URGENT! TRIAL OF VALOR ATTUNEMENT The new raid the Trial of Valor released on
the 9th of November in England (Europe to!) and the 8th in the US requires attunement
to be able to raid in So you MUST get this before your guild raids
tonight Here’s a quick overview of the attunement
quests You can pickup the starting quest from Havi’s
raven on Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran Once you are on the quest you must go to Havi
in Stormheim Havi will wish to tell you a bit of a tale
while you pour him some grog, the grog is located the other side of the camp in a keg
It take forever to pour the grog and I have a feeling this was on purpose so that world
PVP could happen there like it did with me, damn Demon Hunter
just carry the grog over to Havi and he will give you a quest to investigate the lower
ground to the north of his location Just get down there and walk about for a second
and the quest will shift onward to having to kill some folk and then a biggish dude
Once youve killed them all head back to Havi and hand in the quest for a nice Lore surprise
and access to the Trial of Valor This whole thing takes 5-10 minutes
This is rather good considering youll definitely have people turn up who didnt know about it
and need to do it before your guild can start it’s raid. Hope this quick video helped
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