Trump Defends Kavanaugh As New Account Of Sexual Assault Is Published

100 thoughts on “Trump Defends Kavanaugh As New Account Of Sexual Assault Is Published

  1. Of course fat ass donnie would defend brett kavanaugh because he put him on the Supreme Court. To do otherwise would be admission of error in judgment on his part, and we all know trump never makes a mistake. To bad his parents did in having him.

  2. So officially America has no Proper justice. America should just bomb themselves cos after 2016 all they are doing is going downhill. America is officially a joke. Their own people makes jokes of themselves. The president is a racist ass.

  3. Let's be real for a sec folks. If you were accused of sexual assault by someone with no memory of it, wouldn't you be a bit suspicious of it as well?

  4. Poor Stephen. . . put his foot so far into his mouth that he's spitting toenails. Even Laura Benanti doesn't turn him THAT red.

  5. I think he better be glad the Sunday School class he teaches at his parish are too young to watch The Late Show…he'd never hear the end of that gaff. Adolescents and adults are brutal 'bout that kind shit,lol. On the bright side,he just gave himself a new ice breaker for the next time he goes to Confession with the church's priest,lol.

  6. But as usual you don't mention the accusation was debunked. The NYT or other fakers put out a story, YOU jump on it to indoctrinate your audience who are too busy working, going to school, or stupid to follow the story, then when the usual debunk happens, you leave it and move on. This is how you filth work. You do this repeatedly, and the commenters who are paid shills and morons reflect the diarhea that comes out of your mouth with their mindless cheerleading.

  7. I don't think repubs get it that assholes are considered losers by both centre and left.
    And within reason: who would want an asshole to choose for you?

  8. Well, that didn't age well…turns out the woman 'involved' does remember any such incident, and refuses to talk about the fake allegations. Another loss for fake news and the Dems.

  9. Didn’t 1-2 of the original women claiming rape, end up saying they made it up….? Wake up people, claiming rape is the new new, jump on the ship if you want money

  10. Now another false story has been retracted,and The New York Fish Wrap has been rebuked,and the clown car of candidates call for impeachment looks dumber by the minute,do you think you can all shut up,(at least until the next false story comes out). Maybe for a day or two,you may have a little time consider your choice of news sources

  11. I don’t think Ramirez will find this funny. The manner in which Colbert talked about her or the incident w kavanaygh was insensitive and crass. It’s hard for women to come forward and relive the pain even harder to become the butt of insensitive jokes. Poor taste Colbert

  12. Let me first say, that none of the things I've heard Cavanagh accused of are acceptable or legal in any way. That said, where were all the reports, books, testimonies YEARS AGO?

  13. The talk about impeaching Bret Kavanaugh might stoke some people but it is premature. If they are serious about it they should hold off until the democrats win back the senate then it might become a reality. It would be a way of taking back the Supreme Court seat that the republicans stole from Obama. It could even the score but you can bet that for a generation or two all democratic judicial appointments will be considered fair game by the republicans. They will make Kavanaugh their rallying cry just like they did with Robert Bork when his nomination was rejected by the senate during the Reagan administration.

  14. "The Justice Dept should come to his rescue". That ain't their job, really, but it reveals EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW about what role Trump believes a Justice Dept should assume. How telling. What might we extrapolate from this bitchy little tweet?!?!?!?

  15. . . . Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether I broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests – I did. We did. [winks at Chuck Grassley] But you can't hold up my Supreme Court nomination for my sick twisted behavior. For if you do, then shouldn't you blame the whole political system? And if the whole political system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our democratic institutions in general? I put it to you, Sentors, isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to me, but I for one am not going to stand here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America . . .

  16. They are promoting their book and work for the NYT. It has already been debunked. NYT is trash!
    We need to focus on other issues. Colbert is not helping. He is only getting President Trump reelected.

  17. Does anyone care about the fact that all these accusations have been uncorroborated? Does anyone care that this latest "accusation" was made by a third party and the "victim" denies it happening? No? Does that not matter at all to any of you??

  18. Does… Does trump not know that technically Fox is part of the "main stream media" I mean it's not exactly a unknown. Even the people who absolute hate fox network gotta admit… It's not a podcast. I mean most there audience is the elderly and dimwitted. As anyone who holds some intellectual traits wouldn't be far stretched to realizes nothing they say or do will ever hold any real though to it. I mean think about it… Family guy was on fox… Who's gonna be a family guy fan? You are correct… Stoners… Which weirdly also most likely democrats. Which implies that in some way democrats were supporting the republican party. As most of what's on fox is about or for republicans as that's mostly what fox is now… But then again Hittler loved Walt Disney and supposedly Walt Disney… Not for the jews… Granted I'm basing that on nothing… I have no actual information that implies either of those things were or are true. But if you believe either of those things in a way going to or watching a disney property kinda supports the whole anti jew train of though.

  19. The alleged victim completely denies it ever happened. Oops NYT issues correction. You guys missed it and still believe the professional smear merchants.

  20. Really insulted you didn’t mention the title or its authors. Which side are you on?! You only care insofar as you can make a joke? You could have made this book a best seller overnight, but you chose not to. Why?

  21. two days ago the hack Colbert had his parrots rolling in laughter. Now , its proven fake and the lying NYT has retracted the story. Colbert , there will be a time for you.

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