Tribal Wars Castle Assault Event Intro

Hi, I’m Thomas the lead community manager of Tribal Wars. I would like to present our upcoming
event called: Castle Assault. You will join other players to try to destroy a castle. It’s going to be a bit different from what we usually do. Because it’s not going to be directly ingame. You are going to have a different event screen. Where you can try to destroy
the castle and earn rewards. So here is my village overview, and as you can see I can join the event here. It brings me to a different
screen with a nice background. This shows you the event called Castle Assault. You have the castle that you need to destroy, to earn medals and to do so,
you can use your mercenaries to participate in three different categories. The main one, being the assaults. When the progression bar completes, you will build damage to the castle. When the castle reaches 0 hit points, the medals will be distributed equally to all the participating players. The two other categories are: naval supply and bombardment. Naval supply allows you to add points to the assault and the bombardments when the
progression bar is complete. Bombardments will make the assault stronger when the progression bar is complete. As you can see there is a ranking
under the three categories. These will help you get extra medals
when the castle is destroyed. The higher your rank the more medals you will get. As we did in the past we will
have quests related to the event. The quests will ask you to achieve a certain ranking, or to use a certain amount of mercenaries. Your mercenaries will refresh after some time. There will also be a cool-down when you use them on some categories. Once you’ve earned some medals, you can use them in the event shop. The event shop contains different
buffs that you can use for your village and also for all your villages. Something new this time, the items will remain in your
inventory once the event ends. We have different buffs available, that you can choose for different amount of medals. Some buffs are brand new, like the “Explosive Traps” or “Sigil of Distress”. So I recommend to check them out. The event will last two weeks, after that you won’t be able to
join the event screen anymore. But you will keep the items you already have in your inventory for future use. This is how the event works, prepare yourself to attack the castle, the event is starting soon, we hope you like it. See you in the game!

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  1. Is it possible to activate one booster twice at the same time? so 2 times 5% stronger axes => 10% for 48 hours? or do i have to wait till the first booster expires?

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