Un évènement nommé “Sakura Exhibition”

Welcome to this new episode of Fushigi Nippon where we’ll discover an event which is unique and happened last spring. Today for the little change I’m not in Tokyo or Japan… but I’m in Brussels in Belgium. And here is today an event about the Japanese culture… the Sakura Exhibition… and… a lot Japanese artists came to Brussels to introduce their work… and so there’re a lot of Japanese painters also. In addition with that there’re live performances with singers, DJs… live paint, also maybe bodypaint and katakana performances. Here we have a mask… it can be used by Japanese people for parties or aslo masked parties. For example you put it like this on and… So there’re a lot of live performances this means that the painters show us all their secrets… and that show us the way they’re work. So I’m here behind a guy… most of these artists came from Tokyo and I’m behind a guy which is making… something magnificent. It’s very huge but… it’s very difficult to understand the meaning… I asked him to be sure and he told me that… it was about the Sakura Exhibition of today. It is art… I bought something like this those are masks… and once you bought it, you’ll see a manual on the backside. It’s 10 euro. And once you made it… you’ll have this result… of course you have to put an elastic on the back etc… and after that you can go to masked parties… and nobody will recognize you. That’s the purpose. No need for invitation but in return you have to put this on because this is the rule in this party… Please enjoy yourself. So… the Sakura Exhibition was… magnificent! It lasted 4 days, it went to only 2… today there was the katakana performance of Hiroaki Kameyama and Rena Kaneta… they are from the Karasu (the crow) team. In addition to that is also saw painters in action… in live… with background music I’m thinking about Mikiko Nishida… and Daishi Matsumoto… I had the chance to talk to these 2 people. And of course the best way to discover more… is to discover by yourself, next year. And now we will learn more about one of the central character of this episode. Hello everyone! Introduce yourself… I’m Rena Kaneta from Japan. Please to meet you. Things you like in the Japanese culture… I think the kimonos. The different colors of the kimonos dependent of the season… it’s very beautiful. Now it’s spring season and I’m wearing a cherryblossoms (sakura) kimono… In the autumn season is it the red maple leaf kimono… I really like these kind of things. Your favorite place in Japan… I was born… in a prefecture and city next to Tokyo called Chiba… and I still live there. That’s why… my hometown Chiba is my favorite place. A place in Japan that you recommend… it’s famous and you may already know about it but… Asakusa is my favorite place in Japan… it’s my personal opinion. A lot of people wears kimonos… also the stores and houses on street​… and of course the Kaminarimon. It’s maybe weird but no matter how many times I went there… and I already went there a couple of hundred times… it’s never boring… I always think “when will I come back to this place?” And I also like the traditional pulled rickshaw. Something you’ll never forget about Belgium… The people of Belgium are really good peoples… there’re very funny and kind… I really like them. The belgian waffles and the French fries were very delicious. Your favorite Belgian food… I didn’t ate mussels yet… so I don’t know. Today is last day of the Sakura Exhibition… I’m here (in Belgium) since almost one week since I’m here I didn’t drink a drop of Belgian beer. I’m going back to Japan soon and… I think it will weird since I was in Belgium and didn’t drink a drop of beer. That’s why this evening… I’ll drink a lot of Belgian beer and also eat a lot of mussels. Your biggest dream is… Aaah it’s difficult… I hope to become an actress. I want be an actress… of course now I’m busy with a lot of performances… the performances are for now my main activity I hope one day to make an apparition series on TV… and also at the cinema… if I could be in a movie… and the people of all the world could recognize me like this for example: “Aah it’s her!’ “Do you know this actress?” I will be very happy and that’s also my goal. Your feeling about the coming Olympics of Tokyo… Of course I’m verry happy. I never thought that it will happen in Japan… but of course… for us (Japanese people)… all the world would have an eye at us and our country… and the way we welcome people. So we’re thinking about… “What’s the best way to welcome people?” “What can we do to bring something more?” That’s something about each Japanese is thinking… and for me it’s the same.. “What I can do for the Olympics?” “What should I do from now?” Thinking about that… I found an answer in my katakana performance… and I decide to train more and more to improve my skills and show better performances With an eye on the Olympics… I want to bring that little more through my performances and my hospitality to all these people who will come. Your wish for the future… I want to travel around the world. Travel around all the world… show my performance with my kimono and katakana… And if the people likes my performance I’ll be very happy. Tell me about your hobbies… Since I like to eat I like to taste the food of all world while traveling. This time in Belgium, I ate a lot of different French fries and I compared the sauce… For example: “Aah this one is delicious” but “this one is more delicious”… I like to taste a little bit of everything. If you win 1 million yen… I’d spare them! Is that all… I will use it if something happened… I’m a little a careful person so… instead of use them immediately I’d spare them because you never know… for the future if something bad of risky happens but also if something good happens. I’ll use it in that kind of situations… not only for my own happiness… but also for the people who are precious to me. In the description you’ll find all the artists who were present at the Sakura Exhibition and the link to their own websites. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to share this video so much as you can. I hope you enjoyed and hope to see you next time.

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