Warlords of Draenor – Nagrand Finale

Garrosh: Y ahora, moriréis. Thrall: ¡Garrosh! Garrosh: ¿Thrall? Llegas demasiado tarde, viejo amigo. Thrall: No. Ya basta, Garrosh. Solo tú y yo. Thrall: Te desafío a Mak’gora. Vindicadora: Thrall, no. Garrosh: De acuerdo chamán, terminaremos esto a solas, donde todo comenzó … Garrosh: … en las Piedras de la Profecía. Responderás por tus crímenes, Garrosh. Todo lo que hice, … … ¡lo hice por La Horda! Le fallaste a la Horda. Tú … me hiciste Jefe de Guerra … … para encargarme … de levantar … … tus pedazos. ¡Tú! … ¡me! … ¡fallaste! Tú nunca tuviste la fuerza … … de un verdadero guerrero. Yo no dependo únicamente de la fuerza, Garrosh. Mi poder … … se encuentra a tu alrededor. Me hiciste lo que soy. No. Elegiste tu destino.

22 thoughts on “Warlords of Draenor – Nagrand Finale

  1. At last, the devastator of Pandaria, the destroyer of Theramore, succor to the old gods, traitor of the Horde… is finally beaten.

  2. Garrosh was the first really impressive villain Blizzard managed to spawn in the World of Warcraft franchise (not including chars that predate the MMO). His development was great and personally, I thought this was a good way for him to go.

  3. Just shows how acts of evil drown out acts of heroism, he will never be remembered for his victories against the Scourge or his respect for Greatmother Geyah. I wonder if he even felt anything, organising the Iron Horde against the Frostwolves, where he could have easily had Geyah killed.

    On a side note I kind of hope that Grom doesn't get killed, that he can be made to see sense, so Thrall doesn't have to kill another former friend… besides, Grom was the one able to overcome his lust for power.

  4. Fuck Thrall! Garrosh actually had to pick up the fucking pieces that Thrall left behind. I know that being racist against the other races of the horde was a mistake but the fucking fortress of ogrimmar exist thanks to garrosh,is a fucking war. You don't make peace with them.Thrall is a fucking green human alliance lover. Fuck the frostwolves,cowards!

  5. Thrall mage confirmed. Garrosh started the fight with old Gorehowl but after he died the Gorehowl in the grass was with updated texture

  6. Well, in my opinion Garrosh died very "unspectacular"… I mean… Hello? The last AddOn he was THE Mainanagonist (besides Y'shaarj), the "biggest Asshole" at the Playground and he just died like this? He doesn't "deserve" a boring death like this…

    I liked Garrosh somehow. I'm kind of sad… :/

  7. Thrall was is and always my favorite War Chief. Garros is cool, and Vol'jin is awesome, but Sylvana is a must be yes war chief

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