Previously on GWF [GEORGES KHOUKAZ] I believe
I have been long enough here to ask you for
a title match. [DOUG WILLIAMS] You get yourself three wins,
I’ll give you that title shot. One, two, three! That’s it! And that means one-nil for Georges Khoukaz
on his way to a title shot. The Bad Boy from Hungary is back. Wylde is looking for a signature victory. [PASCAL SPALTER] Georges,
never ask for a title shot. [DAVEY] I’ve just talked to
Doug and he told me that you will get a Berlin Title match. Victory outta nowhere via roll-up!! Senza Volto defends his title! [PASCAL] I will get a Berlin title shot,
because title shots are coming to me! Ramb’oo Damballa! [CRAZY SEXY MIKE] Every time
when I wanted to set up a Double Team move,
you blocked it. You betrayed me, because
of a voodoo doll, a voodoo woman and some dumb stick? You took away my victory. And my revenge for my little brother. I’ll take something from you to hurt you. [AYESHA RAYMOND] I will not be
defending my title against Laura Di Matteo at Battlefield. [DAVEY] And that is why we will
have a Interims’s Title match at Battlefield. Laura Di Matteo versus Skye Smitson. [ALI ASLAN] Honor is a word you don’t know. You think you can leave Grup Anarsi
without my permission? He will kiss my hand
and he will apologize. Extending his hand…
a slap by Ali! I believe the last word has
not yet been spoken. But now Klinger – Shadow Driver. Klinger and Blutsbrüder
hold on to the GWF World Title. So here comes one of the hottest properties
wordwide on the independent wrestling scene. “Speedball” Mike Bailey! The Battlefield is ready,
every 90 seconds another participant enters, you throw an opponent over the
top rope to the outside. The winner is challenger number one
for the GWF champion. Only 15 names have been announced
in advance this year. Who will try to write history
and who will ultimately succeed? September 7th 2019 Welcome to the Battlefield. GWF Battlefield!

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