Triad Today: Dread & Delight Exhibition at Weatherspoon Art Musuem

We’re back now on Triad Today I was just
looking at this book it’s called dread and delight. It’s my life story. No not
really it’s a this is this is my lovely lady
Emily Staley is with us and and she’s not here – she didn’t come here to hawk
the book but I’m just gonna mention anyway and I think we have a graphic of
it up on the screen. Next to me Emily’s name is she’s curator of exhibitions at
UNCG’s weatherspoon art museum. I’m just gonna go ahead and ask you real quick
before we get into the exhibits. What is this book about
very quickly? It’s about artists who have looked at classical fairy tales so
I think Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood ones that you know. And
update them or taking them apart in a way that looks at our life today. So they’re doing art based on their interpretations of the old fairy tale? Exactly. And all sorts of art? All sorts of art. That’s interesting. Alright now
oh very quickly describe your role as curator some people were wondering what
that title means and what do you do? I get the best job in the world
I get to research art and pick out what’s going to go in the galleries and
then write the labels that you see on the wall with it right the books that go
with it and put it all together. You know UNCG and I’m an alumnus of UNCG – you know a lot of times we used to say that the general public doesn’t really
understand how great Weatherspoon is and and it because maybe some people think
it’s just for students and faculty because you know some things are
restricted you have to be a member of a faculty whatever but that’s not so with
Weatherspoon. No we are open to everybody so we’re there for faculty and students
but we’re there for the community – we’re in the edge of campus we’ve even
got free parking and we are open Tuesday through Sunday free always. I’ll just think that’s great. Alright now let’s get to it because this sort of ties in
with the dread and delight book and that is this fairy tale exhibit that you guys
emailed me about tell me about that So it’s same title as the book, dread and
delight fairy tales in an anxious world. There are seven different stories in the
show all by the Brothers Grimm and then all kinds of different art. So sculptures,
paintings, photographs, video. One of our sort of showstopper pieces is a nearly
life-size Cinderella carriage. Oh see now I want folks at home to see this instead of us just talking about I want you to watch some footage there’s some music
behind it and these are people putting together the care
Cinderella’s carriage exhibit and it’s made of what rock candy? Covered and crystallized rock candy. Okay watch the watch them put it together That’s just fascinating footage to see
that put together. You know but I know you probably spend millions of
dollars on security. You don’t want people stealing artwork. Are you are you afraid
somebody’s gonna come in and start eating these exhibits? We’ve got a nice big riser underneath it and some stanchions out around there you can keep
everyone at bay. You can’t eat rock candy on that. That’s just fascinating. Now is there a an admission charge to Weatherspoon? I’ve been into some big
galleries around the country sometimes you walk in you get in for free but then
they’ll have a certain exhibit that you have to pay for whatever. No, walk right in. Just walk in. I want to I’m just curious
what attracted you to this field? I mean we didn’t rehearse this or anything but
what I know you said you came from Washington State what attracted you
to want to work in this field? You know I loved art since I was a little
kid and I figured out very early on that I wasn’t any good at making. That’s like me. My dad was an artist but I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler so. Right. But I can read about it and learn about it and then share that with other people. I mean if you have a good eye for it, I mean didn’t you wouldn’t obviously I mean
here we have this book which I’m gonna go ahead and plug again on screen we had
that graphic there. Dread and delight it’s just a great book I want you to get
it. You go to the museum and get it and as Emily said you know we were talking
off-camera you can get it online but don’t do that. Go into the museum
and get it and you’ll even sign it for them right? Sure. Up on screen the
information I want you to see is WWW dot Weatherspoon dot UNCG dot edu and for the
radio listening audience I’ll say it again Weatherspoon dot UNCG dot edu . Will
tell you all about what’s going on at Weatherspoon art museum. I’m just so
proud of you what you’re doing and it’s a fascinating job. Thank you. Yeah good luck with everything. Thanks so much. Don’t let anybody eat
that carriage. Alright dread and delight. This is great. Go
to the museum. We’ll be right back after this.

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