Trataka Full Action Movie Dubbed In Hindi | Rahul Ainapur,Hridaya Avanti | Shivaganesh

He wasn’t like this before. He was just like any
of our other clients. I can’t do this anymore. It is 4 AM. Does he intend to go home today? Yes. Throw the ball nicely. You hit it properly.
– Yes. Yes. Yes. What are you doing? Hurry up. That is a lovely shot. Bring the ball quickly!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! What are you doing? Get it quickly. Hey, Vinay! Come here and take a look. The name of the deceased is Nikhil,
who is a Police Officer’s brother. He was studying in SEM College.. ..and he wanted to
participate in a bike race. This murder took place
on Madhav street at around 1 AM. This murderer is extremely
devious according to Police sources. He has left no evidence. The
Police are looking for the murderer. We will keep you
updated on this murder. This is Lata from Bengaluru
with cameraman Raghu. Pick the call, Dev. Yes, Ravi.
– Nikhil was murdered, Sharad. What? – Yes.
And Dev is not answering my call. O God! Where?
– On Madhav street. Quickly relay this news to Dev. –
Okay. Okay. I’ll call him right away. Dev, come on! Pick the call. Open the door, Dev. What’s the matter? Nikhil left us, Dev. He left us for his heavenly abode. How did this happen? Hey, babe. Shall we dance?
– Yeah. I’m ready. Let’s go. Hey, wow! Sit. Sit. Sit. Let’s talk
first and then dance. Sit down. Incidentally, may I say something to
you? I am slightly shorter than you. Slightly shorter? All the geniuses in
the world are my height. Sachin. Hitler. AR Rehman. So much so, even superstar
Aamir Khan is as tall as me. We are short but our fame is big. Really? Tell him that.
– Tell who? What is your problem?
– Cool. Cool. Do you want to fight? Are you ready?
– Ready. If I win this fight
this girl will be mine. Get that?
– Hello. Mister. One minute.
– Cool down. Cool down. I am here. Don’t worry. Ready. Ready. Come out. Then we’ll see.
– Let’s go. Come. Come on out. – Show
me what you’re made of out here. Come. Come.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. Come along.
– Why are you wasting time, brother? Hold on.
Your time is going to be wasted. You don’t know how
dangerous I am. Come. We will have a scuffle. Brother, I’m sure he has plans.
Let’s go. Let’s get out of here.
Take my advice, brother. Let’s get out of here. This fledgling has lost his way,
brother. Come! Come on, brother.
Let’s get out of here. Listen to me. Listen! Yes, he is. Nikhil is my enemy.
We have had several confrontations.. ..and each time I broke
his legs in the races. During those confrontations several
times I told him I would kill him.. ..but now I too am
saddened by his death. He was the only one
who could compete with me.. ..but now he is no more.
Who will I race against? Nobody left with whom I can fight. Apart from all of this I have nothing
whatsoever to do with his murder. If I had murdered Nikhil I
would have happily confessed to it. But I did not kill him. If I find out you told a lie,
you will surely die. Remember that. Hey, Nanda. Let him go. I have no time at all to
gather your broken bones. I am looking for Nikhil’s murderer.
I am warning you. Get lost. Even a dog thinks
he is a tiger when he is in a group.. ..but the tiger comes alone. And I am alone at this time. That means I am a tiger. Get that?
– Hey! I simply threatened
Nikhil that I will kill him. If I happen to bump
into you outside again.. ..then it will be my trap
and you will be the fledgling. Help, bro! Dev. Enough, Dev. Please. Why are you so sensitive, Dev? Just be practical, man. I am practical. You are not at all practical. You have begotten justice for old
files that were gathering dust, Dev. And it’s not just a usual case, Dev. You gotta come out of it, man. ‘Nanda knew all of Nikhil’s problems. Was there someone else too?’ Hey, Nanda. You knew everything. What are you keeping from me? Nothing, bro. I too am
very saddened by Nikhil’s death. Yes, Nanda. Bro, it would be good if
you spend time with brother Dev. Please come. – Okay, I’m coming. Thanks, bro. – Bye. This house feels empty
without your father. Doctor? Doctor? You will never understand. I thought you would distance
yourself from Dev after this fiasco. He is responsible
for your father’s death. Sharad, day by day you
are getting close to him. I hope he doesn’t rob
me of you as well. – Mom. Dev is not responsible
for father’s death. Just because Dev
was there all the time.. does not make
him his murderer, mom. I have kept your pills over there.
Remember to take them. Get some rest now. I’ll be back soon. In 1975, a Police Officer killed a
bigwig gangster in an encounter, Dev. This Police Officer was watching an
India and Pakistan match in Chennai. At the time he was brutally killed. Cut into pieces and
put in the suitcase. Investigations revealed the same
gangster’s son was working as a waiter.. the Hotel where he was staying. Meaning?
– Some victim shadows are alive, Dev. Still waiting for a chance. I’m sure one of them
must be Nikhil’s enemy. It could be one of
your enemies too, Dev. How can it be possible, Ravi. Just as get trapped in a net.. ..anyone who is my
enemy cannot survive. No chance at all. Dev, you have solved so
many cases for our Department. It surprises even me.
That 65 old psychopath killer case. Slum gang. Gold dealer. And so many other strange
cases that you have solved, Dev. Yes. But finally,
none of my enemies survived. Some people who are close
to you could also do it. I agree with you. As an intelligent Officer he is
very clever when thinking far off. What? Sorry. He is farsighted. How are you now, Dev? ‘What is the connection
with the rest of them, Nikhil?’ ‘Chauri. Vaali.’ ‘Who could my enemy
be according to Ravi? ‘Who else is left?’ ‘Could it be Chauri?’ ‘Or Vaali? No.’ ‘I’m sure it could be Khalim.
Or else Mussa.’ ‘Who of these could it be?’ ‘Think, Dev. Find it.’ Hey! Hey! Hey, stop! Hey, bro. What is the matter? Did you see anyone? No, bro. I came from that direction. You are dreaming, bro. Go to bed. It was no dream.
Look over there. Bloodstains. Blood? I’m sure he got hurt
when he was running away. Bro, this is not the
blood of someone running away. It is your blood. Look at your hand. My blood? Why did you go there
so late at night? – Bro. I couldn’t fall asleep,
so I went for a walk at night. Bro. Bro? Bro. Bro. Ma’am, if my car was
going at the speed of 60.. ..your photographs would be taken.
I’m glad you had a narrow escape. Stupid fool! What did you eat before
leaving home? Can’t you see? Burger. Don’t you have any sense? Why does one need
sense to eat a burger? The mouth does the job. Really? Will you eat anything
just because you have a mouth? I asked you if you have any sense. What did I get myself into? Don’t you know you should
look at the signal when driving? I looked at the signal but I
got confused between orange and green. You came and banged
into me like a cow. Hey! Did you just call me a cow? Hop in the car.
– Hello. I was talking to him. Why did you have to do that? He took the slap that you should have. Get those earphones out of your
ears first and then leave. You think you can hit me?
What’s this for? Are you trying to act like a hero? Is someone taking
your pictures over here? Is someone making a recording? Why are you pretending? I told you to hop into the car,
didn’t I? Leave! Okay, sir. Look, you are making me angry now. I will teach you a lesson. Police! Police! Arrest this man, sir. He is creating disorder
in a public place. Morning, sir.
– Tell this idiot to leave. And disperse this traffic.
– Okay, sir. I am not an idiot. You are.
– Reverse the car. Back. Back. ‘red jacket I had seen it that night.’ YoWhat do you have to say about love? Shut up. u shut up. Get married to a nice girl. She will cook for you,
wash your clothes. She will keep you happy.
It will be great fun. Do you know how good
it feels to be married? One should have a goal in life. Then one should achieve that goal. That makes one’s life beautiful. Else it is no use. Bro is kidding.
He has never even spoken to a girl. When he falls in love he
will realize the problems boys have. When the girl makes demands
he will turn into an ATM machine. One without cash. Do you understand? I told you to shut up, didn’t I?
– Remember my words. Get him married quickly
or you will be a grandpa.. the time he gets married
and your wife will be a grandma. Listen. I have an idea.
Run away with Kalki after your exams. Give these medicines to the patient.
– Okay, Doctor. Are you alright?
How are you feeling now? At the signal..
– That’s right. I brought you here from the signal. You are the girl who was
fighting at the signal, right? Hello. This is a Hospital. Sorry. Thanks. Where do you think you are going? Rest here for half an hour.
You are being treated. I told you.
I already.. thanked you. Without my permission you..
– How are you feeling? Are you okay? – I’m alright. Okay. – Come. Come. Let’s go. Hey, Dev. Meet my friend. Dr. Pavitra. I know him very well. He smiles 24×7. Hey, I’m sorry. This is Dev’s way. Don’t misunderstand him. Dev, she called me when she
learned you are my friend. I told her to treat you.
– I thanked her. But..
– Hey! I’ll take care of him. Bye. Come, come. Come, Dev. She was helping you. You could have been
more polite to her. You know I am not in
the right state of mind now. I understand, Dev. That’s why I’m trying
to get you out of this problem. Stop the car, Sharad.
– What’s the matter? When I make a call
his phone is switched off.. ..and when I come here
you tell me he is not here. What’s the reason for this evasion? ‘Isn’t that Chauri?’ Hey, Dev! Hey, Dev! Stop! Where are you going? Stop! Stop! Ever since you told me you
would kill me in an encounter.. ..I gave up crime, sir. Please don’t kill me.
I have done nothing wrong. I am working in finance, sir. I have done nothing wrong. Please don’t kill me, sir. Then why did you run when you saw me? I thought you were chasing me
because my case has reopened. I was certain someone must have
framed me. That’s why I ran, sir. Please, sir. Believe me. I have done nothing wrong, sir.
Please, sir. Tell me where Vaali is.
Where is Vaali? – Sir. I don’t know, sir. I haven’t seen him
for the past two years, sir. Please believe me. Please, sir.
– I see. You haven’t seen him at all. Sir. Sir. Sir. – Damn you! Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Please. Please. My gun?
– Sir. Sir. Please. It was right here. Who is it? Talk to him. Switch on the speaker.
Quick. Switch on the speaker. Sir. It’s my wife. Hello. Have you lost your mind these days?
Or did you pass out drunk? Come home quickly.
– I am coming in five minutes. I told you to come home quickly,
didn’t I? Yes, yes. Okay. Okay. I’m coming.
Don’t trouble me. I told you to hang
up and come home quickly. Believe me, sir.
I haven’t done a thing, sir. Please. Please, sir. Sir. Good morning. Dev. I’m very sorry. I learned about your brother.
You want any help? Sir, I have to discuss
something important. Tell me. Hi. – Hi. Actually during an investigation.. ..I lost my gun, sir.
– What? Dev, being a responsible Officer
I did not expect this of you. CPS.
– Complex Partial Seizures. I attended classes on it but
I did not know he was that patient. We learned of his
ailment few days ago. He has some personal issues too.
– Oh! I know. I know everything. Would you mind if I treated this case? No, no. Please, Pavitra. Dev is not like the other patients. Was the gun loaded?
– Yes, sir. Oh! Okay. File a complaint
at the Police station.. ..closest to your house
as soon as possible. Sure, sir. Dev, I can understand your situation. Okay. You may do it. – Thank you. Try to snap out of
it as soon as possible. I would to see you become a DCP, Dev.
– Sir. Keep it up. Well, I’ll go now.
– Okay. Bye. Sharad. Dev left his wallet behind
at the clinic the other day. Oh! Please hand it to him.
– Okay. I’ll give him. Bye. Bye. You left your wallet
in Pavitra’s clinic. She has returned it. Why did she come here? I don’t know. Why? What’s the matter? Did she find anything else?
– No. Nothing. Let’s go. Hi. – Hi. Ravi. I get bored her all day long. Go to your mom’s house for a few days. It’s not about that, Ravi.
– Then invite your mom here. Idiot. It’s not about that. If I have a baby I won’t get bored. I think..’s time for a baby. Hey, Ravi. Don’t be sad. I just asked. Nikhil’s death,
Dev’s condition and work pressure. I can understand all those problems. Come on. Get ready and
I’ll serve dinner. Okay? Where could it be? How did my file come here? Nobody can understand
a Doctor’s handwriting. What are you looking for over here? I cannot find my gun. I found your wallet. I did not find anything
other than that. Okay. Thank you. ACP Dev protected Radhakrishna’s
house in HSR layout.. ..when the real estate
hoodlums were robbing him of it. He has no more problems and
the entire family is very happy. Radhakrishna?
– I’m Dr. Pavitra Radhakrishna. I am his daughter. On our first meeting I
learned that you are ACP Dev. And I learned about
your disorder from Sharad. Dr. Ratnam was my Professor.. ..and he told us about
your case at a seminar. We all miss him a lot. According to me Dr.
Ratnam did not die in an accident. I heard from one of my lecturer’s
that he died from a drug overdose. Let the cause of death
remain an accident. Don’t tell anyone about the drugs.
– No. No. I told you this because
you were very close to Dr. Ratnam. I won’t discuss this with anyone else. And let me tell you,
I wanted to handle Dr. Ratnam’s case. Sharad will take care of it. Hold on. Give me one chance to help you. Are you asking for a chance to help.. ..or do you want to know
more about the disorder? Please listen to me. Hey, Sharad. Are you insane? Why are you going around telling
everyone about my disorder? Shut up, man! Help me if you want to.. ..but I don’t want anyone
else’s help. Got it? Sir.
– Where is Vaali? Where can I find him? He must have come.
He must have surely come. He must be teaching a lesson
to guys who color their hair.. – Hello.
-grow their beard and behave like goons. What happened?
– That’s what he does, sir. I mean it, sir.
– Dev. Yes. I wonder what he’s done. He said he would
be back in five minutes. Both Chauri and Vaali were on my list. I made enquiries with
Chauri day before yesterday. Is it possible Vaali did this?
– No, man. There is a big difference
between Nikhil’s murder and his. I think the murderer
used an iron rod for this. So much so,
you know he was a gangster.., there could be many
other reasons for his death. Maybe the local boys or
his foes did this and killed him. The modus operandi in Nikhil’s
murder and his is different. I don’t see any connection, Dev. I think you’re jumping to conclusions. No, man.
– Okay. Let’s see. We shall match both the reports
when his murder report comes in. Isn’t this a nice color?
– Wow! Try it. Yes, sir. You.. Excuse me.
– Yes, sir. Come here.
– Coming, sir. Which brand is the T-shirt
that you have inside? Inside? Just a second, sir. What were you doing?
– Sir. Sir. Sir. Don’t hit me. Sir. Sir. I won’t look in future, sir.
Sir. Please, sir. Sir. I swear, sir, I will not
make this mistake in future. You are destroying other people’s
lives for your entertainment? Talk!
– No, sir. Hurry up!
– No, sir. I shall record it and
upload it on the net. Talk! No, sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir.
Please forgive me, sir. Why? You are concerned
about your own dignity? Please, sir. Please.
– Even they are like you. No, sir. It won’t happen again.
– Be it a man or a woman. Dignity means the same for everyone.
– Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Women are worshipped in this country. Sir. Sir. Sir.
Sir. I will break the camera, sir. Please forgive me, sir.
Please forgive me. Sir. Please, sir.
I won’t do this again. Please let me go, sir.
Sir. Please, sir. Sir, may I dress? Thank you, sir. You check every inch of
clothing when you are buying it. Can’t you take care when
you are wearing the same clothing? Don’t you know such news
always seen on social sites? Shouldn’t you be more responsible? Look here. Protecting yourself
is your own responsibility. Go on. Feed her the cake. Very good! Let’s take a selfie, bro. You come too, brother.
– Come on, bro. Superb! Congratulations, Ravi!
– Thank you. Congratulations! Congratulations, Aparna.
– Thank you, brother. Incidentally, where is Sharad?
– I called him. He is on the way. Okay. Okay. Sit. The aroma is so good.
– Nikhil loves kebabs. Aparna. Are you out of your mind? Sorry, brother.
– It’s okay. Listen, Dev. Chauri’s murder report has arrived. Any connections? No, Dev. It has a different path. Please excuse me a minute.
– Eat your food first. Just one minute.
Only one minute. Hello. Yes. Brother. Shall I give
you some lentils, brother? No. I have enough. Brother?
– Dev. Sorry. I’m sure Dev misses Nikhil. Aparna, don’t you know
when to speak and when to desist? Well, never mind. Let him calm down. Sit down. Have your dinner.
– Okay. ‘Get well soon, darling.
– Save some space for others as well.’ ‘Don’t worry. ‘During the race the other day I made
a small mistake when taking a left.’ ‘That’s why I..
– Why did you mention his name?’ ‘Break both his legs
if this happens again.’ ‘Brother?’ ‘How many times have I told
you not to take him to illegal races?’ ‘I did not take him.
He was determined to go.’ ‘It’s not much.
Just a small fracture.’ ’20 days.
He will be just fine. Take care.’ ‘Look. I wrote, get well soon.’ Ravi! Ravi! Brother Dev! Hurry up, brother! Are you okay? I’m okay, Dev.
Go and catch the shooter first, Dev. What’s the matter, brother? Why are you running like a crazed man? Tell me what happened. Why are you running like crazy? ‘I have only one clue. That is Nanda.’ ‘Nanda is the only one who
knew everything about Nikhil.’ ‘If Nanda knew anything
he would tell me.’ ‘Nanda must surely know
something about Nikhil.’ ‘But what could it be? Think, Dev.’ ‘You have resolved so many such cases.
Give it some thought.’ ‘Think.’ Please give me some. Give me just a little bit.
Anything will do. All the dope here is lost.
The system has been hacked. I can’t give you any. Why are you in such panic?
Go and get it elsewhere. You told me the ACP
does what you say. Tell me. So, what is the problem?
Go and take it yourself. I can’t take it. Please give me
a little bit. Please give me. I mean it. Go and take the dope. I have no connection with this, sir. Please, sir. Believe me, sir. My boss supplies the dope to me.
I am merely a peddler. Why did Nanda come here?
How do you know him? I used to study in the same
College where Nanda studies, sir. I used to sell drugs
in my own College, sir. When I was in the Final year
Nikhil was one year junior to me. That’s how Nanda and I met. Since then I distributed
all the drugs through Nanda. That’s why I used to
give him drugs for free. That’s how Nanda got addicted. How did Nanda treat Nikhil in College? You enjoyed that, didn’t you? Hello. Where are you, Nikhil? I’m in the library, brother.
– ‘Library.’ Library.’ Come home quickly.
The Auditor is waiting. Yes, I’m coming. Won’t you introduce
me to your brother? His brother?
He is so afraid of his brother.. ..he pees in his pants if his
brother so much as takes his name. He will never introduce
you to his brother. Nanda. Don’t you know
how to show respect? Is it even more difficult than
finding a bride for your own father? Let’s go. Hey, Nanda.
There is a pretty girl in my area. Only 78 years old.
Talk to your father about her. Every dog has his day.
I will surely teach him a lesson. He spoke like that frequently. I hadn’t met him
for quite a while, sir. He came here today
to get some marijuana. My stock was finished, sir. That’s why I told
him to bring the dope. And where does he get the dope? The place where Nikhil was murdered.
Madhav street. Next to house. Damn! The car always
breaks down at the wrong time. ‘Pavitra? So late at night? Why is she here all alone?’ ‘He doesn’t even have the
manners to ask what’s wrong.’ ‘Should I be speaking to her?’ ‘No. No.’ ‘He is just standing there watching.’ ‘Why did he stop the bike
if he didn’t want to talk?’ ‘Does she have a problem? Should I or shouldn’t I ask her?’ ‘If he approaches
me now I won’t tell him.’ ‘What’s this? He was
coming here and he went back.’ Look, buddy. A girl is standing there. Yes. She is hot! Look. She is flirting. Ask her.
– I will, bro. Are you going to say
something or just stand there? What’s your fee? How much can you afford? How much money do you have, buddy? I have 2500.
– We will pay you 2500. Okay. Your place or mine? Is it vacant?
– I ask him right away, buddy. Damn! He is not answering the call. Hey! What’s going on here? We were asking for an address.
This way or that, ma’am? Get out of here! – Yes. Yes. Let’s go. Push. – Let’s go. Let’s go. – Let’s get out of here. Hey! – Move. Move. Move. Did I say anything to you? Did I ask for your help? You don’t like taking help, do you? Go away. I don’t want anybody’s help. Hey! Come back. Take her with you.
– No, sir. Come over here.
– Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.
– Bye. ‘And where does he get the dope?’ ‘The place where Nikhil was murdered.
Madhav street.’ ‘Next to house.’ This is all I have. What are you doing? Give me some more. ‘Who is that?’ ‘He is a Policeman.’ Run! Run fast! Run! Run! Run! Stop! Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me, sir. Arrest me. Take it. Take all the dope. I will give you the
whole city if you wish, sir. Will you have some tea? I know you are a Police Officer, sir. A murder took place in the
next lane at 1 AM on 28th night. Do you know about it? Sir, he was your..
– Yes. He was my brother. You peddle till 2 AM. One has to pass your
den to go to the next lane. Because the den is midway. You must have surely
seen my brother’s killer. ell me who it was. Look. I leave this
place at sharp 12 AM, sir. Then other people sit here. I’m telling the truth, sir.
I know nothing. I know you are telling lies. I’m not talking to
you as a Police Officer. In fact, I’m talking to you as a man
who lost his younger brother. And several innocent people
will die like this in future as well. Please tell me who it was. Sir, till date I can’t
think of any Police Officer.. ..ever speaking to me so humanely. All the Policemen
always threaten us, sir. But you are different
from them all, sir. Surely things will
go right for you, sir. You will surely get justice, sir. I will tell you everything
that happened that night, sir. Nikhil. Hey, Nikhil. Where is my jacket? Lazy chap! He’s still asleep. What is this? Cocaine? Hey! Get up! What is this? First you participated
in illegal racing.. ..and now these drugs. What more do you want to do? Tell me. You have such a good life.
Why did you need this? Don’t repeat this again. ‘But you are different
from them all, sir.’ ‘Surely things will
go right for you, sir. You will surely get justice, sir.’ ‘No. You did not kill him.
You did not kill him, Dev.’ ‘You have nothing to
do with this murder, Dev.’ The ACP is here.
– The ACP is here. – Sir. Sir. Sir.
– Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. One question, sir.
– Sir. Do you know anything?
– Please tell us, sir. You must tell us.
– Tell us, sir. Please. Please tell us, sir. Sir, the murderer
did a very clean job. He wiped out all the evidence, sir. This is all we got
hold of as evidence, sir. Send the body for postmortem. And ask them to send
the reports quickly. Okay, sir. Sir. Tell us, sir.
– Please tell us, sir. Did you find a clue?
– Sir. Who has a hand in this?
– Please. No comments. Please tell us, sir.
– Sir. Excuse me, sir. ‘You will be caught, Dev.’ ‘Sharad. Where is Sharad?’ I am going mad, man! I think your condition is going worst. The moment the rod got
into my hands I killed that man. Dev, this disorder is
making you mentally weak. On top of that you stopped
taking the pills since Nikhil’s death. You will never catch
the killer if this goes on. What I’m going to do now?
– Now. Now you’re going to need rest
and keep your mind in peace. Okay. Yes. Yes. Hello, sir. This is Robin. Why did you do that, sir? Weren’t you there, sir?
– Just give it to me straight. Sir, someone that makes you laugh
isn’t necessarily a good human being. Who are you taking about?
– Who do you think? Nanda. He met Nikhil when he needed
a house to live in and food to eat. Nikhil and Nanda
were very good friends.. ..but Nikhil did not know
about Nanda’s bad character, sir. You mean Nikhil’s death
is connected with Nanda? I don’t know that
but I do know something. Hold on. I’m coming in. She doesn’t know
brother’s real character. He shows off because his
brother is a Police Officer. Even you talk about
brother Dev all the time. But when did I show off? He is always boasting
about his Police connection. Wait and watch.
I will shoot him someday. Forget it. Stop being funny. I will surely teach him a lesson. Don’t trust anything Nanda says, sir. ‘That means my guess.. ..was absolutely correct.’ Nanda. Nanda! Hello. Who are you? I asked you. Who are you? Hello.
– Move aside. This is a Police Officer’s house. Don’t you have any manners?
You just walked right in. Hello, ma’am.
– Call me sister-in-law. Sister-in-law?
– Yes. Don’t tell lies. I shall call
brother Dev and ask him. Call him. I have balance in my phone. Call him. I don’t care. Please leave. ‘What are you doing, Dev? You should have found
the killer by now.’ ‘Robin.’ ‘Robin was a drug peddler. But he was killed.’ ‘He must have told you
something before dying.’ ‘About whom did he tell you?
– Coffee or tea? Coffee. Lots of sugar. You are confusing me. Please leave or else
brother will yell at me. Hello. Listen to me. When we get married
I will rule this house. I will decide you who
stays here and who doesn’t. So, think before you speak. Listen to that.
Brother Dev can’t abandon me. Oh! – What do you know about
him that none other knows? What do I know? I know things that
even Dev does not know. Such as? Come close.
– I won’t. Come close. He has a black birthmark on his back.
Did you know that? You didn’t know, did you?
– No. I know. Black birthmark? On his back?
– Yes. On his back? You are great, sister-in-law!
Where are your feet? ‘Let’s assume Robin told
him something about Nanda.’ ‘No. I’m sure it’s Nanda. Crap! Hello, bro.
– Where are you? What is the matter?
– Get out of there. Why, bro? Dev knows about Robin and you. Is that so? Don’t let Dev get hold of you.
– Okay, bro. Get out of there quickly.
– Yes, I’m leaving. You go too. No. No. I will only
leave after talking to Dev. This is not the time to talk.
Please just leave. No. Let him come.
– Listen to me. Nanda!
– Hi, Dev. Nanda! What did you do with Nikhil? Why did you kill him? I haven’t done anything, bro.
I’m telling the truth. What are you doing, Dev?
– Tell me! I didn’t do anything. Tell me quickly.
– I did not do anything. Talk. I did nothing.
– Dev? Dev. I’m telling the truth. I did nothing.
– Let go of him, Dev. Let go of him, Dev.
What are you doing? Let go of me. I did nothing to Nikhil. Tell me quickly!
I know everything about you! Talk! Talk! Hello. Hello, Sharad. Pavitra here.
– Yes, Pavitra. Dev is extremely violent, Sharad. What did you say? Tell me clearly.
– Dev was hitting Nanda.. ..and he pushed me too. I passed out. I am petrified, Sharad.
Where are you? O God! One minute.
I’ll call you back. Hello, brother Ravi.
– Yes, Nanda. Hello, brother.
Brother Dev is hitting me. Where are you at this time? I am in a building that’s under
construction next to Orion mall. Stay there. I am coming. Hello. Yes, Sharad. Ravi, Dev’s mind
is going out of control. We need to stop him.
– Nanda called me just now, Sharad. He is an under construction
building near Orion mall. I am going there.
Come over there. But hurry up. Okay?
– Okay. Okay. Sharad. Hello. Yes, Sharad. What is it? Pavitra, they are next to Orion mall
in an under construction building. I am headed there.
– Okay. Nanda. Nanda! This monster is extremely merciless. Even monsters have some mercy, Dev. But this monster knows
nothing about mercy. He is a monster. Today it is Nanda. Tomorrow it will be Sharad. Day after tomorrow it will be me. This monster will kill us one by one. Being a Police Officer
I will not tolerate this, Dev. Do you know, Dev, there were
bloodstains in the Giri murder? Fingerprints were
found in Chauri’s murder. When I was reading
the forensic reports.. was one man I was
thinking of while working, Dev. Who is it? Who is it? Who could it be? And when I learned
the killer’s identity.. ..I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it at all. On the basis of all this evidence I
was convinced, Dev. I was convinced. Who committed all those murders?
You did, Dev. You are the killer, Dev!
You are the killer! You brutally killed everyone, Dev! Do you know,
Dev, who killed your brother Nikhil? You are the damn killer, Dev!
– No! You killed Nikhil! You did! Enough already, Dev. Enough. This bloody thing needs an end, Dev. Dev! Dev! Dev! No! Dev!
– Dev! No! Move it! Get away! Come on. Get away! Get back. Get back. Move. Come on. Move. Tie this over there. ACP Jaydev suffered CPS,
a mental disorder. He killed his brother because of it. He committed murder
when he learned of this. Switch it off. God never forgives
anyone who commits a sin. The truth always prevails.
– Mom. You are only saying
that because you are upset. Nikhil. Chauri. Nanda. Koligada.
Evidence proof record files. Ravi.
– Yes, sir. Dev is known as a very
loyal Police Officer. That’s why I cannot digest the fact
that he committed these murders. But.. One more thing, sir. We learned from the investigations
that he was mentally weak.. ..and he suffered from
complex partial seizures. Here you go, sir.
Here are the details. Sir.
– Welcome, Subashini. Ravi.
– Yes, sir. She has been posted in Dev’s place.
Subashini. Ravi, Dev could not be identified
by face as he fell from the 9th floor. Sir, the postmortem has
proved that it is Dev’s body. His watch. His clothes. And he had one broken
rib in an accident. And all of that has been
proved in the postmortem. Damn! That was not a good way to die. Ravi.
– Yes, sir. Take this. You can go. Hello. Pavitra, I did my best
not to involve you in this. Nobody must know where
you are at this time. Okay. Thank you so much. Move it. Move it. Move it.
Hurry up. Come on. Take it fast. Quick! Move. Hurry up! Hurry! Sister, get the scanner ready. Back. Back. Hey! What are you doing? Get back. Get back. Go back. Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it! Don’t crowd around. Ma’am. This man was hit on
the head with a rod, ma’am. I think it was an act of revenge. What makes you say that? His background is not so good, ma’am. Nikhil had a grudge against him. He would frequently fight
with those people in College, ma’am. They would fight over drugs and
argue with the lecturer in College. Ma’am, these people had several
enemies because of illegal racing. What is his name?
– His name is Jaikishan. Hello, sir. Hello, ma’am. Ravi, how long have you known Dev? I’ve known him since
our days in training, ma’am. Oh! Have you completed
all the formalities? Narayan,
you complete all the formalities. Sure. And send the body for postmortem.
Also send all the reports to me. Okay, ma’am. Ravi.
– Yes, ma’am. Let’s go. Sister! Sister! What is she doing?
– What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?
– Let go of that! Stop her!
– Return the… What is this?
– Sister. Let go of me. I don’t want to go on living. Are you insane?
– I will. Let go. What is going on? And why are you behaving this way? I lodged a complaint so many days ago
but I receive the same answer daily. We are looking.
Don’t the Police have any mercy? You Policemen will be cursed. Be quiet!
This is the Commissioner’s office. Stop this senseless drama!
This is not the zoo.. ..where you people
are cawing like crows. I had lots of respect for the Police. If this goes on we won’t
be responsible for our actions. Yes! Yes! What is this?
– It is a missing case, sir. We are investigating
the case but she comes here.. ..and creates a scene every day. I want justice here and now. I will not leave until I get justice. Yes, we want justice.
– We want justice. We want justice. We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice. We want justice. Narayan.
– Yes. What is their case?
– It is a missing case, ma’am. How many days has it been? Three months ago he called me
when he was returning from work. He said his cycle is punctured. He is walking home. That was the last time I spoke to him. Who is handling her case, Narayan?
– Satish, ma’am. He is his subordinate.
– Oh! I had lodged a complaint
but nobody cares. I don’t know why they
are doing it, ma’am. I beg of you.
– Get up. Please find my husband. From now on you will
not protest over here. Okay? Go now. Ma’am, I have not lost my gold or… I have lost my support.
My husband, ma’am. Where did your husband work?
– Near circle. That’s where he used to work. Where is that, Narayan?
– It is close to the market. The place where Dev sir died.
It is close there, ma’am. Jaganna.
– Yes, sir. Disperse this crowd from here quickly.
-Okay, sir. Go! Go! Move! Move! Move it! Go! Go! Go! Move!
Move! Move! Leave! All of these are
connected to the accused. So, we need facts.
– Yes, sir. Sir. I want the file related to Dev’s case. Give the record files of Dev’s case
that you’re handling to Subashini. That case is closed, sir.
– Of course. I know that. The reports on Dev’s case will
be useful in solving other cases. Ravi, isn’t the missing husband
case is under your jurisdiction? Yes, sir. Update me about the investigation. Sir..
– You may go now. Fine. Thank you, sir. Sharad, our bad times are here. In a fit of emotion I assented to
your suggestion and ruined our lives. What happened, Ravi? Dev’s case is being reopened.
– What? we could have saved a man’s
life if I had arrested Dev that day. You don’t say?
– That’s right, Sharad. Dev killed one more person. Racer Jaikishan.
– No. No. No. There’s no way Dev could do that.
Impossible! Possible, man. A man who has already killed
3-4 times can kill once again. No. Something is not right. Subashini is just as
clever an Officer as Dev. Moreover, she is a crime specialist.
And she will surely solve this case. I am going to confess to my crime. Sharad, I suggest you
stay away from this case.. ..if you know what’s best for you. Lord knows how many
more people he will kill. No, no, Ravi. Don’t say that. Just give me two days. After that I will stand by you. What will you do if he kills
Pavitra in two days? – No! No. no. Pavitra cannot
come to any harm. No. When there’s so much quiet
around one can hear every word. I am not saying that
you should always be happy. It might be wrong for me to say that. We cannot get back those
things that we have lost in life.. ..but surely we can
salvage what we do have. Dev? Where is Vaali? Where can I find him? Tell me. Where is Vaali?
– I’m telling the truth. I don’t know. Believe me, sir. Vaali. Dev! Stop, Dev! What is the matter, Dev? Dev. Dev. Dev. Listen, Dev. Dev.
Stop, Dev! Dev. What happened, Dev? I think I’ve seen him before. Why did he panic when he saw you, Dev? Well, never mind. We must be more careful. It would be a problem
for us if the Police find out. Dev. Dev! Hello.
– Pavitra, we made a big mistake. What?
– We’re in trouble. What’s the matter?
– Dev’s case is reopened. How come?
– Dev killed someone again over here. How is that possible, Sharad? We are very far from Bengaluru.. ..and you know that.
– It is possible, Pavitra. Where is Dev right now? He has gone out now.
I am waiting for him. He will not return until he
accomplishes what he set out to do. Sharad, please don’t talk like this.
Have you seen something? Pavitra, the deceased
was Nikhil’s foe Jaikishan. Also Dev had threatened him. Looking at the modus operandi
it appears Dev has done it. Even the Department has
become alert now, Pavitra. Okay, Sharad.
I’ll call you the moment Dev returns. Pavitra, take care.
– Yes. Okay. Dev, where were you all night? I was so anxious. Why don’t you answer me?
I asked you a question. You are dead in the eyes of the law. We could get in trouble
if a Police Officer spotted you. It will be a big problem Ravi,
Sharad and me. Please try to understand. The streets are waterlogged
due to heavy rains.. ..and everything is disrupted. We have received no information
of any fatalities so far. The bridge will be reopened soon. A hoodlum named Vaali was mercilessly
murdered on Sachi road last night. ‘This is the man
who fled on seeing Dev.’ We’ve been told he was
a resident of Bengaluru. Vaali died? The Police is gathering
information on him. Who was he? He was a smalltime hoodlum, ma’am. Both Chauri and he were
wanted criminals, ma’am. The Department was
pursuing them, ma’am. They went into hiding when
Dev sir took the case, ma’am. According to sources.. Vaali and SP Dev.. Ma’am. They too were involved
in Dev sir’s serial murder case. The Police say this
could be a case of rivalry. Some numbers have been
revealed from the man’s call details. Hello. Pavitra, didn’t I tell you last
night Dev killed one more man? He was Dev’s enemy. Pay heed to me now, Pavitra. Please. Quickly go to a neighboring
Police station right now.. ..and lodge a complaint against Dev. And take care, Pavitra. Pavitra, please. No. What’s the matter?
– Move it away! Don’t touch me. I loathe myself for helping
a murderer such as you. What murder? You’re asking me? Just day before it was Jaikishan,
and now Vaali. Lord knows how many innocent
lives you will take if you are free. I did not kill anyone! You said I kill when
I have blackouts.. ..but I haven’t had a blackout! No! You are a killer!
– No! Yes!
– No! Yes!
– No! No! No! No! One cannot say that the
law has punished every criminal. The law doesn’t want facts.
It was evidence. Your report says that Dev
was afflicted by CPS. Right? The Department did
not have this information. If the Department had known,
Dev might have been fired. Dev’s brother Nikhil was
murdered on September 24th.. ..and you must have
investigated that case.. ..but Dev took over. Dev started killing all the suspects
who were related to this case.. ..and involved this murder. He felt guilt that his disorder was
the reason for his brother’s death.. ..due to which he committed suicide. Till now your reports are well made.. ..but who could have told
him that he murdered his brother? Do you know of anyone, Ravi? He committed murder on 17th February,
after Nanda’s death. Dev’s body was sent for
postmortem on 18th February.. ..after which this case was closed. Dev and Nanda’s final rites
were performed on the 19th. This is where you made a mistake. You should have cremated him. But I dug out the truth. I resent body for postmortem. But.. ..according to these reports
that is not Dev’s body. ‘Pavitra, get out of
there as soon as possible.’ ‘I am handing Dev to the Department.’ ‘Ravi, Dev is in no condition.. deal with the Court,
jail or sentencing.’ ‘You want me to cheat the law,
Sharad?’ ‘Why can’t you think
about Dev’s friendship, man?’ ‘Look, Sharad. We have
to do this to save us trouble.’ ‘Ravi, only the three
of us know that Dev is alive.’ ‘Just think about it.’ ‘Okay, Ravi. Tell me something.’ ‘Peek into your heart and
tell me you don’t want to save Dev.’ ‘You know of Dev’s mental condition.’ ‘He is punishing himself
for his mistakes.’ ‘He will surrender
when he gets better.’ ‘Because an offender must be
punished, but not now. – Yes.’ ‘Please. Ravi, you can surely
do this much for Dev. Please.’ ‘Please, Ravi. Please do something.’ ‘Sharad, Dev is my friend too.. ..but what is the guarantee
he won’t kill anyone again?’ ‘I will guarantee it.’ ‘I will ensure nothing
of this sort happens in future.’ ‘Please. Ravi, you can surely
do this much for Dev. Please.’ ‘Please, Ravi. Please do something.’ That night you had two options. Either you could be
an honest Police Officer.. ..and hand Dev over
to the Department.. ..or you could be a good
friend you could save his life. You chose both options. Just like that,
I have two options today. Either I could be an
honest Police Officer.. ..detain you and find
out Dev’s whereabouts.. ..or you voluntarily tell me… …where Dev is hiding. That is very small. Take a big one. That will do the job. Are you okay? Hello.
– Dev’s case has been reopened. Subashini knows everything. She might find out your location soon. It would be best if you left.
– Okay. Okay. Yes. Hello, Ravi.
– Sorry, Sharad. I could not conceal the truth. Subashini knows everything. What? Then how will Pavitra,
you and I be dealt with? Listen, Sharad. Subashini could
summon you for enquiry at any time. Don’t keep any secrets from her.
Tell her everything. Dev, come with me.
Let’s go away from here. Where will we go? And how far? We cannot run all our lives, can we? I am a Policeman. I could never live
with my head bowed down. I am trouble for people. I’m not the safest
person in the society. I’m afraid I might
turn into an animal. You are right, Dev.
You are becoming a beast. That’s why you aren’t
using your sixth sense. As a Doctor,
Sharad gave me your case history. I have been trying to understand
you from the beginning. For days now I’ve been helping you
practice meditation technique trataka. A single candle inside a dark room. It actually opens up your third eye. You don’t believe
me but that is a fact. In this entire treatment process
I found out what makes a difference.. ..and when you have the blackouts.
Moreover, I have found the remedy. A few days ago I induced a blackout. Yes. I made you unconscious. Take 23. Final treatment analysis. This patient just had a blackout
and there is no response from him. I am making this recording for… And this is post unconsciousness. I laid this trap. Now I shall record the
post-traumatic reactions too. This is Dr.
Pavitra Radhakrishan Psychiatrist. After seeing this I am
confident you are not a murderer. There is no connection between
your disorder and these murders. I’m not telling you
this because I love you. It’s a pure science, Dev. You could surrender
to the Police if you wish. I can prove it in Court
but I don’t believe.. ..that the law will be
able to punish the real culprit. Think about it. Definitely we’ll get
to the middle of it. I’m sure. Hello.
– Ravi. Finally, you helped Dev run away. No, ma’am.
I really don’t know what to say. Trust me, ma’am. Look, Ravi. I don’t want much. I just want information on Dev. I will fight for justice. I will use my power
to protect my country. I will not use my power
for my personal needs. Doesn’t every Police Officer
take this oath before joining? You too must have taken this oath. I hope you had taken this oath, Dev. Time is never the same. Can I tell you a story?
– I am not here to listen to stories. I need some information.
– True. There was a family in New York,
in 2011.. ..consisting of mother
and two daughter. One day the mother passed away. All her relatives and friends
came to attend her funeral. The younger daughter fell in
love with a boy attending the funeral. She wanted to talk to him.. ..but her situation wouldn’t
permit her to talk to him. After a few days the other
daughter killed her sister. Do you know why? She must have not killed
her for ancestral property. They are sisters. They must have loved the same boy. That’s why the younger sister
must have killed the older sister. If that is your answer,
then you are normal. I didn’t narrate this
story to you without reason. This story is used
to identify psycho killers. All psycho killers
have the same answer.. find out if the boy
would attend both funerals. Look. It’s a simple thing. They’ll find the shortest way
to reach their goal. That’s it. There is no emotion.
No sentiments at all.. ..but when you learned
about your brother’s death.. tried to commit suicide. Because you had an emotional
bond with your brother. The moment you learned
that you were not the killer.. came home, opened the
file and started investigations. I already knew that
you were not the killer. That’s why I came here,
but you were not here. Anyways, let’s both get
together to look for the murderer. Let’s ensure he is
punished by the law. Let’s look for him.
– Let’s see. Ma’am, when a jungle tiger is hungry
he does not go looking for prey. He roars in his den, so that
his roar echoes through the jungle. All the animals would be scared
and get trapped by the tiger.. ..while they are
running helter-skelter. That’s when the tiger
tastes the animal’s blood.. ..but he never hunts any animal. Because it is his trait. As per law, look for him,
arrest him and take him to Court.. ..but only if you find him alive. You killed Nikhil, didn’t you?
It was you. How come you are alive? I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Why would I kill him? You killed Nikhil. I know it.
You killed Nikhil! He was talking to me
on the phone the day he died. Yes. What is it?
I dropped you off just now. Hold on. What are you doing here, brother? Don’t hit me. He kept repeating,
“Don’t hit me” but you killed him. You killed him, didn’t you? What did Nikhil say? He said, “Don’t hit me, brother.”
He was begging for his life. ‘How many people did
Nikhil address as brother?’ Brother. What is it?
– Bye, brother. You killed Nikhil. Pavitra. Come in. Isn’t Sharad at home, aunty? Aparna called and said
Sharad is at her home. Oh! How are things?
– Sit down. Make yourself comfortable
while I bring juice. Okay, aunty. Where is she?
– In the kitchen. Aunty, can I help you? ‘Nikhil was yelling brother.’ ‘Sharad?’ ‘No. It can’t be Sharad.’ ‘What if it is Sharad?’ ‘Trophies of murders.’ ‘Sharad.’ ‘Sharad.’ ‘Why did you kill my Nikhil?’ Aunty, please don’t misunderstand me. You are mistaken about
your husband’s death. I was his student. Dr. Ratnam sir was habituated
to taking the morphine. Nobody knows about it. That is the cause of his death. Sharad was with him in his car
at the time the incident took place. Aparna? Aparna. Aparna. Hey!
– Ravi. Why did you do this to my Aparna? Ravi.
– Why did you do it? Why? Why did you do it?
– Listen to me, Ravi. I did nothing. Why won’t you listen to me, Ravi? Ravi! Ravi. Dev. Dev. I know nothing about this. Dev.. Sharad is not a Doctor
who can cure ailments. In fact, he is a patient
who can’t cure his own ailment. I mean a psycho killer.
– Meaning? I mean Dev killed his father. Therefore he carries a vendetta. Frist Dev killed his father. Then Sharad killed his brother Nikhil. Afraid that Dev would
investigate the case.. ..he started killing
all the suspects in the case.. ..and very cleverly connected
it to Dev’s disorder. First Sharad took
Ravi into confidence.., Ravi does not suspect him. After which the two
of them got together.. ..and staged a fake death. Then Sharad kept
pretending to be a friend. Then Sharad kept killing
the others using Dev’s name.. ..because he was afraid
if Dev gets better.. ..this case will be opened,
be it officially or unofficially.. ..and Pavitra might get Sharad caught. That’s why he caused our
Department to doubt Dev’s death.. ..and killed Jaikishan and Vaali. All that is well and good,
but why did he kill Aparna? He wanted to kill Ravi,
but Aparna died mistakenly. ..on our Department
right from the start. You are aware there’s
been a lot of pressure.. So that we are always
in danger of Dev. If any person from our department
were to die at this time.. is evident that under
pressure from the media and public.. ..our Department would issue
orders of shoot at sight for Dev. Dev would be killed and
this case would have closed. This way Sharad would easily escape. We cannot deny even we played a part.. turning Dev, the pride of
our Department into a wanted criminal. Shame on us! I will give you full support. Kill him, Dev! He killed my Aparna. She had so much respect for you. He killed my Aparna in front of me. I will not spare him, Dev! She had so much respect for you.
Why did you kill her? With every end there
is a new beginning.. ..but you must confess to your
mistakes before the new beginning. Pay attention to each one
of your crimes before you die! According to the law,
no matter how clever a killer is.. ..he always leaves some clue. And even you made that mistake. You struck Nikhil and Chauri on
their right with your left hand.. ..but you struck all the others with
your right hand on their left side. People who use both their
hands are called ambidextrous. And you are ambidextrous.
– Yes, Dev! You have your killer
as well as evidence! Why are you silent? Shoot him right now! Shoot him before he
turns into a beast, Dev. That’s right, Dev. Shoot me before I turn
into a beast! Kill me! Kill me, Dev! Finish this beast
before he kills you! Kill him! Kill him! People like you don’t deserve to live! Kill me. Kill me, Dev! Kill me!
– Kill him! The bullet that was meant
for Dev hit you on the left hand. You started using your
right hand to do everything. Soon we will find out
who the real offender is.. ..but I learned about you very late. Ravi, Aparna and you did not
tell us about your sexual problem. You always kept it secret. But dancer Sunny
came to know about it. You would have unhappy if Aparna
had tried to speak to anyone about it. Including me and Sharad. But you were focused
entirely on Nikhil. You killed him. Or did Ravi died with him that day? And since that day
a beast was roused in you. Yes! Everything will continue to go on.. it is as long
as the beast is within you. He tried it with Sunny
and not with Aparna.. ..because he was afraid she
might find out about his weakness. If a person finds a prey,
won’t he do it again? That’s when this
fiend’s real game began. You used me then. ‘You are the killer, Dev!
You are the killer!’ You played a very good game. First you let me commit
suicide and then you saved me. Then you connected my
disorder with all of this.. ..and convinced me that
Sharad is the real killer. If Aparna had remained
quiet another two days.. ..both Dev and I would be dead. I feel very sorry for Aparna. She came to know everything about you. You killed her along
with your three month fetus. Gross! Ravi, you can fool the Department
but you cannot fool Dev. He is the most intelligent
Officer in the Department. I know! Yes. What is it?
I dropped you off just now. Hold on. What are you doing here, brother? Nikhil, don’t come
to my house hereafter. Why? What is the matter? Nikhil, don’t come
to my house hereafter! I don’t understand, brother.
What is the matter? I told you not to come! Don’t hit me.
– What’s the matter, Nikhil? Don’t hit me, brother.
– Where are you? ‘Does he intend to go home today?’ ‘I love you, brother.’ ‘Brother Sharad,
I tried to call brother Dev.. ..but I am unable
to get through to him.’ ‘Yes. Please hurry.’ ‘Aparna, why are you so disturbed?’ ‘Ravi, I told Dev the whole truth.’ ‘Truth?’ ‘What truth?’ ‘How did you turn into this person?’ ‘I cannot believe it.’ ‘I saw it all.’ ‘I know it all.’ ‘I did not know there was
a monster hidden inside of you.’ ‘What will I tell your
child about you, Ravi?’ ‘Will I tell it that
your father is a murderer?’ ‘It isn’t too late.
I shall talk to Dev about it.’ ‘Hey! Who are Sharad and Dev?’ ‘Why should I tell the
two of them to save me?’ ‘The law is in my hands.’ ‘Those two are still
alive only because of me.’ ‘Don’t you dare open your mouth!’ ‘Else I shall..
– No, Ravi.’ ‘Listen to me.
Think about it calmly, Ravi.’ ‘Look. I shall call Dev now.
– Hey!’ ‘I did not want to kill you, Aparna.’ ‘I love you, Aparna.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘But I have a very
big reason to kill you.’ ‘Why did you tell me to surrender?’ ‘I will not go to jail.’ ‘Ravi, come on. Come on, Ravi. Think something!
Do something!’ Dev, I didn’t even spare my wife. Do you think I will spare you? A deer runs faster than a cheetah.. ..yet the cheetah catches it. And the deer knows this
just as well as the cheetah.. ..but it still tries to escape. Even you have that much time.
Save yourself if you can. Sharad, send this video recording
to the Commissioner’s office.. ..because I already told Subashini.. ..under no circumstances
will she find the killer alive. So, whether he lives or dies.. Hey, Dev. Dev. Hit me! Hit me! Don’t spare him. Hit him, Dev! Die! Dev. For the first time in life I feel as
though I am committing suicide. The killer is in front of you. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Man-eater can never be cured. Can only be killed. Dev, killing someone
is a kind of intoxication. Shoot!

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