91 thoughts on “Turkish neo-nationalists assault U.S. Navy sailors

  1. "neo-nationalists" lool, fucking liberal CNN. Obviously, they were muslims. If they were nationalists they wouldn't be bothered by Americans since the US is Turkey's ally and has never harmed their nation.

  2. These men angry at the US Army, should ask themselves, are you muslims?  Because if they are, the muslim koran teaches them to kill everyone who is not a muslim.  The entire earth is threatened by them, no matter what they say.  Isis is so evil.  It must be stopped.

  3. +wintersnoob … 99% of Turkey are muslims you dumb fuck.
    Ataturk that they are carying his pic he is the father of secular Turkey .. Muslims hate him not love him.
    You are so dumb.

  4.  Finally someone with balls to stand up to the US soldier. Not so tough without them drone-wedding-busters, or the high-tech let's-kill-one-million-Iraqis-for-no-damn-reason-aircraft-carriers eh? The soldiers were embarrassed, not physically harmed. I'm sure this will justify some neocon's  war or another soon though.

    oh, having bags=planned, what about Ukrainians with guns,riot shields, gas masks, THAT revolution was clearly spontaneously about overthrowing a democratically elected govt right? Also, let's KEEP TRAINING the same buggers we funded to form ISIS instead of funding the ONLY legitimate leader Assad. Sure, more chaos=democracy right?

  5. PUBLIC NOTICE: The event shown above occurred in July 2012. You can Google it and confirm this on many Turkish news sites.  So, this "news" is over two years old…..  CNN picked this up from the RT channel, which had not provided a dateline for the story.  This is a common and very poor practice of many news channels on YouTube— Stories are not dated, which causes confusion and other problems. Providing a dateline is basic journalism.  Then, CNN picked this up without checking the date….This is not news—It is history, and there is a reason for this assault.  Read below:

    ALSO: The placing of plastic bags over the head of the US sailor is a symbolic payback for the famous "Hood Event," which occurred in the summer of 2003, after the US Imperialist invasion of Iraq.  US forces arrested some Turkish military personnel who were patrolling in northern Iraq and placed hoods over them and jailed them.  This event received little notice in the US, but it was a major event in Turkey.  Want to learn more? ….. Then go to Wikipedia and enter this phrase:
    "Hood event"

  6. Turkey is part of NATO and our ally.  This has nothing to do with religion.  These people are criminals who saw a photo op. They don't represent Turkey or muslims.  This is a matter for the police, not politicians. 

  7. The actions of a few do not represent the many.  Yet, you'll see many comments on here spewing hatred towards Turkey.  Same with Islam.  Bigotry and hatred is a malady of the weak minded.

  8. They should of taken heed the first time that happened…just stay out of Turkey, Americans are not welcome there.

  9. You just seen real US sailors run for life same thing will happen if you don't have air power and see power use the last weapon RUN 

  10. 0:10 to 0:25
    well said, fully thought through, fact based, clear an intelligent speech… Not
    this guy sound fucking retarded, they just go out looking to humiliate someone kafir but they really don't understand why

  11. In Germany two turk men were beating a German women, until two black American step in and they smashed the hell out of six of them. one tried to pull a knife but had his wrist broke. One started crying and saying sorry but no remorse he hit a women knocked him out…

  12. Why arent these Turks fans of the yanks. The Yanks helped them invade Cyprus. Did nothing in 1922. Stopped the Russians from invading them by building a base. Theose guys could have been kidnapped. WE WANT TURKS OUT OF EUROPE! RETURN CONSTANTINOPLE YOU MONGOL CUNTS!

  13. Turkey is an Islamist / Nationalist shithole and an enemy of the West.  It has no business in NATO and it has no business in the EU.

  14. They should not be part of NATO, they should not be part of Europe and we should leave the whole region to themselves and just protect Israel If needed. Turkey will probably become a radical muslim nation in 20 yrs. First they need to have a decade long civil war so that any vestige of the west can be destroyed and any sort of civil and just society is destroyed as well and then they will have the iron fisted rule of Islam and then they can stop thinking for themselves which is a requirement of Islam. When the all encompassing violence of Islam prevails only then will they be happy, just like Iran.
    This hateful protest very clearly shows where their sympathies are so we have been forewarned yet again.

  15. Where are this f…Turks going to go for help when ISIS will eventually start cutting Turkish heads of?? hypocrites !!! typical Muslims no brain no gain.

  16. So ironic. Turks wanting to make a statement about American "imperial" ambition when they themselves are victors of Imperial Islam under the banner of Turkish jihad over the Byzantinian Greeks from way back in 1453. Turks never had a country; what are you being so nationalist about??!! Would've laughed if it's not so repulsive considering the rise of militant Islam everywhere. So I vomited in disgust instead. Türkler, SENI BECERIRIM!!

  17. These cowards are just a bunch of PUNKS who are so honorless and weak they have to gang up on 3 with 10.  TGB = Turk GOOF DERNEK

    The Hood event (Turkish: Çuval Olayı) was an incident on July 4, 2003 following the 2003 invasion of Iraq where a group of Turkish military personnel operating in northern Iraq were captured, led away with hoods over their heads, and interrogated by the United States military. The soldiers were released after sixty hours, after Turkey protested to the United States.

  19. Turkey is currently an occupied land. Constantinople belongs to Europe! When Europe wakes up these filthy Turks should pray to their childish god that Europe shows some mercy. If Europe decides not to, they should expect sevral H-bombs heading their way.

  20. As a fellow Turk that is about to join the United States Navy: Do they really fucking believe that ATATURK, a PRO-WESTERN HISTORIC FIGURE OF TURKEY, would love to see that these people assaulted these sailors?

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  21. I say we should pull our US military bases out of Turkey and give Russia the green light to DESTROY the nasty TURKS! Screw TURKEY!

  22. Americans should not be welcome in any Muslim country, they have killed too many people and it is about time to kick out their patsies and abolish petro-dollar, let their economy hit rockbottom and duke it out with china.

  23. These are communist youths not nationalists! They are blasting left-wing chants! don't spread lies fucking cnn !

  24. If they have decided that shariah law will be the law if the land and all courts will be held in their holy churches then they are self proven to be ideology that enslaved it's own people. the imams are the rulers. Any way you look at it headhunters are uncivilised neanderthals.

  25. The Americans have permission to be there. If you have a problem with that, blame your government for letting them be there. Don't go for the easy target and pick on some skinny guy with glasses, like a coward.

  26. We are the second army of the world !!! We don't need any army !You are just bellying about turkey even know nothing…U can know us as far as u see from the west media 😛 For example:However u think about us in an arabic culture,black veiled women or however your media introduce us to u as a terrorist for being muslim 😀 East media introduce u to us whatever they want as well.So people around the both countries think about that is real ! That's the point !!!!!

  27. as a Pakistani I respect the Turkish people for there love for their culture and country. They should have punished is face in so he would have rembered

  28. Wow that sided media is revealing us neo-racist 😀 Omfg ! U can find a lot of freedom-equality in my country than USA.America …everything u have gained due to slave,blood,force.America …Your people are living superficial life.Childhood,teenage,adult everything is artificial NOT include sincerity 😛

  29. I once again understood that how western people are ignorant and stupid because of the comments they have no idea about whats going on but they are commenting LOL, nice propaganda headline but these people are neither religious nor rightist these people are leftist and they did it because of the sack crisis with usa in that times the islamists were licking the balls of usa if you search you can understand about this protest it was a retaliation that should have been the yankees should pay attention to who mess with we are not a kek republic.

  30. Turkey is currently an occupied land. Constantinople belongs to Europe! When Europe wakes up these filthy Turks should pray to their childish god that Europe shows some mercy. If Europe decides not to, they should expect sevral H-bombs heading their way.

  31. Im turkish and this is so bad ! What did that Guy do ? I really don’t understand, he didn’t deserve this

  32. Everyone needs to go back to their lands and embrace nationalism that is thee only way will achieve world peace.

  33. Yes I know they were outnumbered , but if those sailors had any pride or spirit they would never allowed themselves to be humiliated like that

  34. You know I never trusted a Turk with all their history of back stabing and killing even their own blood and I'm talking about their kings. Killing their own brothers to have their own way. Even the Greeks the founders of Democracy fought them to keep those wolves out of their land. And now they call us animals? Yet we read your history and we are the "Imperialist" Turkey is a shit whole in my eyes that got hold from Islamic extremists. It's in their flag? It used to be a bridge from the West to the East but now.. Well you know history right?

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