Types of Stranger Things Fans (ft. Lilly Singh) | Noah Schnapp

100 thoughts on “Types of Stranger Things Fans (ft. Lilly Singh) | Noah Schnapp

  1. I'm the addicted brazilian who even has a stranger things underwear and watches the series for the eighth time

  2. I'm the spoiler fan I think that people that havent watched stranger things quick enough deserve it >:3

    I ship myself with the demigorgan.

  3. How the fuck I watced this first a week ago without realizing that there’s one of the actual actor and it’s on his yt channel

  4. I’m not a type of fan, I just appreciate how good the show is and the characters, the people, the monsters and the scenes. And that it exists! I’m a new (and young! Too young to watch it really, I’m 12 heh) fan, people talked about it ALOT in primary and nobody would tell me what it is, now I keep seeing the demo lol. Great acting, thanks for being zombie boy!

  5. This deserves a follow-up.
    – when she learns that Hopper bit it
    – reaction to that epic duet
    – Shipping Steve and ice cream girl only to learn she likes chicks and hope she is bi.
    . …. And a few more things.

  6. I’m in love with stranger things I have a stranger things poster eleven mike max Lucas Dustin and will stranger things 3

  7. Joyce in Season 1:,,My Boy is missing"
    Joyce in Season 2:,,What happened to My son"
    J in S 3:,,What happened to My magnets?"
    Will: Am I a joke to you?

  8. You probably won’t see this but if it’s possible can you tell me how to apply for stranger things as an actor can you plz reply to one of my videos

  9. Omg! When I saw this on my recommended list I was like "OMG! IS THAT THE REAL NOAH SCHNAPP!?" and like it was 22:30pm like what am I doing with my life!? But at least I found one of the stranger things cast members!

  10. I love stranger things I’m a big fan I watched all 3 season Jim dies probably not bob dies for shore billy dies.lilly is being controlled by the my fair bh giving you spoler

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