Wargaming at Arsenalen Tank Museum

We at Wargaming love history. It’s part of our DNA. We work
with lots of Tank Museums around the world. This particular museum,
the Swedish Tank Museum, was critical in helping us
getting the Swedish tanks into the game. Once you’ve played them,
the next logical step is to come here and experience the real thing. Hello and welcome to the Swedish Tank Museum. I’m on a very special tank
that you’re going to see in the game soon enough. This will be driving around later today, but before that, we are here to open the Wargaming.net zone
inside the Museum. Up here we want to achieve three things. Firstly there’s the History.
Up here, you can watch and enjoy the historical documentaries
about the real tanks. Secondly, there’s the experience. And what better place to put this
than in the real environment, in a museum
where you can see what the real tanks look like and get up close and personal to them. And thirdly, of course, there’s the gameplay and the fun aspect to this. You can take this tanks, put them into the virtual world and enjoy them. I just managed to catch up
with Victor Kislyi in the gaming zone. We cooperate with this fantastic museum. We made this gaming zone, so now the visitors of this museum not only can watch and look at those
dozens of really, really cool tanks, but also can play World of Tanks;
what they are doing now. They are testing Swedish tanks. I have just finished my ride in this tank. Everyone in the mud, doing this and this
and rotating, this police turns. Amazing! I can’t wait to see it in the game. We didn’t do cruise speed,
I mean, it wasn’t on full speed, this is a really, really cool tank. I can guess that for this kind of terrain, that’s probably the best. When it’s going up and down, can you feel it? Well, it was smooth. I saw like three, six down there, but even one person can actually
maintain and operate this tank. Which is very impressive, I have no words.
I can’t wait, when it’s officially released in 9.17. I’m getting it. This is a fairly new museum, we’ve been around for five years, and for us it’s important to attract, especially kids, teenagers and young adults. And I think the type of activity we did here today is perfect for that purpose. I think to activate them in a computer game that shows the big variety of tanks out there and can wake up their interest
in tanks and armoured vehicles is perfect; both for attracting people to the museum
but also to sell the story we are trying to tell. I think it is very important for us
to tell the world today what we have done during the last 100 years, with all these equipment, tanks, and weapons that we have created for one purpose; and that is to kill each other. And to reflect why are we doing this and why have we done this, so we can perhaps stop doing it for the future. So, this is a part of our history that we are standing within today. And, another thing is that we have a museum that could attract people
that normally don’t go to museums. So they could be interested in history
from a different angle. And maybe they can learn more about other things thanks to history in general. What do you feel are some of the benefits of working with a company like Wargaming? I think it’s quite interesting, because what you can give us as a museum is a technology, and you have different aspects
in creating something interesting for a public
that we don’t necessarily have in the museum. And we have the vehicles themselves, and the combination is really interesting. So we hope that we will have another audience from this
that we normally have. The community event has been fantastic,
the reaction incredible. And all the tanks and everything here is beautiful. If you haven’t already,
come to the Swedish Tank Museum when you get a chance. That’s it for today, I’ll see you next time.

34 thoughts on “Wargaming at Arsenalen Tank Museum

  1. omg so much beautiful tanks, when i get a good job and work im going to all the museums, and if i have the chance to drive some tanks I'll be happy

  2. Put a series of tanks in game that rely on a changing game mechanic and then not put the new change in thereby making them useless. GG


    Tier I – TKW (Light Tank)
    Tier II – 4TP (Light Tank)
    Tier III – 7TP (Light Tank)
    Tier IV – PZInż 10 TP (Light Tank)
    Tier V – 43M Turán III or 14tp (Medium Tanks)
    Tier VI – 20/25 TP (Medium Tank)
    Tier VII – 25t BS PZInż 25 TP Habich (Heavy Tank)
    Tier VIII – 53 TP Markowski (Heavy Tank)
    Tier IX – 40TP (Heavy Tank)
    Tier X – Battleship Lema (Heavy Tank)
    We still had a lot of tankettes.
    For example: TK-1, TK-2, TK-3, TKD, TKF, TKS TKS-D …
    The Polish trees could come captured tanks such as Hetzer "Chwat" Is Panthera "Magda" "Pudelek"

  4. That director is the very fisrt person in any video in wot that actually admits the tank being a dirty killing machine and not just a game thing.


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