Uber and NO MORE | How to Prevent Sexual Assault and Create a Safer Community

1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men
experience sexual assault. These issues know no boundaries and affect all
genders and communities around the globe. That’s why NO MORE and Uber have teamed up to help end sexual violence and the culture that has allowed it to persist.
This video will walk you through some information on what we’re doing and how
everyone can take part. Acting respectfully. Uber created its Community
Guidelines so that all riders, drivers, and delivery customers can share a
respectful and safe environment. Although most people would never engage in sexual
assaults, misconduct, or harassment, it’s important to be clear that conduct is
never tolerated and is often against the law, whether using Uber or anywhere else.
Behaviors and comments that can make people feel uncomfortable also are not
acceptable. This includes staring or winking, approaching someone after they
get out of the car, commenting on someone’s appearance or
perceived gender identity or sexual orientation, asking personal questions
unrelated to the ride like “if they are in a relationship,” discussing your sex
life, making sexual jokes, or using explicit language. Even if YOU think it’s
a joke or harmless, it could be offensive to others. If you experience any of these
behaviors during an Uber ride, tap “Help” within the Uber app to report or, if
you are a loved one ever experience sexual assault and need help, call 911 or the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Responding smartly. There are also ways
you can help as a bystander, whether in an Uber or any place you go. If you see
any inappropriate behavior, try to disrupt the situation by striking up a
conversation about any other topic Enlist someone else nearby to help
defuse the situation. Ask if the person you’re concerned about is okay or needs
help. But if you see someone getting hurt, or worried someone might be violent,
don’t handle it solo. Call 911. Staying involved. Today and beyond, embrace
your voice and help make a lasting difference. For more information, go to
NOMORE.org and take the pledge to help stop sexual assault in your

26 thoughts on “Uber and NO MORE | How to Prevent Sexual Assault and Create a Safer Community

  1. you know how many times i have been sexually assaulted while driving. i mean you are dealing with drunk people most of the time.

  2. actually i am more concerned with the idea of making people walk to the corner, the reason is
    that i have picked up young girls waiting in the corner in the dark even in neighborhoods not so
    safe and with Miami being number 3th in the nation for HUMAN TRAFFICKING we ARE PUTTING

  3. I drive uber too. I hate it when they ask my personal questions going too deep about me and my family . My main focuses is pick them up and drop them where the destination is safely. I dont mind if they ask basic questions but not going too deep

  4. I'm a uber driver, never requested uber my self and I have not experience these things. But I'm glad this job takes this very seriously it makes me feel more safer to drive. keep up the good work uber. #BeAware&SpeakUp

  5. Uber is just making propaganda to look like they are addressing the issue without having actually do anything. When I reported that a passenger wanted to buy me for the night to Uber support, my response was a computer generated quote that "We expect partners and riders to act in accordance with our Community Guidelines." and that they would TRY THEIR BEST not to pair me with that rider in the future. They require background checks from drivers but not passengers. Even if a bad passenger's account gets deleted, there is nothing to stop them from creating a new account. Passengers don't even have to use their real name, making it very difficult to press legal action against them.

  6. What about the nasty passenger that think touching your shoulder constatly during a trip is okay . And if you tell them to stop they will give one star?

  7. I am all for it and supportive. However, once I received a message from Uber that a rider reported being "uncomfortable with me." I was told any further reports would result in the deactivation of my app. So far I have not received this message again thankfully but it was very disturbing to get. Now the problem is I have no idea what "uncomfortable" meant. If Uber is ever going to decide to deactivate an app based off of what a rider says or several riders, Uber needs to share what the driver is accused of so they have a chance to correct it, if indeed it is true. I am inclined to think the complaint against me was baseless.

  8. I often have to tell women to not touch me, and I have had people start to have sex in my back seat when I first started, and I told them to stop. I always run a professional Uber with complete respect for everyone. Plus when I drop off women, I always make sure they get into their safe destination before leaving.


  10. If you are being assaulted, fight like hell, beat their ass, pepper spray them call the cops, take them to court and file a law suet

  11. Me personally just as the video brought out asking if he or she is married or dating are personal question that shouldn't be asked are too me is a come on me personally would think that he or she trying to get with you or something. And too even if it's Morris Chestnut getting in my car he may be an attractive man but you have to be careful staring at him. It might make'em uncomfortable.

  12. Uber should be giving out free dash cams for drivers because a lot passengers do this stuff and also through trash like or food under your seat

  13. Uber needs to do thorough…I mean THOROUGH background checks. Criminal and citizenship status background checks. There are drivers from other countries that bring their “men first, all others…second” culture here and then operate for Uber. As a driver, NO DRIVER needs to tolerate rudeness or disrespect at ANY level. You can put anyone out of your vehicle at any time, if this occurs. I’ve done it several times. Usually at a shopping center or store. As long as it’s a safe area for you and the rider, get them out. For anyone sexually harassing you…you have their profile, when you accept a trip. I always screenshot a profile, just in case of ANYTHING. Uber can control so much, but breach of behavior is something they CANNOT fault you for. If a passenger is rude, insulting and goes to the point of sexual harassment and Uber does nothing about it, they, UBER, is in BREACH OF THE PARNTERSHIP AGREEMENT. Uber actually breaches it’s agreement with drivers more often than you would think. Read the terms of agreement, take a screenshot of it for reference and use it against them when they put you between making a buck from a rider. I do it. It’s a wonder they’re allowed to proceed with anything. Remember, Uber isn’t allowed to operate in London, UK and Montreal, CAN for a lot less than this issue.

  14. yeah right. The passenger may want a free ride and will click on that Uber help near their drop off location and mess the driver. If it is uber pool, the ride cannot be recalculated and will not count as a completed ride toward the bonus

  15. A great way to curtail fake Uber drivers. Is the use of safe word/password.Between riders and drivers. When in Airports, concerts, an public places.
    Riders should call the drivers an inform them of a safeword of their choosing. If the driver is questioned. On what the safeword is. He/she should respond correctly. If the driver can't provide the correct safeword/password. Then the rider should cancel the ride.
    Get car description, plate ID an if possible. Take a picture of the driver. Report to Security or Law Enforcement.
    Riders should also avoid the Uber Look. Which is phone in hand. An looking around for their drive/ride to show up. That is the "tell" that fake drivers look for.
    Taking these steps will prevent more victims. Both Male an Female riders.

  16. I am an uber driver and facing with sexual assault Everyone wants to touch me and sleep with me but no worries I won’t report them because no one gonna give a shit because I am a driver …

  17. How bout start doing backgrounds on riders and have their picture up because if they can see what I look I need to be able to do the same as well and they need to put government names no damn nickname PERIOD. From a uber driver whose told y’all this a 1,000x

  18. Uber lol wow.
    1)Do you know what so funny Uber taking advantage of its drivers and don't give a shit.
    2)Uber riders have way too much authority because they abuse your car, they slam your trunk, they think they are above you, they are allow to smell, they get cheapest rides. They believe they are your boss. Why Uber allow riders such privilege??? My car is worth more then $ 2.00 …. At $3.00 ride expecting presidencial service.

    Cannot believe this video wow Uber are calling its drivers predators while the drivers are the one in need of protection. Uber drivers have no protection. You pick up someone and might be in danger. Person might carry a weapon boom victim for $2 rides lol. Are Uber doing background check on its riders???? Do the drivers really know who is riding in the seat behind them??? Lol Uber wow you're a trip.

  19. I like this is ONE Sided, what if the Sexual Assault happens of the driver!! I'm an Uber Driver and I was sexually assaulted

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