War of the Thorns: Chapter 1

The Horde has established a foothold
beyond the borders of Ashenvale. Rally the druids who watch
over the forest! The Banshee Queen seeks to capture
the World Tree. King Anduin will send his soldiers
to aid us. We must hold our ground until they arrive. The World Tree is our for the taking! We shall finish this once and for all. You will come no further, Banshee Queen!

56 thoughts on “War of the Thorns: Chapter 1

  1. But where's the pallateswapped / unique model armor and weapon skins? Are we seriously getting the set pieces you got from LITERAL TRASH from our WARLORD OF DRAENOR garrisons? Like, Legion's pre-patch gear was amazing! What happened? A mount is cool and all, but that bites if it's an either or, especially considering the Horde get a unique model mount outside of Demon Hunters' and Alliance gets Yet Another Hippogryph. In all fairness, it looks rad, but…yeah…also SERIOUSLY? YOU HAVE TO BE MAX LEVEL TO DO THIS? Even in Legion's pre-patch, you could enjoy the content on any and all of your characters.

  2. The first voice sounds suspiciously like Daenarys Targaryen. Now I know who really burned the tree. Dracarys!

  3. >"We shall not give them a peaceful nights sleep"
    >More Content next week LUL
    >Thanks for trolling me Mister Blizzard.

  4. Having played WoW years ago, and seeing this now…it looks terrible. Straight out of 2004… Why is this still a thing?
    Can't we get a new graphics engine after all these years?!

  5. Did chapter 1 both on Alliance and Horde… Was bored out of my skull, not a good beginning of BFA.

    And Horde really comes off as pure evil in chapter 1, a real shame.

  6. Miss the leveling help from invasions from the last expac, this is a nice story i guess but not much fun. Maybe a big surprise is coming 🙂

  7. I hate how, Sylvanas is good, Sylvanas is bad, Sylvanas helps, Sylvanas smash… FFS blizzard… Give the girl some closure

  8. Question : Pour le prochain évent du 1-08-18, c'est vrais qu'il faut précommander pour avoir accès aux suites de quêtes ???

  9. Going to be the best expansion in WoW history. Got that classic feel back to it, Horde vs Alliance and the PvP feels great again, super excited.

  10. Weak quest line, shallow story; left me wondering why I re-subbed before the release. Wait…yeah, I have my answer now, nvm =/

  11. This is sooo cheap. If you look closely, you'll see that those Flying Machines aren't even piloted. I guess they have been updated and now function as drones? God, a lazy fabricated, good for nothing 'warm-up' for the next infinite-grind expansion.

  12. So far.. one of the WORST pre-expansion events I have seen in WOW! I hope it gets better FAST! I am even starting to reconsider whether to continue with wow…..

  13. It's amusing how the trailer and other exposure makes it look like Sylvanas is going to burn Teldrassil… But when you play the actual quest, at least the first part that is up now, she explicitly and repeatedly says all she wants is to occupy it, to prevent the Alliance from funneling their azerite to the Eastern Kingdoms. I'm so sure the burning isn't happening on her orders!

    But time will tell, I can't wait to find out more, love the way Blizzard is teasing us, aah the suspense!

  14. unlike previous pre-launch events, this one you must be 110 to participate. others you only needed to be level 10 or 20.

  15. Alliance players, due me a solid and kill off this Hot Topic shopping, Emo dork, of a warchief Sylvanas. #NotMyWarchief

  16. The most disappointing and laziest quest I have ever played on this game. So lazy, characters never moved or emoted, lazy effects, so bad that they look as if they were from the pre-WOTLK era. For a pre-expansion quest that's supposed to get us hyped, it had the opposite effect. If this is the quality of the content we can expect, I canceled and do not plan to buy this expansion.

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