ask some questions about what
goes into making these exhibitions. Questions like what are the considerations
exhibition designers have to take into account? Things like wall placement, colors,
lighting, conservation requirements. Working with artists and also
making sure that all of it maintains true to the curators’ vision and the meaning behind
what they are hanging. Or how does one become an exhibition designer. We’ll answer those and a whole lot more, so
please leave your questions in the comment section below and be sure
to tune in live when we’ll be answering those and more questions
that you post during the livestream. Until then check out some of these other videos
and be sure to subscribe to the museum’s YouTube channel so you’ll get an
alert when we go live. See you then. I know. We can talk about
arugula like endlessly. No problem. Exactly.

18 thoughts on “Trailer: LIVE Q&A with MoMA Exhibition Designers (Nov 14) – Send us your questions!

  1. What an artist need to do to be considered for your exhibitions ?

    do you never thought to organize a sort of … fake exhibit with imaginary artists names and object exposed to show and explain and force and criticize and destroy the meaning of 'conceptual' ?

  2. Hello, love the channel!

    My question is, how does architecture play into the designing of an exhibition, do you work with architects at all? Thanks!

  3. How do you choose the color palette for an exhibition? What were your favorite pieces of art or exhibitions to work with and why?

  4. Halo guys.
    My question is, from where you started to make the design and how you say that the design has described, technically?

  5. So excited for this livestream! My question is, since design can be so subjective how do you decide whether or not a design idea works? Is it based on your individual process or based on feedback after the fact? Also, how did you hone your design process in general? Thanks!!

  6. Hi! I would like to know in-order to become an exhibition designer, which is more important: education or internship/job experiences?

    Do you have to be top of your class to be earning this job? (Because i struggle so much in my university, i study European and art history. Prior to that, I was studying design!)

    Thank you!

  7. What is unique to the way that MoMA approaches exhibition design compared to other museums? Have you ever been to an exhibition that was badly designed and if so, what about it was off? What kinds of skills are needed to be a good exhibition designer?

  8. How your inspiration and tought procces stay fresh, progressive and dont fall into trends??

    Also what is the key and fundental aproach to exibition design. Like in painting it is color, in sculpture is matter, in movie is storytelling etc., in what particular way exibition designer needs to be sensitive?

  9. Hi MoMA team! My name is SUPERWAXX. My question is what sort of key considerations do you have in mind while constructing a exhibition to help spark interest and engagement from the viewer whose observing the art on display? (Thank you.)

  10. If you had to choose between fulfilling the artist or the curator's vision of the work and the audience experience of the exhibition, what would you choose and why? Or, in other words, did you ever say to a curator or artist "that's not going to work, the audience will not get it"?

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