Warfront Tier 3 Plate Armor & Weapons | All Alliance Races | Battle for Azeroth!

Hi guys,
I hope your having an amazing day, because if your not having an amazing day you better
cheer up and stay positive. So in yesterdays video I asked you guys why
you thought there were 3 different colors so thank you so much for shared their thought. So its finally time to check out the tier
3 and the difference between this tier and the previous one is the helm shoulders and
the belt everything else is exactly the same. Also I wanna mention once again that the cloak
is supposed to be over the shoulders if we look at the icon however they don’t work
atm. Anyways enjoy the video. So unfortunately blizzard forgot to add the
models for the human male so that’s the reason you wont see them in this video. I do however love the lion shoulders and belt
which looks amazing, however I do kinda wish we would have gotten the anduin helm with
the lion on instead of this one but this helm isent bad either what do you guys think? So now lets take a look at all the alliances
races. Can you imagen how great the yellow set would
look with the new paladin mount? Well The good thing is you wont have to imagen
it, so lets check it out. I love it, its an amazing mount and this set
makes it look even better in my opinion. Sadly this is the end of the video, if you
enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and turn on your notifications if you want to get notified
whenever I upload a new video. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you

99 thoughts on “Warfront Tier 3 Plate Armor & Weapons | All Alliance Races | Battle for Azeroth!

  1. thank you for showing us the badass alliance armor, i like this tier most because it remind me of the picture of old and mighty Aduin Lothar . FOR THE ALLIANCE.

  2. Great video! Love the set. Wish I could have seen it on a female dwarf though 😉 lol no big deal. I'm holding out hope for upright worgen.. this would look GREAT on one of those puppies.

  3. Again… if they don't let me use the white-silver one on my paladin i'm going to be incredibly mad the rest of my life.

  4. At the cinematic of bfa i see a lot of alliance soldiers carrying a shield with a spear that means that we will get access to one handed spear/polearm option ?

  5. The visual detail in both the lining and the shape looks great! I love the amount of work put in. I know you asked this in a previous video, but I think the main reason they added multiple color tints was for the sake of variety. All three colors match the Alliance theme pretty well, so it's just a matter of what the player likes the most. My favorite is the dark silver and grey recolor at 1:13.

  6. Really looking forward to getting this set for my pally dwarf
    And the new mount is awesome <3
    Great video, keep it up!

  7. Damn, the armor man. Many people like savage spikes and shit like that, but I live for shiny badass armor. For the Alliance! Btw, I hope you're having an amazing day too Leyst ^^

  8. Gnomes: "Where's my helmet?!" Blacksmith: "Shit! We forgot to make helmets for the Gnomes! Uh Uh here! Take this!"

  9. I don't have words,for me this is best armor ever made!!! I love it I need to make plate char… And feet actually look awesome on worgen and draenei. You made my day! <3 and y,right shield ^^

  10. Ey man thank you for the video and subtitles 😉. I don't know why Blizzard don't allow to look them the long hair at females when they have wearing the helmet.

  11. funny how the forgot to add human male this set is made for it everything in it screams old school human alliance

  12. Great set! The details are just awesome. The details of the draenei that they get a Plate Ring on the tail and things like that, I'm counting heavily so that the capes are still adjusted. Looking forward to mogging the set with my human Paladin and presenting the pride of the Alliance ! (although I'm a Horde: P) I also think that I'm going to run around mainly in faction colors and armors in BFA. Great Video Bro ! 🙂

  13. one of the greatest sets ever done by blizz. Definitely amazing. I just cant stop thinking the amount of grinding we will be doing for this.

  14. Dwarf is by far my favorite race a long time … now i'm very excited again to play , Iron Dwarf ofc ! thanks for the video LeystTV

  15. I want to believe that the tech for the over-the-shoulder cape hasn't been implemented yet. Yeah it may not happen, but we've seen big improvement on the gear structure and the 3d engine. Things like the open coat we seen in some Kul'Tiras humans was unthinkable just a couple years ago,, and now it's a thing! We may even been getting that as a weareable this xpac, i think we are in fact.

  16. this set looks good, but im not a fan of the helmet… how the hell are you supposed to look down with it sticking out that far?

  17. How the fak can I obtain this set today's??? They say it's pvp ?!? They say its Gladiator !!But you will see million's of clips on YouTube saying Wafront armor ?!? In-game tool says QUEST !! I am searching for a answear now for 3 days WTF XD !! Pls heeeeeeelp

  18. I'm so jelly of the pvp-ers, the gladiator set is the definitive look of plate armor for the alliance. Will have to settle with the rusty warfronts look!

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