Hi everyone. Today I thought I would do
the unpopular opinions book tag because I’ve done this tag once before, way
back when I first started my channel. So I thought it would just be fun to
revisit the questions and to see how my opinions have changed and to just see
which kind of unpopular opinions I have accumulated over these past few years
and also because I have read a good couple hundred more books since I last
made this video. So I feel as though I have a wider range of unpopular opinions
to choose from. So I will leave the original creator’s video in the
description box below but without further ado, here are some of my
unpopular bookish opinions. Question one is ‘a popular book or book series that
you didn’t like’ and I remember finding this question really, really hard when I made this video last time because I couldn’t think of any. I found it really
hard this time as well but that was because I couldn’t choose one because I
had far too many to choose from but I did end up going with ‘One of Us is Lying’
by Karen M. McManus because every single time I see this book on my Twitter feed or in
the stores or just mentioned anywhere I just start getting really frustrated and
start getting wound up and I didn’t like this book at all. It’s one of my least
favourite books because it just plays on so many of my most hated tropes, in terms
of things like using sexuality against someone and villainizing mental illness
and I just, I didn’t love it. I didn’t like it whatsoever and every time I
start thinking about it and talking about it I get wound up and I just get
frustrated and annoyed. So I’m gonna stop talking about it now but this a lot of
people absolutely love, which is fine. I personally did not like it in the
slightest. Question two is ‘a book that everybody else seems to hate but you loved’ and I’m gonna go with ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ by Stephanie
Perkins because I absolutely adored this book. I think this was my favorite books
of last year because I just had so much reading it because it is basically
just an adorable contemporary romance, with a serial killer who randomly
commits the most messed up, gruesome, gory, incredibly graphically described murders
and it was just a riot. I had so much fun reading it and everybody else seemed
to not feel the same way but I loved it. It was so much fun and what more
could you possibly want from a book other than adorable romance with graphic murders? I love it. I absolutely loved it. So I would personally definitely recommend but I know a lot of people really wouldn’t. The third question is ‘a love triangle in which the main character ended up with the person you didn’t want them to or an OTP you didn’t like.’ I’m going to have to say the love triangle, or love square in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and I’m not gonna say who the main character ended up with or didn’t end up with because I don’t want to spoil the book or the upcoming movie, which I’m so incredibly excited about. But Lara Jean in this book didn’t end up with the
person I had my heart set on her ending up with. However, I did really love every
single love interest in this series. I didn’t just like the person she did end
up with and I loved them together but I absolutely adored one of the people that
she didn’t end up with and he totally had my heart. Some may say he was the underdog but I thought he was absolutely adorable and I adored him. So I was slightly gutted about that but as I said, I also loved who she ended up with. This is probably kind of cheating but I don’t really have another answer for this because pretty much every single love triangle I have ever read, the character has ended up with the person I didn’t want them to end up with because I
always seem to root for the underdog but this one I feel as though is the one
that always stands out in my mind the most because I just absolutely adored
them and then I just was in a total conflict because I also adored with
everybody else. Question four is ‘a genre you hardly ever reach for’ and I
have to say classics because I never reach for classics. I think I’ve probably read about five. That’s a lie. I’ve probably read about three and two of
them were probably children’s classics. I just don’t read them and it’s not
because I don’t enjoy them because I do. The classics I have read, I’ve really enjoyed but they’re just so much work They take me like a month to get
through and I have so many books that I want to read and would really enjoy reading
and wouldn’t take me that long, that I just don’t end up getting around to
reading classics. One of the reasons I love reading so much is because I can
spend that time turning my brain off for once and I can’t really do that with classics but also sci-fi. I never ever turn to sci-fi. I never pick up sci-fi’s, which is probably something again, I should change because the very few sci-fi’s I have read, I can’t think of a single one I didn’t absolutely love. So I think I definitely need to search for some sci-fi recommendations but yeah. Classics, don’t pick up, probably should, would quite like to but probably won’t and sci-fi. I don’t but again I probably should. The fifth question is ‘a popular or beloved character that you did not like’ and I have two answers for this. The last time I did this video I said Severus Snape and I still want to stick with that because I despise the man. I think he’s a brilliantly written, brilliantly created character. I just hate him. I just don’t like him. He’s awful. I’m sorry but I just, I can’t find the redemption in
him because no matter what his past was like, most people have either been
bullied or had unrequited love or both but most of us don’t then go on to
torment children. And the the other character I have is The Darkling from
‘The Shadow and Bone’ trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. It’s not that I disliked him, I
just didn’t get the hype because so many people just seem to be head over heels in love with him and I couldn’t find that at all. I thought he was fine,
if not a tiny little bit bland but I just didn’t fall in love with him as
much as everybody else did and I didn’t necessarily really enjoy reading about him all too much. So yeah The Duckling and Severus Snape. Question six is ‘a popular
author you can’t seem to get into’. I feel like I’m probably committing some kind of BookTube, book community sin by saying this but Cassandra Clare. I just
have not been able to get into her work. I think I read the first book in ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series either last year or the year before and also the second one they were fine. I liked them enough but I didn’t absolutely love them
and I don’t think I will continue with this series and I don’t think I’ll
probably ever pick up any of her other work. And that’s not because I disliked them and I
don’t think they were bad in any way at all. I just think I was probably a little
bit too old to start them. I truly believe that if I had started reading
her books when they first came out and when the hype was first surrounding them,
when I was sort of in my early teens. I would have probably jumped on board that
boat and would be the captain of it because I’m certain that I would have
absolutely adored it but because I was somehow totally unaware that Cassandra
Clare and her books even existed. Let alone had any kind of hype surrounding
them, I don’t know how I managed to miss all of that hype but I did, I just didn’t
get on with it and I didn’t really love her books. So I’m gonna have to say Cassandra Clare is an author that I just can’t get into. Questionn seven is ‘a popular trope that you’re tired of seeing’ and I don’t
think the trope that I’m gonna say is necessarily popular in terms of readers
but authors seem to use it all the time and I absolutely despise it and that is
just villainizing mental illness and giving all of their villains mental
illnesses and just not making them to be evil people because they evil people.
Instead they’re evil because they have depression or bipolar or schizophrenia
and I just can’t stand it because it is so wrong on so many levels and I think
it’s just a total cop-out in making an evil character just evil because there
are those people. Having a mental illness does not equate to being evil or being
bad and being evil and being bad doesn’t mean you necessarily have a mental
illness. So that is something I absolutely hate in books and it seems to
be used constantly in books and films and TV and just all of that and I don’t
think it is necessarily a popular trope as I said, in terms of readers but it is
a trope that is used so often and I cannot stand it and it makes me so
incredibly angry and yeah I thoroughly hate it. Question eight is ‘a popular series you
have no interest in reading’ and I have a ton of these but I think I would just go
with the obvious with things like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ and
‘The Mortal Instruments’ series but I did do an entire video about the series that
I have started and just have no interest in finishing. So I will leave that linked
in the description box or on the screen because there were a ton of them but I
can’t think of any of them off the top of my head, other than things like ‘Mortal Instruments’ and ‘Shatter Me’ and things like that. But I don’t know, I have loads
but I can’t think of any other than the obvious ones like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ that I have absolutely zero interest in starting. The last question is ‘the saying goes the book is always better than the movie, but which TV show or movie did you prefer over it’s book?’ I said in my last
video ‘The Hunger Games’ and while I still feel that way, I think. I’m still always
confused about my feelings for ‘The Hunger Games’ because I loved the books. I
absolutely loved movies but I do feel as though the movies had a bigger impact on
me. So I wasn’t gonna say ‘The Hunger Games’ but
I just said it but I’m gonna go with literally any Disney movie ever
that has been based on a children’s classic because oh my goodness the
originals are so depressing and so dark. ‘Mary Poppins’ Julie Andrews’s Mary Poppins
is a wonderful human being. Mary Poppins in the book is kind of terrifying and
awful. ‘The Jungle Book’ is just really dark. ‘The Little Mermaid’ is the most disturbing, messed up thing I’ve ever read and totally scared me for life ‘Peter Pan’, again really dark. So yeah, basically any Disney movie ever made
that was originally a fairy tale or some kind of classic story because they’re
so dark and so different and there are no songs in them and a lot of them don’t
have any talking animals, which is just wrong in my opinion. So I’m gonna go
with any Disney movie ever made is probably better than its original book.
Which again is probably committing some kind of sin because I’m saying Disney
are better than children’s classics but I’m sticking with it and I’m gonna hold
my ground because I truly believe that I would be in a better place if I had not
read the original ‘Little Mermaid’. So that is it for the unpopular opinions book
tag and I’m not going to tag anyone because I don’t actually know anyone
that hasn’t already done it but please let me know your answers to these
questions and whether or not you agree with my answers and if you don’t please
let me know why and also if you have done this tag yourself, please let me
know because I would love to go and watch your videos because I love
watching this tag. It is so much fun to watch and also turns out really fun to
make. So yeah, that is it for today. I will leave the links to my Twitter, Instagram,
Tumblr, Goodreads, blog and book Depop in the description box below. So feel free
to follow me on any of those if you would like and I just hope you’re having
the most wonderful day and I am really sorry if I said anything mean about your
favourite book. Bye!


  1. I'm not a Cassandra Clare fan either! It's like you said; probably if I had read her books earlier I'd have enjoyed them more :))
    LOVE Disney! <3

  2. I read the first four TMI books when I was 29 back in 2008 I honestly don't think the books read young at all.

  3. For me the first three books in TMI are not that great, her writing really gets better. I started with The Infernal Devices, did not know anything about TMI, and those characters/plot/writing is amazing.

  4. Just letting you, I dont know if you did, but maybe if you want to give them a try, you could read The Infernal Devices, the prequel to The Mortal Instrument. A book never made me feel like a Harry Potter did before. They are way more mature than TMI. Just letting you know cause these characters, they are so near and dear to my heart 😊

  5. I agree with a lot of these but there are a few I disagree with but so goes life. I hav no interest in anything written by Cassandra Clare. I just don't care and I've read some frankly bad things about her so I won't be reading those. Disney is a good answer for that question and its something I never considered before so that's awesome. And yes the Little Mermaid was a very dark and disturbing tale, as was Cinderella. I like Snape as a character, not because I think his actions were justified and because of his tragic back story (though if you asked a younger Katie then that's a different story) but because of his complexity. I love complex characters and I love watching them and their stories unfold. I love classics but I get how they aren't for everyone. I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan and a friend wants to read them with me, so I figure I'll give them a shot. But I absolutely loved this tag and I did it way back at the start of my channel (if you haven't already seen it and are interested). ❤

  6. I loved “There’s someone inside your house” too!I really don’t see why so many people hate/don’t like this book🤷🏼‍♀️The romance was EVERYTHING.I think it would be an amazing movie!
    Ahh I wanted to read One of us is lying for so long but now I don’t know what to say😕I’ve never seen a book to make you that angry so it’s not a good sign😂😂Maybe I’ll pick it up someday🤷🏼‍♀️
    Smile a lot,laugh like a child and have an amazing week💕💕💛

  7. I missed the Cassandra Clare hype too so I'm so glad you said that 😂 also totally agree on Disney. In my Children's lit class we had to read the originals of beauty and the beast and cinderella (neither of which had those exact names back then) and holy crap they were twisted, but that's what you get from that time period and the morality that was predominant in society sadly. Disney wins my heart every time 💕

  8. I was surprised by how I forgave Snape after despising him for so long haha! I hardly ever pick up classics either but I am pushing myself to read a few before the end of the year.

  9. Yessss One Of Us Is Lying, especially the ending is very problematic. “Adorable romance with graphic murders” 😂😂 lol! Audiobooks really help me with classics I find I can check my brain out and yet still understand what I’m reading.

  10. I agree with you on the classics front, though I'm more of a 'can't get on with the language used' and probably because I had to study several for school, which really doesn't help! You should definitely check out sci-fi though, it's a fantastic genre!

  11. I started mortal instruments last year and only have read the first two so far too. I hear they get really good though. It’s hard getting into them as a non teen though and when there are SO many to catch up with! Would you carry on with the audio books instead?

  12. OMG I have the same problem with love triangles! The character almost always ends up with the person I didn't want them to…
    And I also had never heard of Cassandra Clare and the hype around her books until I started BookTube! Still haven't read one of hers but I do plan to read the Infernal Devices series at some point.
    Yeah the original Little Mermaid is super upsetting!
    Ugh that villain with a mental illness trope is AWFUL. I can only hope that that trope will start to die out as mental illness starts getting more widespread attention and treatment.

  13. I don't like either Severus Snape or the Darkling either. The love for Snape bothers me the most, because I feel like people make excuses for him, but with the Darkling he's still seen as a villain, even though they ship him and Alina. I love the Disney movies too.

  14. aw tbh everything/character in shadow & bone was overhyped (in my opinion) 😳 I do agree especially about the darkling though!

  15. I'm with you on classics, they are a lot of work, and I guess scifi books are the same in the sense that you have to follow a lot of science stuff, but if you enjoy fantasy I think you should also try more scifi. I always say it's like science takes the place of magic, and that just makes it more fascinating to me, because it's more plausible than good old hocus pocus.

  16. Frankly.. I read the first TMI book last year in January and I liked it ..it was ok. I hear that the second book wasn't so good so I didn't picked it up immediately. I picked it up last week though and listened to it on audio while I was painting because I thought "better like this, will pass through it and just be done with it.." well heck I loved that book, and now I'm reading the third and I'm loving it. I haven't read them when they were super hyped, years ago, and now when it kind of died down I am so enjoying them you know. 🙂

  17. i've literally just started one of us is lying and i've seen so many people love it and so many people hate it oh nooo </3

  18. Same i cannot get into cassie clare and i dont understand the hype. I think their fine and all and im finishing the series but not at the level of the hype. Omg ikr about the orginal fairy tales i dont get how they were so horrifying? Was the goal to scar children for life? Whyyyy????!!!

  19. LOL I'm with you about Cassandra Clare. I keep trying to read the Mortal Instruments series but I can't get into them. I also agree with you about hating it when mental illness is represented poorly. I agree with you about Disney too except Peter Pan. I love that book and I love the movie. I also love your video. I just subscribed. ☺

  20. I agree on many of them. I can't either get into Cassandra Clare. I tried City Of Bones and Clockwork Angel. I didn't like any of them. Glad that I found a booktuber who ' s not unconditonally in love with her books. Cause I thought I commited some kind of sin by not liking her books. The little mermaid, the original, is really dark. Where the prince doesn't find out that she is the one that saved him. And marries a princess. The little mermaid basicly commits suicide. The orginal Cinderella is dark as well. With som cutting off body parts and some eye pecking.

  21. I loved there’s someone inside your house too! I thought it was a good thriller for people who don’t read thrillers (aka me!)

  22. Yeees I want to redo this also, it’s been such a while since I did the first one. Alllsssoooo I feel the exact same way about one of us is lying & there’s someone inside your house. OMG YES for Snape. Just because he had some backstory doesn’t mean he’s great or redeem him, it actually makes him more selfish in my eyes 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. I love the sweet release people get from telling others their unpopular opinions.

    Also, CC is so overrated. I enjoyed TID well enough but other than that, I can die without reading anything else by her.

  24. Thank you for saying it! Honestly, my dislike for Shadowhunters series is one of my darkest secrets 'cause literally every single reader friend that I have absolutely adores that series and I don't understand why.
    I've tried to read City of Bones four times, FOUR, and I never managed to finish. I just can't connect with anything; the characters, the setting, even the pace on the writing seems to bother me.

  25. I loved One of us is lying. I can understand your reasons why you didn’t. Great video.

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