98 thoughts on “Warlords of Draenor – Frostfire Ridge Finale

  1. you know what's bullshit? that there is no town on azeroth named after Ga'nar, even though there's durotar, orgrimmar, and even fucking kargath in badlands. this needs to be fixed!

  2. 1:15 That orc pissed the hell out of Ga'nar. You can tell by how much force was implemented in Ga'nar killing him afterwards.

  3. Considering this: The time it took Drek'thar to round up his ritual and the marching speed of the Iron Horde, Drek'thar should have been able to have done it without Ga'nar charging in so..

    Ga'nar died in Yolo and for no reason, RIP :3

  4. Literally the single best moment in the entire expansion, not that I didnt mind Velen's sacrifice either but Ga'nar goes like a fucking BOSS.

  5. This is the single greatest cinematic of WoW for me, I'd even go as far as to say it may be the greatest cinematic I've ever seen. I get goosebumps and tears in my eyes every single time! AMAZING

  6. Man this what it is to be a orc warrior, we fight with honour and for our family. We may be hasty and impatient and even rash at times, its because we all seek what Ga'nar did. A glorious death. Lok'tar Ogar!

  7. They took it outta the game but the saddest part for me was after seeing Ga'nar's wolf digging at the rubble and whimpering

  8. I wonder how many people never actually knew this cinematic exists given that many players never levelled horde through this zone.

  9. I love the moment when this one Iron Horde orc tries to backstab Ga'nar but fails. The pure terror on his face when Gan'nar is turning to face him and then smashes him into the ground with roar – the whole cinematic is superb but this one, short moment I could watch looped without end.

  10. I know this is so late but turn on the captions and set it to translate to english then go to 0:47 and watch the translation

  11. S-shivering.. h-hard to t-type..

    On a serious note.. what a glorious death! Killing enemy after enemy in a badass axe warrior style before the shaman sends a shockwave to blast a mountain atop you and all the rest of the invaders, as well as blocking them off, as you yell LOK'TAR!!


  12. hey sylvanas! come here pls.
    look at that, see? these cool guys are Warchiefs. makes me feel cry.. you are.. not 🙂

  13. I wanna see Sylvanas trying to order Ga'nar around. She would be in the kitchen making sammiches right after getting bitchslapped.

  14. This cinematic is proof that Single Minded fury needs to be brought back!!! Orc Warriors need two one handers!!!! Please blizzard

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