[Trails of Cold Steel 4 Eng Sub] Assault on black workshop #6 END – breaking out

da…dammnit all…that’s not how you’d expect a damn politician to swing a blade in a fight… that sword, it’s as if…its encroaching and draining our will directly… so this is the pinnacle of the Hundred Army Blade Style…no, it’s more than that… For just two Steinritters and the sword of the blaze demon to be so tenacious… Demonic blade Angbar, the blade forged through the Divergent Laws And that move, Starlight formation was it? really makes me see my former compatriots as the monsters they really are Duvalie, you are indeed very fast… however, it does not seem that your speed is such that it can surpass our formation yet hehe, what a banquet Crowe, since its such a fine day, how bout calling our your knight to the tables as well hngh, as if I’d get such an opening tch, even though we have the numbers… fighting two combat shells cooperating with each other is a whole different kettle of fish…and they even have a squirrel tank out front oii, aren’t you taking this just a little too seriously? Well that is rude of me, beautiful miss bracer our preparations are perfect, the flow of the battle has already been decided hehehe, very soon the other members will return Looks like we’ll need to prepare a few more rooms for “long term accommodation”… fa…ther… the end…is it? well then, what will you do? It is as you have reasoned, you have indeed been chosen as the true sacrifice of the Dusk. If you released the power of the “sacrifice”, perhaps there may be a glimpse of potential hope for all of you you dirty geezer… NO, you can’t!!! what the heck is this old man even suggesting! It does not look as if you plan to surrender to us… ahh, I have been chosen by the Curse that surrounds Erebonia however, it’s very much because of that, that I can see the path of needles I need to thread to overcome this stage you don’t mean… Gaius, Emma, “they’re” already nearby I see! I understand Celine, help me out overlap it with Gaius’s Stigma and force the gate open you gotcha its only a one way portal…wait oi oi, this scent smells like… heh, so that’s their game plan eh? this voice…it’s… ahh, there’s no mistake The Azure Abyss, Vita Clotilde hehe, right on time indeed and with what even I didn’t manage to expect The Partitions of the Gralritter’s vice master but…why’d they set it up so high up?! tch, useless struggles they’re coming that’s, the Mountain Bobcat II! Miss Josette, even you came! and that silver colored ship, is it ahh, the rumored ship I’ve heard from both the Liberl and Crossbell groups The special operations aircraft belonging to the Dominions of the Gralritter this is the Merkbah Unit 8, the aircraft I inherited from my master Randy-senpai??? Agate, good timing! General appears to be in good health as well de, am I the only normie who’s surprised these guys came? looks like now’s the best time to jump in Rean, looks like you’re safe ahh, thanks to everyone! Branch-principal and Clotilde-san, thanks very much for coming teehee, it was only possible with the collaboration of Mister No.2 Dominion Leave this field to us, and prepare to withdraw YES MA’AM C’mon, we aren’t got much time please hurry everyone ahh, Crowe, help me out! you betcha! haha, well ain’t this a riot I’ll be coming as well Valimar…as we thought, there’s no response at all.. but, I should at least be able to move you wu, what the heck? oh yea, I forgot Celine, help me out here Yep, I’ll regulate the mana to the Kern (Core) even without his will, you should be able to synchronise with the unit concentrate on that! ahh I’m sorry, Valimar, you’ve become like this all because of me… but right now, please lend me your power, so that we can grasp our “tomorrow” thank you, partner! Let’s go, the Ashen Knight, VALIMAR!!! hooray!!! Got her! Millium! ha, haven’t lost the moves have you only thanks to everybody including you Crowe Linking up everyone’s soldats…got em summoning them here now, be sure to keep up ALRIGHT Let us get on board tch, calling for Gundam eh? It has been a wonderful time, General…may you continue to improve even beyond your current “limits”… compared to us whose steps have stopped in time, perhaps you all will be able to reach that lofty goal The Holy Maiden’s Knight so that’s…the Chancellor’s Knight hmph, seems they really just have the devil’s luck in abundance…. the magical soldats this really is getting bad everyone, retreat back towards Rean and the soldats hohoho, even though it was only thanks to the assistance of those around you… being able to successfully grasp this “chance” is worthy of compliments but I’m sure you are already aware, that “destiny” can no longer be avoided ahh, I realised it for the first time after successfully becoming the true Sacrifice… The form of the inescapable destiny that connects all the Chevaliers and the Divine Knights… If we try to escape from it, the “distortions” will only get more pronounced… that’s the “real fairytale” that Miss Clotilde spoke of isn’t it? yes, the fairy tale whose ending I tried to change inside the Vermillion Castle… the ritual to retrieve the split parts of the “Great One” from the separated Divine Knights strewn across the lower dimension… The “Rivalry”, I believe, was its name… huhuhu, to be exact, it is called the “Seven Rivalries” Occurring at the same time as the Great Dusk, The ritual that requires the destruction of the world as we know it… so, so that’s the true reason for initiating the Great Dusk… and everything that happened so far was all preparation for this farce, and the revival of the Great One I see… you are correct, though to call it a farce may be a little too forced well, it certainly is a festival where the stage has been set at a crazy temperature How I look forward to being able to witness its climax with my own eyes how deplorable Even if we set aside the Organization’s stake in this matter… now that my esteemed brother has been chosen as the Golden Chevalier, you could say that all criteria for this stage has been met ahh, we really can no longer turn back… even so, I have decided to rebel. resisting this fate, along with my irreplaceable friends, comrades, students and nakama, and all of our collaborators So as to not bring shame to the soul that is Millium… and more than anything else, in order to remain true to “myself” Instructor… Rean… and we’re all of the same belief! even if everything we see flow towards an outcome of tragedy and despair not only Rean himself, in order for all of us to see ourselves clearly, and decide how we should live! very well, then resist as much as you fancy doing so, will also aid the preparation of the stages for the Rivalries incoming message from Merkabah #2, several aircrafts approaching this airspace c’mon, time ta hightail outta here! allow us to go then. Emma, Celine, Gaius-kun as well, please assist me. yes, everyone please concentrate we’ll send everyone at once allow the light of our wings pierce this dark crevice and reach the Azure Skies once more I have great expectations for you all as well… in the dazzling array you have set upon the board in preparation against Operation Jorganmund… hmph, seems at least some of our machinations have been seen through… as my gratitude for allowing us to retrieve Instructor and Millium’s sword, allow me to directly inform you “Mille Mirage” (Thousand Sunflares), that is the name of my strategic operation against you hohoho, I see… then without consideration for the Rivalry, let us have ourselves a clean match, with the destruction of the world as our stake now everyone! I’ll open the path, Rean and underclassmen, be sure to keep up! We leave it to you! tch, times like this I regret lugging the weight in this hunkajunk is that, the light of the sun? the day is breaking… You did it! well then, let us scurry posthaste expanding active camouflage fields sigh, we didn’t make it on time… Merkabah #8, I thought it was still being repaired grr, the Church’s aircraft? the damn Septian Church, do they plan to make enemies of the Empire? ahahaha, to think that they’d get away even after deploying the Chancellor, the Maiden and No. 1… Although they were bolstered by the Abyss, the Golden Rakshata and Dominions… seems like this Rean really has Lady Luck smiling on his side ahaha, good luck? when you have his unfortunte fate, that is beyond irony… “Their” troubles are really just starting… well, no matter what, looks like the players and the stage are really all set this time… Preparations are all set, to push the entire continent into a fiery cauldron in order to bust open the cauldron lid in hell yes, the great Earth Dragon has awakened, and the 7 Knights stand at the ready… everything from here on out can only further accelerate towards the predetermined end of this fairy tale Miss Alisa…everyone else… Rean-san… Millium-chan as well…is this reallly what I… well it’s probably for the best to successfully get back where you belong no matter how fragile that hope is, or how inescapable the ensuring despair will be… well then, how will you move, Rean, and… the rest of Class VII

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