The tier 8 heavy cruiser Admiral Hipster, is the pinnacle of german engineering made after the kriegs marine realized, that sinking convoys using u boats are starting to get boring. Being made at the time where the germans felt obligated to show their ego, it gets the perk of being heavy, unnecessary, complicated, yet inherently outdated. It has 8 gun barrels, yet the ship displaces over 15 thousand tons, it also breaks more often than an average player in a carrier match Just to give you a grasp on how mechanically disastrous it is, imagine an old german car, you feel special for owning one-but once you use it everything starts to fall apart It has great aesthetics, but the massive superstructure and shitty armor makes it a soft target for HE shells. It gets 50mm HE pen easy mode, but has anemic HE alpha, that damages enemy like a dull knife in a gunfight. And with twin barrel setup, means it tends to have shit dispersion compared to triple barreled ones. So don’t be surprised when the game said @%*&! and throws your accuracy out of the window. You think the turtleback armor makes it citadel proof, until you get assraped from the weirdest angle possible much like other cruisers. Because the German thought its a good idea, to size down turtlebacks so it fits on what is effectively 1/4 of a BB. Which makes the turtleback in the Hipper a half assed attempt at actually protecting shit, unlike their best science BB and the bastardize version of it. Not only for being thinner than it actually were, but also failing at protecting the overly complicated engine, that gets disabled when someone shoots big HE shell at your direction, despite being covered by layers of armor, which means even dumb people will outplay you. Trust me-they won’t fix this because people are supposedly smarter than that. The only thing that isn’t dumb on the ship, is the 6k AP alpha, that everyone seems to forgot, because its overpowered by mediocrity. You use the AP to slap big damage against pretty much anything that has their broadside showing. See a broadsiding baby, you chunk it with AP, see that cheeky destroyer, fuking choke it with AP Even overpens dealt more damage than an HE shell against saturated section, this is why AP should be your primary, while you use HE against angled target as usual. You put yourself in a spot where you can catch broadsides or expect people to be broadsiding against you, you are an opportunist instead of a damage dealer. This means separating off the main fleet, but that is exactly what you should do, because everyone knows that a Hipper is too mediocre for them to care about. If they focus on you, they’ll be wasting shots that could otherwise done to the rest of your team, and even if they kill you, your absence is easily forgettable by your team mates. You stay angled and keep on dodging, take rudder mod one if you have slow reaction like me, the more you dodge the higher your chance of winning. It has bad DPM, which means you’ll be wasting your time trying to set fire on BBs, let alone trading with practically anything else that isn’t another Hipper and her busty premium. Because it is not obligated to do any particular role, you can freely move around and cover up exposed flanks to prevent the enemy from closing the distance. Now it is the time for superior German engineering and space magic against clueless plebians except not really. See even though it has a turtle back, the lack of thickness of the ship actually causes BB shell from close range to simply go through it. All you need to do is show the flattest broadside possible, then laugh as they wasted a salvo against practically nothing It also have rather decent AA, and because you already have mediocre HE and accuracy to begin with, you can invest into AA focused build-and lose practically nothing. Making it a surprisingly good AA escort assuming the enemy CV are as clueless as you are. The Hipper is a late game ship, the more HP you have the better it perform, just be sure not to get smashed by danger pylons early on. This is how you make mediocrity slighty less mediocre, you take incoming fire alert, adrenaline rush, superintendent and concealment, after that drop 4 points for manual AA, and finally vigilance or demolition expert. Then mount all the boring modules that everyone knows but can’t remember the names. Now that you know how to play the Hipper, do yourself a favor, and just grind another line. Like seriously, there are better ships with distinct role instead of this floating confusion You want long range spam? get either of these. You want teamplay oriented ship? these will do the job better and more efficiently. I legitimately believe the Hipper is the only ship that can nonchalantly assume every victory is always attributed to its enemy incompetence, rather than having or creating its own tactical advantage. There is so much perseverence involved in the ship it makes German high command blush. I am not forcing you to scrape the good out of a ship that belongs to the absolute bottom. Again, you are gimping yourself by playing it, and you are insulting history if you manage to win games and top the scoreboard. This is my issue with German ships in current state of the game, they’ve become power creeped to hell, but are being left as it is because of their so called durability and superior german science bullshit. But we all know that no matter how good your armor, no matter how much HP you get, and no matter how relevant you were, you will eventually die.


  1. Gorgeous ship, but I had a lot of problems in it in this game. ROF was never enough for me in terms of DPM, I had more fun with the Roon and the Hindenburg. It's also unexpectedly squishy, US out gun it, Japan can HE it to death before it gets close, and USSR has long range to tackle it from afar, the turtleback gets penetrated way too easily before I can get into any knife fights. Plus it does not have enough abilities to please me- Kutuzov and UK crusiers could smoke which makes a big difference.

    So I free XP-ed it, got the Roon and Hindenburg, didn't regret a thing. Also- the Hindenburg is just a larger version of Hipper anyway. Plus you get heals

  2. Strange… This ship is amazing. I also say this in light of the fact that I often get put in T10 matches with her. She's versatile.

  3. Talks crap about Hipper that most players whines about.. Actually plays hipper and dominates players who forgot that its a jack of all trades ship and instead focuses on specific roles. Being island humpers.

  4. How my low tier games go

    1. Rush the middle point
    2. Cap the point but 3/4 your team is gone whilst the enemy team has two points and 3/4 of there team
    3. Get focused by 1/2 of the team and whole team gets killed.

    Earns 600 xp so I can’t get out

  5. y'know, something has been bothering me for some time. They say that the Germans had high levels of engineering and science, but they seem to have real problems keeping their engines working both for naval and land based operations. They claim that they were very heavily armored, but as Yuro just pointed out, they didn't seem to know how to use it, and ended up creating glaring weak spots around unnecessarily thick plating, leading to the engine breakdown from overweight problem that I just mentioned. They also didn't produce many of these supposedly superior models, with the russians outnumbering them 13:1 and americans 8:1. So….why exactly were these yahoos a threat again?

  6. 1:24: Talks about the Kriegsmarine and is showing a picture of Army Fieldmarshall von Hindenburg and Army General von Ludendorff (Battle of Tannenberg, August 1914) 🙂

  7. Saying "An overpen with AP does more damage than He on a saturated section" seems like an odd way to try and find a positive lol. It's like… duh?

  8. YEEEEEEEEEAH! That lexington puttin BORK on the map! Even if its just him getting dunked outta the sky. WE ARE STILL YOUTUBE FAMOUS!

  9. I think Hipper teaches you the way of playing german cruisers. And if you learned it once, you will absolutely dominate with Hindenburg which is an amazing ship

  10. I think the nest reason to play Hipper is that you get to the Hindenburg eventually.
    And i think the Hindenburg can be one of the most fun ships to play

  11. Question Yuro;
    – for Hipper, how do you think to play modules "Steering Gears Modification 3" ? Up again manoeuvrability ?
    – Same question for Prinz Eugen 🙂
    – angain same question for Mogami.

    all this in place of Concealment System Modification 1

    Thank you for help and thx for all respond 🙂

  12. Unlocked this ship a week ago.
    Feels like a complete waste of time and effort, lol the ship sucks so bad, you spend all your time dodging everything as much as possible because it only takes two salvos to kill you from almost any ship ^^….. why anyone would want to farm this thing out is beyond me, wish I could trade it for something better and get the time wasted back.
    The only reason anyone would ever get this ship is to get Hindenburg, the least they could of done is lower the Xp requirements for the Hippers upgrades so you can spend less time playing this horrible thing.

  13. 5.40 yea you just dodged. But they are enterprise bombers. With bombs that say 'duck you' and just go where the hell they like to. I speak from experience.

  14. i deal much more damage in my hipper games shooting 80% he. and i cruise like a moskwa. kiting people away from the pack.

  15. Remember one of her sister ships Blücher got rekt by 2 torps and some artillery from forts in The Oslo Fjord, Norway xD. Seriously… Two very old fucking torpedoes sank one of the pride cruisers of the Kriegsmarine xD

  16. It makes me sad to admit my smexy german ships are absolute garbage, and I still manage to perform well with them, but like you said, they all tend to require near superhuman perseverance. They tend to have the weirdest, most damaging mixes of disadvantages. Key among them all being their main guns, bad dispersion, great AP alpha but horrible auto bounce angles? The person who thought that was a good idea should be shot, its near pure rng. The HE is barely usable as well, to the point where its almost not worth mentionning

  17. Man its really unfortunate that I spent like 2 years of casual WoWS gaming grinding to the Hipper, and THEN stumbling across this video…
    At least I have the Lyon now… hurray

  18. this ship is what made me quit the game. I unlocked it, played 20-30 battles, got destroyed from every angle and that was it. Uninstall.

  19. So the Hipster is simply glass cannon with AP shell.. So my option was to kill them first before they kill me.. Plus.. Is she flat or bursty

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