WARCRAFT 3 REFORGED (Remastered) Cinematic + Full Original Reign of Chaos & Frozen Throne Campaigns

84 thoughts on “WARCRAFT 3 REFORGED (Remastered) Cinematic + Full Original Reign of Chaos & Frozen Throne Campaigns

  1. Some have said that we got our virginity back with the announcement of WoW: Classic… not sure about that, but I definitely got mine back with the announcement of Warcraft 3 Remastered/Reforged. Can't wait!

    This is my way of celebrating it 🙂

  2. The good old days for the Horde. No Undead filth, no Blood Elf players, just good old Orcs, Trolls and Taurens. This is why I love Warcraft 3 more than I love World of Warcraft. Thanks for putting all together man. It's going to be an awesome marathon.

  3. why remaster warcraft 3? warcraft 3 graphics/gameplay still 100% great.

    it should have been warcraft 1 & 2 remaster/remake.

  4. 1 question please, after you purchase this wc3 reforged, can this link to battle net and play standard game with others?????? or we have to use the old platform for battle net:>??????

  5. Ah Warcraft 3 where the writing was good and the characters weren't flat as pancakes… by that I mean there personalities were twisted because of Alliance and Horde faction drama.

  6. You know it's really funny how we play the campaigns in both Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.
    Reign of Chaos
    Prologue Orcs: Fight Alliance, Flee to Kalimdor (accomplished fleeing)

    Human: Fight Horde and Scourge, Arthas becomes Evil (accomplished nothing)
    Undead: Fight Alliance and Horde, Summons Legion (accomplished the ending of the world)
    Orcs: Fight Alliance, Horde and Night Elves and mobs, go to a mountain (accomplished Alliance with Horde and Alliance) P.S. Also somehow the Alliance get to Kalimdor before the Horde?
    Night Elves: Fight Everyone, then create final alliance with Horde and Alliance (accomplished defeating most of the Legion)
    Frozen Throne
    Night Elves: Fight Naga, Undead and a lot of mobs, track down Illidan (accomplished nothing)
    Blood Elves: Fight Undead, Humans, Orcs, Mobs, Legion, trying to get their next magic fix (accomplished nothing)
    Undead: Fight Humans, Undead, Legion, Naga, Elves, Mobs, Dwarves, Arthas becomes Lich King (accomplished Rise of the Lich King)
    Orc Bonus: Run around like an RPG fighting mobs and Alliance, kill Admiral Proudmoore (accomplished both WOW and Battle for Azeroth)

  7. Letalis please do like a full campaign video series, similar to what you did in the classic WARCRAFT 3 and Frozen Throne playthough/ cutscenes. Will be super dope.

  8. Man its been years since i finish this campain through cheats it finish faster after all im after the story not the gameplay well some of it

  9. Ain’t that hilarious I just did the same thing for YouTube!
    Hilariously, I made it before the reforged was announced
    I was on the 3rd campaign when it was announced! Good job in doing it all in one vid!

  10. whether Dota 2 is a copy of this Warcraft 3 game……….this game I have turned over all the levalies I have spent and are very interesting!!!!!!!

  11. Man, I still play the original. If not number one, it's high on my list of favorite games of all time. I'm so fuckin' excited to see a remaster!

  12. You realize they already released a widewcreen patch for free right?
    Besides I thought Remastered is going to be on mobile only right?
    Or it will be on Bnet's live service DRM model. In which case I wouldn't trust Activision with my personal data and the spyware Bnet launcher.
    Torrent this lazy effort on their part. They should have added new campaigns. People make damn good campaigns for free on HiveWorkshop. No data collection or registration required.
    They outdo the WoW lore team by far.
    Yes, be a good little tax sheep and pre-pay for unfinished work lol. Or pick up a real value of WC3 on disc from Amazon for half the price.
    Wouldn't be surprised if Activision blocks custom maps and instead brings a cash shop to sell them in piecemeal. Fallout 76 anyone?

  13. C'mon man, at the beginning the banner isn't the one from the Horde of the WC2 era… This one they put in the cinematic came only during Rexxar's campaign :/.
    Also why the Orc necessarily has to look and sort as something stupid unlike in the Orc in the vanilla opening?

  14. Nostalgia before everything Warcraft was my favorite game all the time not because just the campaign but the mod like Jurassic park vampirism uther party pyramid escape survival wilderness and dota 1 damn these are good old days and I will never forget

  15. You know you try you best to make a 6+ an hour to do this so why people are disliking the video he/she worked hard for it and this is all he/she got oh hell no we shell help him not disagreeing them and they worked hard on youtube but cheaters and hackers shell not pass youtube

  16. I still find myself playing through the campaign every couple years. In fact I just started again yesterday, I can’t help but have so much fun playing it. Blizzard were definitely a force to be reckoned with back then with this, Starcraft, and Diablo 2.

  17. Uther’s speech near the beginning:

    “Remember, Arthas, we are paladins. Vengeance cannot be part of what we must do. If we allow our passions to turn to bloodlust, then we will become as vile as the Orcs.”


  18. I really like the cut-off hand better in the old intro cinematic, just gave you that extra "holy crap" feel of how powerful the new threat was

  19. I prefer these graphics more than games of today lol if they made an open world warcraft game with this type of graphics and format id love it to death

  20. You know if they went through the effort of redoing the cinematic's they should have at least tried to lip sync when they speak .

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