Tunic E3 2019 Gameplay Preview

Link’s Awakening wasn’t the only thing
that looked like a Legend of Zelda remake at E3 this week. This nifty little indie was at the Xbox booth
and exuded charm from every nook and cranny. It’s called Tunic, ironically named after
the same outfit Link wears in his games. It’s a new dungeon crawler that aims to
capture the feeling of playing an old nes game, those that came with manuals filled
with tips and tricks that would then make their way to your friends on the playground. My demo had me exploring a forest area complete
with some caves inside a mountain cliff. I controlled this tiny little fox exploring
the world, looking for hidden treasures, weapons and secrets. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the
little fox. He’s cute in every sense of the idea. The way he wobbles around the forest with
every tiptoe or how he wiggles trying to activate a switch. It’s absolutely adorable. The art work reminds me of something that
would come from mixing Legend of Zelda with Monument Valley. Just moving around the world feels like you’re
an outsider looking inside of a hand crafted diorama. It’s then all glossed with this filter that
makes colors pop, complete with some sort of film grain or light leak over it. Gameplay felt reminiscent to just about any
top down dungeon crawler of the past. You walk around exploring the environment,
fighting enemies with your equipable sword and look for treasures. There’s a button to lock onto targets and
at any point, you can pull up your inventory to hot swap items to your hotkeys. I was also able to find this little collectible
that looked like a long last page of an old game manual. I can’t stress enough how freaking awesome
the aesthetic looks. The page’s art is absolutely beautiful and
the gameplay turning into a crt tv is the cherry on top. Now despite me loving this indie, I would
be remiss not to mention the bugs I ran into during my demo. I few times during gameplay the game would
freeze, like if it were playing catch up and trying to load something. It became more apparent when I moved on to
a new area that required a very noticeable loading screen. Outside of that and a few low quality shadows,
Tunic played and looked fantastic. My demo ended with this awesome boss fight
that looked like the guardians from both Halo and Breath of the Wild fused into one. It was awesome! Tunic is launching on Xbox One and PC at some
point in 2020. For the time being it’s a console launch
exclusive on Xbox One but might come to other platforms in the future. If you’re a fan of classic nes dungeon crawlers,
you’re going to want to keep an eye on this one!

17 thoughts on “Tunic E3 2019 Gameplay Preview

  1. Looking forward to the full review when it comes out 😀
    You're the only one I've seen talking about this game this E3

  2. Thank you so much for this short update about your hands-on time with Tunic. It's one of my most anticipated games. Was very surprised that we hadn't heard any other updates during E3, so I hope that development by the small team is going smoothly. I bought an Xbox One a few months ago, and the two things that sealed the deal were 1. How awesome a "bang for the buck" Game Pass is, and 2.Tunic appearing to be console-exclusive to XB1.

  3. Love what I'm seeing. I just wonder how much exploration there is and what sort of tools and weapons you get and how they play out solving active puzzles

  4. I think it was originally planned as a PS4 release as well, until MS got the exclusive rights. Could've come to either Switch or PS4 and I would be able to play it, but I don't have an Xbox unfortunately.

  5. I played the demo for this game at PAX Australia last year and really liked it. Keen for it's release, whenever it is xD

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