Upcoming Book to Movie Adaptations 2017 | Part I.

Hoi! As is tradition on my channel, it is time to look at some of the upcoming book to movie adaptations. Just in case you’d like to read the book before you see the film. I’ve actually been slacking a little bit this year. I usually put this up at the beginning of the year and it is now March. There weren’t that many book to movie adaptations out in the first quarter of 2017. And a couple of the ones that were out in that time, I’ve actually already discussed on my channel, so I feel like I’ve covered most of them. But in this video I’m gonna talk about the book to movie adaptations that are coming up between now and about, like, June of 2017. When you actually keep track of it, it is insane to see how quickly these dates change. If I make a list in one month, and then I wanna film the video the next month half of the films will have moved by about six months. Which I’m basically finding out as I’m recording this video. First of all, there is The Handmaid’s Tale, which is actually a TV series, which is gonna be on in April in the US. Don’t know when it will make it to the UK, but I guess we’ll see. The Handmaid’s Tale is one that’s being discussed a lot at the moment, together with 1984. Just because of the things that seem to be happening in society and in the government at the moment. I have this beautiful Everyman’s Library edition. I have actually never read The Handmaid’s Tale, and I think this is one that would be entirely up my street. I love dystopian novels. And I think I’ve read one or two young adult books that were sort of spin-offs of The Handmaid’s Tale. I think there’s already a short trailer out for this TV show, and it is starring Elisabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel… And also Joseph Fiennes. I think that’s how you pronounce it. And Samira Wiley, who was in Orange Is the New Black. This is set in a sort of controlled society where certain women are made to have babies for richer couples. This is one that’s been really high up on my to-read list. So, definitely want to get around to reading this before the TV show comes out. And then, next up there is The Circle, which is coming out April 28th in the US. It doesn’t seem to be a UK release date yet, but maybe it’ll be at the same time. This is based on a book by Dave Eggers, and it looks like he is also doing the screenplay. The trailer for this one is actually out, if you want to have a look. And this is what the book cover looks like. I don’t have a copy of it myself yet. This film is starring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Karen Gillan. It is about this company that is pretty much if like Apple and Google were to merge and they have, like, so much control Emma Watson’s character lands a job there and it seems like it’s this perfect job. But slowly she sort of gets sucked into it. I’m thinking this is probably a good one to watch if you love Black Mirror. Next up, there is Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon. This is a young adult book and the film for this is gonna be out on May 17th. The main actress in this is Amandla Stenberg. That name might sound familiar ’cause she played Rue in The Hunger Games. I don’t know if you guys have been following her, but she’s actually become this amazing activist. And I think she’s actually gonna be in like quite a few… I think a lot of YA adaptations in the upcoming year. The story of Everything, Everything is basically about a girl that has to stay in her house because she is allergic to everything. And what happens when she meets the boy next door, Olly. The trailer for this is out, if you wanna have a look. I have been told that the trailer reveals quite a lot of the book. So if you want to be unspoiled, maybe like, watch the first half of the trailer. But this is one that I’m 100% going to read before the film comes out. Because I have read Nicola Yoon’s other book The Sun Is Also a Star and really enjoyed it. So I’m excited to check this out. Then next, there is one that I have like, a couple of mixed feelings about, but I’m quite excited as well. It’s coming out on May 5th. It is The Dinner. It’s based on the dutch book Het diner, or The Dinner, by Herman Koch. Which I’ve actually listened to on audiobook in Dutch, and have yet to read in the English translation. The film is starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Steve Coogan and Rebecca Hall. Those are the actors at the top of the IMDb list, I’m not entirely sure who plays who. The book is pretty much, kind of like a thriller. I guess if you like The Girl on the Train, something like that… After watching the trailer, which looks a little bit old-fashioned, I’d probably say read the book before you see the film. I think I’d recommend that. ‘Cause there’s lots of twists and turns. It’s about two couples that meet to go for dinner. The whole book takes place over the dinner. So like: main course, dessert… And you sort of find out what is going on throughout that dinner. I really enjoyed the book so I would recommend it. I’m not sure how I feel about the film after seeing the trailer. Then there’s two wild cards that I’m not really going to discuss but wanted to throw out there that were originally planned in for this part of the year, but it looks like they’ve moved to the end of the year. And that is Tulip Fever and Wonder. I’m not going to discuss them in depth this time, but they’re two films and books that I’m quite interested in. Just in case you thought they were coming out soon, now you know that they’re probably gonna come out a little bit later. Alright, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak preview of some books that are being turned into films and TV shows in the first half of this year. If I’ve missed out any that you’re excited about, let me know in the comments. And let me know if there’s any of these books that you’re planning on reading before seeing the film. And I’ll talk to you guys later! Doei!

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  1. I actually have read The Handmaids Tale, it was okay, although I was really annoyed when half the time it would be like Come over here, Sally said instead of "Come over here" Sally said (I heard that it was different in physical form and I read it as an Ebook, a free one at that)

  2. I've read 'The Circle' and I found it quite frustrating, although it all makes sense it's annoying. I'd be interested to hear what you think about it!

  3. The circle seems like it would be a great movie. Emma Watson is my favorite actress. And I am very excited for Everything Everything! I loved that book!

  4. I'm excited about The Zookeeper's Wife, even though I haven't read a book yet, I'm partially interested in it because I'm Polish (even though I know they were filming in Prague instead of Warsaw) and also cause Jessica Chastain, who plays the main role in the movie.

  5. Not a movie, but 13 Reasons Why is becoming a Netflix TV show. And it was a book I was obsessed with when I was young, so it'll be interesting to revisit it if I still like it as much as I did back then.

  6. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Can't wait for this movie, it's starring Brie Larson (formerly Jennifer Lawrence). Easily my favorite book of all time.

  7. I want to reread The Handmaids Tale before seeing the show. The trailer looks so good. The Circle is the next book on my tbr pile. I have heard good things. So many good movies/shows coming out!

  8. My senior term paper in high school was on The Handmaid's Tale and I think I commented on one of your videos like 4 years ago telling you you should read it!! It is a must read!!

  9. 1984 is becoming a film!? I seriously need to read it!
    Ahh I just finished Everything Everything, the trailer looks amazing and it comes out on my birthday so that is exciting!
    I have Wonder on my TBR too. Looking forward to it!

  10. I'm so nervous for The Circle movie because I LOVED that book so much, and I hate when films get it wrong! I didn't know The Dinner was coming out – gonna go watch the trailer now. The book was great though!

  11. Just finished the Circle and it's such a frustrating book. Good though. Definitely comparable to 1984 in frustration level. Everything Everything is quite cute but the ending was such a mess. And I don't think I'd be interested in the movie at all. A book that I would recommend is the Zookeeper's Wife (world war 2 novel), but I don't know when the movie comes out. Maybe it's out in the US or UK already. The book is somewhere between non-fiction and a novel, I enjoyed it so much!

  12. I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale right now and it's so good! I bet you would really enjoy it, Sanne. Also, last year I saw an Italian film called 'I nostri ragazzi' which took inspiration from The Dinner by Herman Koch and it was a really good film, so maybe check that one out if you're not so sure about the new one (just watch it with subtitles :P) xxx

  13. Just watched the trailer for "Everything Everything"
    What the heck? Why does anyone need to watch the movie after watching that?
    My word, leave something to the imagination, would ya?!

  14. 13 Reasons Why is coming out on Netflix as a series this month and Before I Fall already came out in theaters on the USA. Also, A Series of Unfortunate Events came out in Netflix on January as a series.

  15. Check out the snowman as well by Jo Nesbo, it is one of the best crime fiction novels i have read, it is part of a series of books based around the same detective however you dont need to read them in order which is good. Each book revolves around a different case. Michael Fassbender will play the main role in the film. I think it will be realesed during October. Love your videos btw 🙂

  16. Everything Everything is a great book! I read it for my YA book club last year and I loved the protagonist. Very excited to see Amandla Stenberg's portrayal.

  17. I recently read 'the dinner' and was equally fascinated and horrified by the characters. I'll go and see the movie but i think it would be more successful if it were a european film, americans behaving badly isn't as shocking somehow!

  18. I have another one: Jasper Jones! It's an Australian classic, a must read, and I cannot wait to see the film too

  19. Started reading The Dinner but put it down because I didn't feel like it was going anywhere…the actor list has got me intrigued again. Might give it another go!

  20. I haven't heard much talk about it but I'm super excited for the Watership Down mini-series that is coming out sometime this year! I read the book last year and it was wonderful. You should definitely read it if you haven't already, Sanne.

  21. Herman Koch, author of The Dinner, has already stated he hates the American version. He was at the premier, but right after the movie finished he took of to the airport to fly right back, not even ready for comment.

  22. As a Canadian I'm still so annoyed that the one tv adaptation of a Canadian book is only available in the US.

  23. Two graphic novel adaptations I'm looking forward to: 'My Friend Dahmer', based on the book by Derf Backderf and 'Wilson' based on the book by Daniel Clowes (coming out this month actually!).

  24. Now I know I really have to pick up my copy of: Het tulpenvirus and also het diner.
    But have no clue when…

  25. plz read the cirle! it's so good. dystopian and realistic at the same time! cannot wait to finally see it and a movie with Emma Watson in it has to be good xx

  26. Hi Sanne! I've read The Diner or het diner for school. It's a very good book, you should definitly read it! Groetjes uit België 🙂

  27. I really hope The Handmaid's Tale ends up being shown in the UK! The trailer looks amazing. I've not actually read it yet either – while the premise sounds fascinating (and scary), I've read a few reviews that describe the writing style as a bit 'dry', so I've not felt like trying it just yet. The book is waiting for me on my shelf though!

    Another book-to-movie adaptation I'm excited for is The Dark Tower! I'm making my way through the series at the moment and really enjoying it (I just finished book four).

  28. Voyager (the third Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon) is coming out as season 3 of Outlander in September! It is literally THE BEST show, you HAVE to read and watch it, they're amazing!!!

  29. I can't decide whether i should read the books before or after the movies! So far i tried to dead them before, but sometimes i watched a movie that i didnt know that it was also a book 🙁 Any advice?

  30. I'm most excited about American Gods (TV) and the new season of Outlander (based on Gabaldon's book #3 Voyager which I own but haven't gotten to yet; only read the first two). Also excited about The Handmaid's Tale and bummed about Tulip Fever being pushed back again.

  31. I didn't know The Reader but I really loved it so I'll probably read it before I watch the movie. I love Everything, Everything and I'm really excited about the movie but I do think it's gonna end up being just one more YA adaptation.

  32. Would like to add one: the BBC is releasing a TV adaptation of His Dark Materials later this year apparently. (I have mixed feelings about this since the film butchered the first book so badly!)

  33. TV Show one, American Gods started on Amazon Prime this month and it's amazing! So accurate to the books 🙂

  34. If anyone wants to read Everything, Everything , and you don't want to be spoiled. I'd recommend not buying the film tie-in edition, as it's got photos from the film inside the book, which give away key plot points.

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