Viking Dane Axe – For Honor – Man At Arms: Reforged (feat. Mark Dacascos)

100 thoughts on “Viking Dane Axe – For Honor – Man At Arms: Reforged (feat. Mark Dacascos)

  1. The thin part that connects the anvil to the axe in supposed to be thin and straight and not have that outward curve. Overall you guys did an amazing/wonderful job on the axe. Love your videos keep it up.

  2. You should stick to making fantasy weapons and avoid the misinformed history lessons. The Scandinavian peoples of the Viking Age formed numerous kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of Norway, of which I was the king during the last years of said Viking Age. Damn Anglo-Saxons and their marksmanship.

  3. I know the whole point of MAA is to recreate weapons from movies and games and stuff. But I'd love to see and axe like this made but to be more realistically functional. Something that weighs like 4-5lb. Not 20lb

  4. "Axes become the weapon of choice because their versatility"
    Lawbringer: well yes, but actually no

  5. The Viking weapon of choice was the spear, like everyone else at the time.
    A Dane axe is a weapon exclusively, not a splitting axe the head is way too light.
    Also the raiding started as early as the 7th century and by the 9th it had mostly turning into trading instead.
    Lastly, Gorm the elder united the Danes.

    Congratulations, you also made the raider's completely impractical axe, not a Dane axe by any means.

  6. You should make a Roman Gladius, but make it look like it was owned by a very rich fellow, like add engravings and stuff.

  7. weapons became their choice because they couldn't afford anything else well off vikingr would be more like war lord

    Sword, shield, axe, seax, bow and arrow, and a spear with chainmail and helm

  8. But Viking axes didn’t have their eye punched, they made a folded axe with wrought iron body and a high carbon steel bit

  9. This is my favorite piece y'all have done. Absolutely love your show, skill, and sense of humor. My kids and I watch your episodes together. Look forward to more from BK&T and Man at Arms

  10. 6:26 School is a lie Christopher Columbus didn’t discover nothing all he did was cause the untold American Holocaust So The school system must be full of lies

  11. The Sword was the favorite weapon of the Vikinigs, but the least common. The Axe was the most common, they were cheaper, faster and easier to make than swords.

  12. i know u recreated the axe from the game. but why not recreat the look in a more realistic and historical way. that ist just a fantasy weapon that would be unfit for combat. I am really disapointed

  13. I know this is late, but the Vikings stopped raiding because it became more beneficial to trade than to raid

  14. donkey 9 wolf 3. When war is over is sword? nothing. a axe is an tool first weapon last. you & I can do more with a axe then a sword. homes are mad from the backs of axes.

  15. The Vikings tried to plunder the netherlands aswell, problem for the vikings was, they landed in northern parts of the netherlands controlled by the Fries, they where just as * nuts* as the vikings, so luckily they never came back.

  16. Nodachi was nice, why make such an abomination now? I get it when you do anime swords, but this one is supposed to be a historical weapon

  17. 1. That isn't what a Dane axe looked like. That isn't how it was shaped or balanced.

    2. Carvings on handles are nothing more than great places for cracks to start.

    3. That isn't how you make a Dane axe. Do you think the smith's that made the axes for the Anglo-Saxon Housecarls broke out a Lincoln welder?

    4. Don't call this a Dane axe. It's fantasy art piece based on a video game that has as much to do with history as your "axe" does. Which makes the historical lecture even more dumb than the end product.

  18. Was it possible that some villages left bags of goods on their shore so when the Vikings came they didn’t have to ravage the town, just pick them up and leave?

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