Warbringers: Jaina

Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea Beware, I heard him cry His words carried upon the ocean breeze As he sank beneath the tide Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor Where sailors fought and died The admiral fell at Theramore Because she left his side Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea? Why this? Did you forget your seaside days? Always the pride of our nation’s eyes How could she go astray? When she did flee across the ocean deep The admiral followed west What else but sail To save a daughter’s life And pray she still drew breath? But there he found upon those distant shores Enemies ‘pon the rise! But when he faced those savage foes His daughter stood aside And buried deep beneath the waves Betrayed by family To his nation, with his last breath, cried Beware the Daughter of the Sea I’m listening now… father. I heard, I heard across a moonlit sea The old voice warning me Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea Beware… beware… of me.

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  1. I would love to hear Jaina humming the melody of this wonderful masterpiece in another video. It's just soothing.

  2. Blizzard is known for amazing CGI cinematics, I guess they ran out of cash. (after diablo mobile fiasco). so we got a slide show of pictures. -_-

  3. Anyone defending Daelin really is missing the point of Jaina's arc. The point is that Kul Tiras (and Jaina's mother Katherine) wrongfully blamed her inaction as treason, when all she was doing was trying to prevent genocide. As Katherine says in the final quest, Jaina couldn't save her father from himself. This isn't about Jaina realising her father was right all along, it's a story about a grieving daughter coming to terms with the fact that even though she feels responsible for his death, it was his hubris in the end that killed him, and that she in fact was not in the wrong for doing what she believed to be (and in the end, ultimately was) the right decision.

  4. Humans don't belong to Kalimdor, you learned this lesson well. This what happens if you bar the Horde's way.

  5. Just came back to this masterpiece and it got me thinking how Jaina turned from
    "I'm listening now, father" and "Beware, beware…of me"

    To a muscle-palpating peacemonger. Thanks Blizzard for retroactively ruining this great buildup 🙂

  6. ESO has A LOT to learn from Blizz designers and developers. This is fantastic. Makes me want to play, read the books and become a necromant sailor.

  7. I like this Jaina. A person who actually learned something. Who trusted the Horde too many times and suffered from it. She seems so much complex now than a peace-loving young girl she was ages ago.

    But what do we see in the Crossroads cinematic? She's all sad and ok with Horde again standing next to Saurfang who designed the plan for the War of Thorns. Nice, Blizzard, very nice.

  8. Sacrifices had to be made, both sides lost many ,She gave priority to many instead of one so thats normal .Jaina knew as Illidan also that without sacrifices they will not have a change against the Demons.Jaina for me is the most powerfull character in the history of wow,she teleports,summons and dont forget the connection with the water she can destroy an entire fleet with just a wave of her hand.that doesnt matter anymore Chromie will reset the timeline and everything is about to change really soon….

  9. Хелависа гораздо лучше спела, а от финальной фразы просто мурашки по коже. Да и мужской хор в русском варианте звучал в разы лучше.

  10. I’ve yet to complete WoW or like literally any of Blizzard’s games, so instead of talking about the story I’m going to talk about how AMAZING this art is. It’s so realistic and detailed and (from reading comments) it tells Jaina’s emotions and story beautifully. It’s honestly really well done and though it’s not animation and likely motion pictures, it shows so much story just by the art.



  12. I know so little about the context of this song, but even with just a basic level of Warcraft knowledge its still so powerful. (and catchy too, I can't stop humming it)

  13. still love watching this. the vocals & music alone is breath-taking! Blizz, please do your own movies. you guys would be AMAZING at it.

  14. I love Jaina Proudmoore. I know that it is a controversial statement considering the most recent events, but I still see the good in her. For so long she has suffered, her father got himself killed trying to keep her from danger and the entirety of her nation, her own mother and brother included, resent her for being unable to stop him. The man she loved so dearly slowly became a monster before her own eyes, culminating in her helping to end him after so many years. I love jaina, her story is one of the most tragic, third only to Arthas and Illidan respectively. She is a truly powerful character, one who has been weathered by the storms of shattered hopes.

  15. So I was watching a playthrough of this expansion, and does this trailer ever get recognized in game? This trailer shows Jaina getting a huge ship (presumed to be her father's) and her talking to her father. It just feels like her father was going to play a big role here and it just never shows up…

  16. Only wanted to post to say that that is Charon ferrying her across the river Styx, in case someone didn't know =P

  17. On first watch, I thought the song complimented the video very well. After many rewatches, I realized that the video was the one complimenting the song

  18. In the 14th century Jeanne de Clisson formed a fleet, became a privateer and terrorized french shipping to avenge her husband. Now they horde are mostly know for their airships but even they have sea going vessels. Beware indeed.

  19. Me, a critter: Oh I wonder what else Laura Bailey has voiced
    finds out she voices Jaina

    Well then, that explains why I like this so much

  20. – Oh, no. We'll never get it out now !
    – So certain are you, … always with you it cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?
    – Master, moving stones around is one thing. This is totally different !
    – No! No different! Only different in your mind ! You must unlearn what you have learned…
    – All right. I'll give it a try.
    – No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
    – I can't : It's too big !

    Jaina : 3:03

  21. Regret and pain is a powerful emotion that I think anyone in the world can sympathize with, that's what humanizes a characters. After WoTLK I felt like the story was over for me.

  22. So, now that I'm in a full swing Critical Role watch fest, Vex has Jaina's voice. I know Laura Bailey voices Jaina, I'm just saying Vex is using Jaina's voice. lol

  23. i believe that in the future she turns to necromancy if only out of desperation. she has shown her familiarity and knowledge of it several times now. i mean she is even casual with the ferryman of the dead. i can't wait to see where her story goes.

  24. If the dads of Warcraft were just a bit better. We would have saved so many lives.

    So many of the problems in wow were caused by daddy issues. Garrosh.. Baine.. jaina.. malfurian/illidan. Deathwing (in a sense) and saurfang.. but in reverse.

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