Trying to out run the blue zone in PUBG

OH SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK SHIT FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK AHH OHH Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK SHIT OH SHIT OH NO OH OH OH SHIT OH SHIT DU…DUCK (???) Ouhh… Oh Thank God… You’re Ok… You’re in Kansas… (???) It’s a safe place… You’re Ok… Oh God… HA HAA!!! OH S-(DONG)

38 thoughts on “Trying to out run the blue zone in PUBG

  1. Replace the pan with getting sniped from 4 miles away, or running past an object and instantly taking 30 smg rounds to the face… and that's pretty much my game EVERY SINGLE GAME. The circle ALWAYS spawns as far from my landing site as possible.

  2. I can’t be the only one pissing themselves about the idea of them filming this. Just a random dude running through a field shouting “shit! Fuck! Shitfuck! Fuck! Shit!”

  3. The camera guy is the only one that can survive in the blue.
    Videomakers are the most powerful character in the world!

  4. ۦ۬ۨ𖤍ابـۦ꙰ـོـོۦــོو عـۦ꙰ـོـོۦـنـོاد ۦ꙰الـོـོ ۦ꙰ـོمـོۦــོلك&; 𖤍ۦ۬ۨ HD says:


  5. Don't worry.
    There's still a lot of people so the blue circle won't do too much damage.
    And I got a tonne of healing items that includes painkillers and energy drink.
    Got 1 or 2 adrenaline shots stashed somewhere in me inventory.

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