Type 97 Chi Ha Ultimate Guide & Specializations – BF5 Pacific Theater New Tank Review [Part 2]

Hey what’s going on, Azura here. Today we are going to explore the Type 97
Chi Ha tank in depth, talking about its specializations, main armament stats, armor stats and my thoughts
on different ways the Type 97 can be used to its maximum effectiveness. The Chi Ha came with the pacific theater and
is available on those maps at this time. All the tanks that came with this expansion
also came with an extensive specialization tree that allows you to spec out the tank
the way you want to play. And out of all the new tanks, the Chi Ha has
a unique feature in the specializations, it is when you upgrade the tank to the longer
barrel, it actually turns into a different tank. This applies to 2 different specializations,
turning the Type 97 Chi Ha into the Type 3 Chi Nu and the Type 3 Chi Nu Kai. The latter one is really just a one off experimental
version when they put the Type 4 Chi To turret onto the Type 3 Chi Nu. Since we are talking about specialization
tree, just like all the new vehicles in the pacific, we have 6 levels to advance towards
and enables you to choose between many different builds. But there are generally 3 main archetypes
that you can build from and will feature one of the 3 main guns. These will be a howitzer build just like the
Sherman 105mm howitzer, the default 57mm tank gun with armor piercing rounds and the big
type 3 and type 5 cannons for killing enemy shermans. And just like my previous video on the Sherman,
I will talk about how each of these main cannons perform before getting into these builds and
my impression of them. Let’s begin with velocity. The type 5 HE cannon which is unlocked at
level 4 has the highest velocity of 520m/s and its previous level’s unlock, which is
the type 3 HE has a 500m/s velocity. The hull 37mm cannon, which is unlocked at
level 2 for your passenger actually has a decently high velocity at 510m/s. Then the default 57mm cannons both have a
400m/s velocity and the howitzer round has a 90m/s velocity, that’s markedly slower than
the sherman counterpart at 150m/s. All these main cannons should be relatively
similar to the way you would use their counterpart on the sherman in terms of lead and elevation,
except for the howitzer round. This has a 40% slower velocity so you will
need to account for lead and elevation further than what you would on the Sherman. This is quite an interesting balancing choice
here but we will get to that in just a littler bit. Now moving onto damage, if you watched my
Sherman guide, then you will already understand but to the ones who have not, I want to briefly
explain what the numbers you are about to see mean. Damage will be separated into two categories,
impact and blast damage. To keep this really short, impact damage is
the key number against armor and highly depends on angle of impact and this affects AP rounds
more than HE rounds. Blast damage is the key number against infantry. The numbers you see here reflects the actual
damage an infantry receives but not what the armor vehicle receives, the calculation is
still unclear to everyone but DICE at this point so use this as a qualitative comparison
rather than numerical values against tanks. I explained this more indepth in my Sherman
guide so if you are interested, please take a look at that. Anyway, let’s take a look at our graph here,
the type 5 HE cannon reigns supreme in this category, it has the same blast damage as
all other HE shells meaning it can still one hit infantry from a nearby shot. The biggest advantage it has is the high impact
damage exceeding the the 76mm Sherman HE shell by 13%. But it does fall short of the specialized
Sherman HEAT round by a large margin. The Type 3 cannon also has a respectable damage
which is 13% weaker than the 76mm Sherman HE. The default 57mm HE round has a slightly higher
impact damage than the howitzer round but are quite comparable to the ones on the sherman
tank with a roughly +/- 15% difference. The hull 37mm HE round does have a blast damage
of 80, meaning unless you score a direct hit on an infantry, you would not be able to 1
hit kill them. And lastly, the 57mm AT round giving lower
blast damage than its HE counter part but with higher impact damage. But here is a tad bit unusual thing we see
here, usually for other tanks, the AT rounds have a much higher impact damage to compensate
for its moderately lower blast damage, making it the obvious choice to use against tanks,
especially at weak spots at a great angle for maximum multiplier. But here, the 57mm AT round’s has less of
a gain in impact damage than the loss of the blast damage. That means it may not be as effective against
low multiplier weak spots like the front armor or turrets against bigger tanks such as the
sherman because of its 1x multiplier. So here you can see that when I was using
the AP rounds against the sherman turret, I was only dealing 12 damage per hit. But look here when I was using the HE round
against sherman turret, it is dealing 19 to 20 damage per hit. So just kind of like the pre-buffed Valentine
Archer, the AP round may not necessarily be the best against armor vehicles in all situations. Certainly if you can get the 2.2x multiplier
of the rear of a sherman, then by all means AP round you go. Now, let’s talk about blast radius, so blast
damage is a sphere of explosion that deals less and less damage the further out you go. There will be 3 terms I will be going through
and they are blast radius, inner blast radius and OHK blast radius. Blast radius is the entire area where damage
can be felt, from a flat amount of maximal damage within the inner blast radius with
a linear drop off towards 0. The one hit kill blast radius is going to
be somewhere between the blast and the inner blast radius for HE rounds. It is impossible to get a OHK with an AP round
unless it is a direct hit so there will be no value for those. So let’s take a look at this chart here, I
added a roughly to scale soldier here so you can get a sense of how far you need to hit
to get a OHK. Take the 120mm howitzer round as an example,
if you recall, its blast damage is 112, so that means within the orange area which is
up to 2.9m, you will receive the total of 112 damage and with a linear drop off, OHK
radius means that at that distance you will receive 100 damage, which would be at 3.6m. So that means that if you can hit within 3.6m
of an enemy infantry, you can guarantee a kill. It has a larger radius than the Sherman which
is at 3.33m. Then the big guns here have a 1.66m kill zone
compared to the sherman’s 1.48m kill zone. But the small 57mm gun only has a 1.25m kill
zone, meaning you need to be more accurate with your shots if you decide to go with that. The Hull 37mm HE round and the AT round are
incapable of performing OHKs so you do not see the green line. Then let’s take a look at the rate of fire. The default 57mm AT round has the highest
at 24 rpm, and the HE round at 22 RPM. Then the Big type 5 and type 3 guns have a
rof of 18 rpm. In comparison, the Sherman’s both 75 and 76mm
guns have a rate of fire of 20 rpm. Then the hull cannon has a rof of 12rpm for
the passenger and the 120mm howitzer round has a rof of 11 rpm. That is a tad bit slower than the sherman
105mm which is at 12 rpm. Alright, that’s it with the cannon stats and
some brief comparisons to the Sherman tank. Now let’s talk about the armor of the Type
97. Let’s first explore the weak spots of the
Type 97 and where to aim when you come across one. So this tank actually has the same exact armor
values as that of the Sherman, obviously for balance reasons. So what you see here is a simplified version
of the graphs and numbers of the actual angle damage curves. The green here shows the maximum multiplier
that can be applied to the impact damage of a projectile, meaning the higher the multiplier,
the better AP rounds perform. So let’s say if you use AP rounds on its back,
it will be much more effective compared to HE round than if you were to do the same to
its front armor. Then the green brackets mean the maximum angle
you should aim for in order to deal the maximum amount of damage for that part, if it is outside
of that, you should aim at the turret that gives a 1x multiplier for this particular
tank. Alright, moving on to defensive angle, It
is once again the same as the Sherman because of its identical armor values, so a 44 degree
deviation from the midline is what you want to aim for. The way you estimate that in game would be
to look at the HUD at the bottom of your screen whenever you anticipate engaging an enemy
tank or attacking an objective, you would want to be slightly angled so if an enemy
tank fires at you, you can mitigate the damage significantly. So at 44 degrees, if the enemy hit either
your front or your side armor, they will deal a 0.5x impact damage, the blast damage is
unaffected so this will affect AP rounds much more significantly. This will force your opponent, if they know
what they are doing, to aim at your turret for maximum damage which is still not a whole
lot at 1x multiplier. A side note here which I explained in detail
in my other video discussing the 3 Cs for tanking which are cover, configuration and
control and what some of the strategies you can employ when your enemy decide to use the
armor angling tactic against you. Alright, so now we are done with all the numbers
and stats of the tank, let’s talk a bit about my impression on the few different builds
I have tried. There are basically 3 different major builds
and of course you can pick and choose a few other specializations like smoke and reinforced
parts. The first would be to use the hull 37mm upgrade
with howitzer. Smoke discharger is nice because when you
are using this build which usually forces you to be much closer to the enemies and it
will allow you create this gigantic smoke cloud for you to escape. You can further increase your defense by having
reinforced turret and engine. I did choose increase ammo capacity here but
that’s totally up to you. And earlier I mentioned that the howitzer
performs differently on the Type 97 than on the Sherman. The Type 97 120 cannon has a 40% lower velocity
than the sherman 105. It also has a slightly slower rate of fire
at 11 vs 12 on the sherman. But what makes up for it is the increased
one hit kill blast radius from 3.33m on the sherman to 3.6 on chi ha. You also get to keep your coaxial MG for killing
infantry and spotting scope to mark all the enemies. The Hull 37mm cannon is also a nice touch
if you have a passenger, they can increase your damage output. Alternatively, you can switch between seats
between shots. All in all, I think the howitzer build on
the Type 97 is mildly superior to that of the Sherman in close range encounters. The disadvantage would be the markedly slower
projectile velocity and the lack of a flamethrower which can be useful at times. The second build would be to base round the
hull 37mm cannon and the AP rounds. This is a pretty interesting build. See, the default HE round has a relatively
small blast radius but it does make it up with a higher rate of fire. That means it has a better mid to long range
anti-infantry capability especially against many who are not bunched up together and if
you are accurate with your shots. The AP rounds are somewhat lackluster in this
build because of its low damage output and is very situational like how I described earlier
in this video. If you hit a low multiplier part like the
turret of the sherman, you end up doing less damage than if you were to use HE rounds. Either way, it does give you options and can
come in handy against the LVT or weak spots of other tanks. The most unique feature of this build, and
also the previous howitzer build is ability to have the hull mounted cannon. If you have a dedicated gunner, then great,
if not, you can switch between seats. Aiming does get a bit wonky if you do that
and in the end, damage output is not fantastic. But if you were to use this, it also gives
you an option to do it. Then the 3rd build would be to go to the right
side and upgrade to either the Type 3 or the Type 5 cannon. Both are great, but you can choose to have
a bit more power and sacrifice a bit on armor or vice versa depending on the last 3 specializations
you pick. Either way, they will play mostly the same
which is to hunt tanks. Its anti-infantry capability is not bad, it
has a larger kill zone of 1.66m vs 1.48m on the sherman 76 but with a 10% slower rate
of fire. As for anti tank role, the sherman 76 HE sits
between the type 3 and the type 5 cannon with minimal difference in between. What this tank lacks is a specialized anti-tank
round like the much superior sherman 76 HEAT round. Making this tank a bit less desirable. What it does gain is a slightly smaller silhouette,
slightly bigger splash damage and ability to specialized in reinforced parts which allows
you to be more aggressive and employ hit and run strategies. One disadvantage of this tree over the other
2 is that it actually turn into a different tank, the Type 3 Chu Nu and the Type 3 Chi
Nu Kai. That changes the entire turret which allows
your opponent to aim at your turret easier. Overall this side is still my pick as a competent
infantry killer and a great tank hunter because if I want to kill infantry only, I have got
specialized tools to do it, which will be coming up in my next video on the LVT and
the Type 2 Ka Mi. And that’s it for this video, what do you
think about the Chi Ha tank? Let me know down in the comment section. Be sure to check back later for my review
of the other new armor vehicles in the pacific. Also, if you like this video give it a thumbs
up if not a thumbs down. feel free to follow me on Twitter and join
my discord channel links are down below. I would also appreciate it immensely if you
decide to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell for notification, otherwise have
a tanktastic day and I will see you again soon.

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  11. IRL, the Chi-Ha had a Type 97 57mm gun that had a velocity of 385 m/s.

    The Chi-Ha Kai had the new turret with the high velocity 47mm at 883m/s.

    The howitzer Chi-Ha is what was called the Chi-Ha Short Gun. It had the turret of a Chi-Ha Kai with a 120mm naval short gun that fired a high explosive shell at 290m/s.

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