Warcraft Weekly: YT Drama, Broken Shore feedback and more!

Hey it’s Soul with…not a lot of news this
week to report on at all. So in a fit of irresponsibility, I’m going
to sort of, rush. Gamescom 2016 is coming and Blizzard is once
again showing up. Last year they unveiled Legion. This year they’re going to again promote
Legion, and other games too. If anything cool is announced you can bet
you can bet I’ll cover it over several seconds. Maybe more! PvP Stat Templates were updated this week
but it was a small one. Affliction locks were nerfed a little bit. To the enjoyment of PvPers overall though,
Blizzard has been looking into illicit activities during Season 3 PvP and have been disqualifying
the unworthy, affecting rewards as well as tournament qualifications. As in tournaments for money. Ouch. In a round of recent hotfixes, apart from
scaring me into thinking Paladins were going to lose the Cavalier talent, mobs in low level
dungeons were given a small health boost. I don’t know if this part of the push to
make leveling feel a bit more challenging or if this is a balance change from the recent
patch, but maybe we’ll hear something soon on that front. In a bit of WoW guy on WoW guy drama, YouTuber
Kakio with a power level just shy of 30,000 unloaded a blistering piece on the WarcraftBible
channel, which has a little over twice his power level. And 100 times my own. Yeah okay, I’m sort of like, dick measuring
here. Kakio is accusing the channel of plagiarism
and outright content theft, and I’ll save my opinion on this for a later video, or to
avoid being part of the drama, not at all. Ah but it’s hard to resist. For now I’ll just respect the content of
Kakio’s video and will link it in the description and I guess here. If you’ve heard of or are a fan of one of
these guys, take a look. If you’re all about having a clean playing
field where YouTube people can thrive fairly, take a look. And just as I was finalizing the script for
today’s video, Blizzard released a video showcasing a forging of the famed Doomhammer,
or at least a remix of it. At fifty pounds, you bet they showed a montage
of it crushing all manner of things. Now with that lesser stuff out of the way,
let’s go with the main story of the week is that August 9th happened. After many moons over Tanaan Jungle we return
with rings and things and at last we get a few dribbles of content before Legion but
alas, still no dance studio. As a bit of a spoiler, expect some brief scenarios
over the next two weeks that take us to Ulduar, then Karazhan, and then that’s it! On August 30th, both Legion and the new Hatsune
Miku game are out. And unfortunately for you, you can expect
at least one more failed attempt at humor before then. Demon Hunters are a cool little thing but
that’s not even really what I want to talk about. That’s not news that’s a thing for you
to try out, so get going, preorder or wait for the 30th and present order. I’m more on the whole Broken Shore event,
and the fire that’s being spit out from players over like who screwed things up and
why we’re in the mess and- Hey, spoiler alert. This’s still sort of a news video and it
assumes you want this week’s news, okay? Who screwed up, why’re we in this mess and
if things were different, would Varian and Vol’jin have died if Sylvanas didn’t sound
the retreat? Those are some of the questions being asked
but I’m not here to bash on the argument itself; that’s more like a celebration,
like a monument to what Warcraft is, two groups of people that mostly don’t like each other. Yin versus yang, Red versus Blue, adults versus
children=). That’s good, it’s healthy. I’m not going to take a direct stance but
for fun I’ll just point out a few things I noticed during the most critical moments. On the Horde side, the leadership isn’t
all too bright. Vol’jin, Baine and Thrall aren’t just
at the front, but separated. Notice how Sylvanas, at range, looks from
right to left. If we saw them as WoW players, Vol’jin gets
what he deserves for being totally by himself, with Thrall and Baine about to join him. Why? Yeah, she realizes way too late that oh yeah,
we should have brought a tank. Well maybe they did, but it might have been
killed after taking lasers from three freaking starships. On the Alliance side, Varian starts off with
a very dubious statement. That’s big talk from someone who doesn’t
have an unlimited super demon portal behind him, unlike someone else. I guess in the thick of it Varian forgot that
there’s a wall of Dreadlords and Pit Lords between him and Gul’dan. And he didn’t have to take freaking spaceship
lasers. On top of that, where’s Jaina in the cinematic? We don’t see so much as a glimpse of the
leader of the Kirin Tor, and she would have been pretty handy when it counted, like here. She could have at least teleported people
onto the gunship here, or at least the King. And even then she must have noticed this going
on and could have helped do something about it as opposed to say, letting the King die. I could go as far as saying that Jaina could
have beaten the Legion by herself if she made use of the Focusing Iris and threw freaking
tidal waves like she could have in the Tides of War book. But no. She wasn’t around. But granted, a lot of stuff wasn’t included
in the cinematics, like the Dreadlords. You know Jaina or Thrall could have just bridged
both armies together after Krosus, screw the high ground and stick together. Did you get that? Jaina and Thrall? They’re the ones that make bridges? Eh? No… And that’s this week’s news. More like weak news. Man I’m just full of jokes today, I’d
better get the heck out of here, like and sub for more content and thanks to all the
kind comments from Wednesday’s upload as well as all the uploads. After seeing the drama around WarcraftBible
I want to have some faith that I can get to that level or higher without having to resort
to illegalities or shady tactics. But after making literally less than 20 bucks
off this channel since November, I think I’ll have to at least try a bit harder. And your continued support will help that
pay off. In the meantime let’s all have a good weekend. And I’ll see you all next week I’m Soul. Stay breezy guys.

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  1. Duuuuuuude! You did it… You used my suggestion.! 😛😉 I might make a channel myself soon, are you interested in a video series with a partner?

  2. Best presenter of all the Warcraft content creators. Exactly the right tone. Should be, and will be, much bigger in the future.

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