UCFPD Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Surviving a sexual assault can be a
traumatic, life-changing experience. Survivors have options and for those at
UCF, one is coming to the UCF Police Department to report the crime. Survivors
can call the UCF Police Department or come to the station located on Libra
Dr. When you arrive at UCFPD ask to speak with an officer to report a crime.
That officer will meet with you to discuss why you’re here.
From there, you’ll be taken upstairs to our soft interview room to speak with a
detective. This space was specifically created for survivors of violent crime
to feel comfortable and supported in speaking candidly. Once the detective is
updated by the officer, they’ll speak with you. A victim advocate will join to
help explain your options. Talking about the details of what happened can be
extremely difficult. That’s where our therapy dog, Paisley, comes in. Paisley
joined UCFPD to help make it a little easier for survivors to talk about what
happened and to comfort them. Once we finish talking with you, we’ll
investigate further should you elect to press charges. We’ll keep you updated in
our process and an advocate will always be available to you.
April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. These types of crimes
are under reported across the country and UCF is no different. At UCFPD, I’m proud
of the model that we’ve created for responding to, investigating, and caring
for victims of sexual assault.

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