Unveiling Battlefield V’s Tides of War feature and new Bundle Announce

[XBOX SOUND] Now, for something
completely different. Benny is going to take us
on a journey, back in time.>>All right. Thanks Graham. We are not actually
time traveling but the new info we are set to debut will make you feel like you’re back in some some
mid-century action. Dice, the developer of
Battlefield V, has promised that after the game
releases on October 19th, the journey will keep evolving in a post launch experience
called Tides of War. This is our first
chance to see what that means and how it ties into your personalized
customized journey which is all tied together
by your company. Now, I would just keep rambling on about this and I’d love to but I think this will explain it much
better than I can. Take a look.>>In Battlefield V, you have more ways than ever to turn the battlefield
to your advantage. It all starts with your company, your personalized unit of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. More than ever, playing as
a squad is key to success in Battlefield V. So
make sure to collect all the tools and gear you
need to win the battle. We are bringing more depth to our known classes with the
introduction of combat roles. The recon can specialize in long range shooting,
spotting or stealth. The assaults become versatile in how they engage the enemy. The medics have more ways to
keep their squad alive and the support can
now provide backup with new attrition and
fortification system. For the first time
in Battlefield, each combat role has
a unique loadout and unique abilities
and over time, you will get access
to more combat roles. Define how your weapon fields and performs on the battlefield. As you play and progress, you’ll unlock tactical choices
that affect how your weapons and vehicles
look and perform. Complete daily orders
will take on special assignments to
equip your company with new gear, weapons, and vehicles. As your company progresses, you will earn new items to visually personalize
your company. You can customize your soldiers
from top to bottom. Weapons can be personalized too. Now you get to decide
how they look and play. Your company’s look is up to you. Highlight your game play achievements from
your journey through World War 2 or be completely creative by
designing a unique look. With Tides of War, you’ll embark through
humanity’s greatest conflict giving more gear to
grow your company. Whether it’s how you choose to look or how you choose to play, Battlefield V will
never be the same.>>The sheer breath of customization in Battlefield
V is staggering, but we’re not quite done
with the reveals and what better way to celebrate Battlefield V than with not one, not two, but
three different bundles? First, we have the Xbox One
S and Xbox One X, one terabyte
Battlefield V bundles which will include a code for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, a one month trial of
Xbox Game Pass and 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial. Finally, feast your eyes on this, the Xbox One X, one terabyte Gold
Rush Special Edition, Battlefield V bundle. As you can see, it features a unique
dark gray gold design, where the gold record light rail
relates to heroism and the bullet casings and
artillery shells with the gray representing the weapons
in Battlefield V. It will also include a matching
gray control which looks awesome and then will
include a code for the Battlefield V Deluxe
Edition plus a code for Battlefield 1943 as a bonus. It will also include a one
month Xbox game post trial, 14 days for Xbox Gold trial
and one month of EA access. Experience the Tides of War with your company starting
on October 11, for EA access members, October 16th for
Battlefield V Deluxe Edition the early enlist access, and October 19, for the
Battlefield V Standard Edition. [XBOX SOUND]

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