Varian Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

[Music] so before the night of the king [Music] Varian Wrynn father warrior king after the desolation of the second war Varian returned home with his people and rebuilt the nation of Stormwind years later a plot against the crown would take him away from his homeland awakening with no memory he became the gladiator lo gosh and through many adventures fought his way back to his kingdom and his son barians ferocity was legendary and he ultimately gave His life to secure Azeroth’s future now in the Nexus he stands tall as a true hero of the storm Varian is a versatile melee hero but even more he’s our first multi class hero which means by selecting certain talents he becomes either an ally protecting warrior or a furious well-armed assassin variants trait Goro extreme automatically empowers a basic attack to deal extra damage once used each of his basic attacks lower heroic strikes cooldown by a small amount varian’s first ability Lions Fang unleashes the shockwave that slows and deals damage to enemies along a straight line his parry ability nullifies incoming basic attacks from enemy heroes it lasts for a short period and holds up to two charges like all warriors varian is known to charge fearlessly into battle upon activation he rushes towards his enemy slowing them and dealing damage Varian has three different heroic options reflecting each of the Warriors specializations in World of Warcraft each heroic has a passive effect and will alter his health damage or attack speed wind chosen his first heroic ton is a versatile defensive ability when activated Varian calls out a nearby enemy hero forcing them to attack him for a short period is Colossus smash with the swing of charlemagne varian deals heavy damage to an enemy and inflicts the vulnerable status increasing their damage taken for a short time variants final option is to unleash the twin blades of fury this heroics affect his passive and dramatically increases the speed at which basic attacks refreshes trait heroic strike in addition his attacks will increase his movement speed variants heroic defines his playstyle the top heroic makes variant a warrior for his team by increasing his health but lowering his attack speed taut enemies to force them to attack variant then activate his parry ability and negate their attacks use taught to lock down foes and give your team a chance to secure a kill twin blades of fury turns variant into a sustained melee assassin increasing the speed of his attacks while lowering their damage stick to enemies using his charge and lions Fang abilities and his blades will do the rest Colossus smash makes Berrien a powerful burst assassin by increasing the damage of his attacks but it will also lower his total health Colossus smash inflicts the vulnerable status along with its damage so with the little coordination this single swing from Berrien can turn the tide of an entire fight Varian isn’t only about heroics his talents bring an incredible amount of utility to the battle at level 13 he can select between three banners that buff nearby teammates he can grant bonus movement speed with the banner of Stormwind decrease the damage allies take with the van iron forge or increased ability power if the banner of dollar on select talents that counter your enemy’s tactics mortal strike for example can shut down a strong support facing a lot of enemy shields tape shattering throw and break them down as the first multi class hero barian brings a new way of playing two heroes of the storm since his role is decided through your talent choices your enemy will never truly know what your plan is until you’re facing off on the field of battle the high king of the Alliance will arrive soon bringing a whole new level of strategy with them excited for Varian and our blitz Khan reveals let us know in the comments don’t forget to subscribe to heroes of the storm here on YouTube and we’ll see you in the Nexus

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