Tribal Wars Castle Assault Returns

Hi I’m Thomas from Tribal Wars! Do you remember that time when someone built a castle in your neighborhood and you had to go and destroy it? Well apparently they didn’t learn a lesson because they are back! Castle Assault returns, you’re going to be able to join the event, destroy the castle again, earn some medals and maybe even help your tribe in the meantime. The castle assault is a little bit different from last time. Your mercenary improved, so there is no cooldown when you use him. You still get sixteen maximum and you still have to wait 30 minutes before you get a new one but you can now use them in all the different areas without waiting. The principle of the event is still the same as last time. You need to use your mercenaries to make progression in the different areas, finally destroy the castle and raid the medals that are inside. You’ll also get medals depending on your ranking in the three different areas. A new part in the event is that you can also help your tribe. Every time you earn medals it goes in a general gauge for your tribe and when a certain level is reached a bonus is unlocked for 48 hours for the whole tribe. Once you have earned some medals you can buy items in the event shop. We created some brand new items for the events We’re also using some classic items that we know you appreciate and we also reused some of the old items that were successful during the last events. This time around the different areas require a little bit less mercenaries’ to active than previously and that should result in you being able to destroy even more castles than the last time. The event will last for 14 days and it will have quests and achievements like the last time. Once the event is over you will also have 48 hours to use your medals in the event shop to buy some more items. The items remain after the events. So, have fun and go assault the castle again!

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