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(din of crowd) (single piano note) (music playing) In this exhibition, there are
really two kinds of objects. There are works of art that are
literally unfinished. And then there are works of art
that only appear unfinished. The exhibition begins
in the Renaissance, and we go all the way up
to works of art that are being created for us
right now. So, it’s a grand sweep. BAUM: The fact that all of these
objects live together in the same exhibition
is unusual. It’s curious and it’s exciting. BAYER: We show a fantastic
painting by Alice Neel. We know now that the sitter
never came back for his second sitting. He was about to go off
to the Vietnam War. We have this beautiful portrait of somebody whose life
was being interrupted. Unfinished works of art always
leave behind traces of the artistic process, whether
it’s an underlying sketch or a patch of their canvas. And so, when viewers are
walking through “Unfinished,” they’ll be able to imagine
themselves standing behind the artist,
watching them make, unmake, change, change and edit. BAYER: The viewer’s imagination
is necessary to complete these works. (music playing) (single piano chord) (single piano chord) (single piano chord)

2 thoughts on “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible | Met Exhibitions

  1. ..looks interesting but no chance to finishing this unfinished situations ..I mean inside of me the voice is screening take some colors and go a head but this unfinished arts looks totally finish ( yes or no)? ..I don't know.

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