Varney slams the ‘legal assault’ on fossil fuel

44 thoughts on “Varney slams the ‘legal assault’ on fossil fuel

  1. Well said, Stuart. Global warming is a pyramid scheme created by the elites in order to take away your money & freedom so they can become more powerful.

  2. There was a cult back in the 90a who screamed about the end of the world, several of them I think, and they drank a special fruit punch and gave it to the babies and children too…being a radical is very dangerous

  3. Focus should be directed towards countries like China, India and those countries with higher pollution rates. Boycott and force those countries, if you truly want positive results.

  4. Big day for fossil pump's and it's ejaculation SLAINED ⚔ for reproduction NO more. Future belongs to coin pouches. Coins like dime, nickle, quarter, cent, dollar EASY CHANGE. Change is Green and FLOWERFULL💐 with diversity and pride🌈.

  5. The sun sends no bill, it doesn't collect taxes and won't stop shining for billion years…. why do you oppose free, cheap and clean energy?

  6. Fossil fuel exposed.
    Formula of fossil fuel is
    🍌🍒 = 🧀. Cheese is rat's diet and Democ🐁's feed on cheese fuel making bullion market currencies printing. Example how they make money is 🤑!

  7. Watch Tony Heller and Climate of Sophistry’s YouTube videos, they debunk the climate models. The cost of energy and energy poverty has doubled in every country that has tried to switch to renewables.

  8. They are crazy!!!! God put animals here to enjoy and eat for food.!!!! Stop killing babies and using parts for profi for murdert!!!! Evil at its craziness. Climate change is their slush fund

  9. The “legal assault “ on asbestos wasn’t such a bad thing.
    The “legal assault “ on lead paint was a pretty good idea…except for the companies and employees who made asbestos and lead paint.
    I just wish the political mouthpieces would stop telling the republicans that they are victims.
    It’s making republicans seem like weak, whining pansies.

  10. So Joe Biden's supporting the Ukraine oil is bad?
    Hunter Biden's involvement in Ukraine fossil fuels is bad?
    Hillary and Obama supporting Ukraine fossil fuel production is bad?

    who would have thunk it 🤣

  11. Key world fossil fuel don't get me wrong its had its time in the sun but we do need to start looking to alternative given oil fields will eventually run dry then what if something new doesn't replace oil will be trying to replace it fast might as well start now that way we're ahead of the game on other countries

  12. America could die fact this continent could disappear today and wouldn't change a thing from research I've done ,this continent does a fraction of what's done on the Asian continent we don't have jobs here we sent all the environmental issues to the Asian continent, dummies because they care about our environment lol so we send them issues on this little ball we live on lol

  13. When these Con Progressives and Alarmists, can explain to me the correlation with Mars, that is losing it's ice caps on it's poles as well (with no humans there), then I am listening. Until then, the Sun is the ONLY factor that is consistent in both scenarios.

  14. They want everyone to stop breathing or eating red meat. They need to jump off a big cliff and I don't want them to stop doing that.
    That would get rid of a lot of unwanted trash. Everyone has to die. Why don't you climate change idiots go ahead and start now. Your hot air your blowing is causing global warming. With you gone, it will get back to normal.

  15. The leftwing did similar actions last time and lost in US supreme court. Canadians have done similar things and it is not working. A good amount of Canadians from border provinces come to U.S.A to refill their tanks.

  16. STOP these crazy people and their crazy ideas. They are the most harmful to America! More than the climate, our fuel, traffic jams!

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