Visiting Trade Shows and Business Exhibition Stands at Tradeshows

Hi I’m Janet Torley and I have just finished doing an exhibition and I would like to share my top tips to be an excellent visitor to
an exhibition. So the first one obviously is be prepared
and by being prepared I mean plenty business cards in your pocket, you always need business cards. My second top tip is book some decent time out of your day. You won’t get anything out of an exhibition if you just nip in for a
quick half hour, run round, throw a few leaflets at people and run back out again. My top tip there is definitely take plenty time out. Now my next tip might be a little bit controversial but please, when you visit an exhibition don’t sell to the stand holders. They get really,
really annoyed because they’ve paid good money to be there to promote their businesses to
you. By all means collect some details and contact them afterwards but it really annoys people. Now my next top tip is to do your homework. You’ve been to the show, you’ve collected lots of information, take it away and do something really useful with it. And here’s my last one, it’s so practical,
wear comfy shoes. And that’s my top tips for getting the best
out of any exhibition anywhere.

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