Vlog 01 | My first Photo Exhibition | A new experience (1st Youth Photo Fiesta 2019)

It’s great to sell in thist fu*king hot summer hi this is Maak, Mohammed Abu Ahad Khaled.
welcome to my channel so this is going to my first blog and which is on my first photo exhibition. in this vlog my brother Abid and my friend Fahim is going with me. So Let’s start…. So we were heading towards Dhanmondi Drik gallery. ANd whole team jumped in the bus. The most funniest thing was me and fahim,we don’t know the road. So all depends on Google Map We started our joourney at 11am but it is Dhaka, we had to face 2 hours Traffic Jam at Mohammadpur Fahim watched the google map, So we started following him. It was so hot out there and so we had to take a Coca-Cola for must. Then we were at drik gallery. All were tremendous photos, seeing those we were just stunt. especially mobile photography, those were amazing I mean hi Madhu De Palma actor photo got
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7 thoughts on “Vlog 01 | My first Photo Exhibition | A new experience (1st Youth Photo Fiesta 2019)

  1. All the very very best for the future blogs. It was amazing as your first blog. Video quality, concept were amazing, exceptional & You were looking so much handsome as before. ☺ Keep it up.

  2. জোস হইছে দোস্ত😘😘😘, ইনশাল্লাহ vlog 002 আরও ভালো হবে😊

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