Warlords of Draenor Pre-Purchase Character Boost Tutorial

Welcome to the World of Warcraft feature preview for the brand-new Character Boost service. In this video, we’ll walk you through the entire Character Boost process, and talk about what exactly you’ll get for doing so. Every copy of the Warlords of Draenor expansion will include one Character Boost. Once you’ve purchased your copy and activated it on your account, you’ll see a notification on the Character Select screen letting you know that your boost is ready to go. If you’d like to purchase another, they’re easy to find on the in-game shop under the “Services” category. You can start the process by clicking on “Get Started Now”, or on the Character Boost token. First, you’ll need to choose which character you’d like to upgrade. You can create a brand new character if you like, or choose from any of your existing characters below level 90. Step 2 is to choose a specialization for your upgraded character. You can, of course, change that later, but choosing your specialization here helps us set your character up so you can get started playing quickly. Finally, if you’re upgrading a Pandaren character who hasn’t yet chosen a faction, you’ll need to make that choice here as well. Once you’ve gone through that process, your character will be immediately boosted to 90 and given a full set of item level 483 starter gear – just enough to start sinking your teeth into level 90 content, such as the Throne of Thunder raid instance. You’ll also be given a full set of 22-slot bags and be teleported to your faction’s Shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. And if the character you’re upgrading is level 60 or higher, you’ll get a Veteran’s Bonus, which boosts your professions to 600 as well! And don’t worry – if you’re partial to any of the gear your character is already wearing, you’ll find it waiting for you safe and sound in your mailbox after you log in. Whether you’re catching up to friends or just bringing up a new alt, the Character Boost service will get you prepared to head through the Dark Portal and take the fight to the Iron Horde, or in the meantime, enjoy all the max-level content Pandaria has to offer. Thanks for watching this video, and we’ll see you in World of Warcraft.

99 thoughts on “Warlords of Draenor Pre-Purchase Character Boost Tutorial

  1. im seeing a lot of incoming dumb level90 players.. LOL $60 to boost to level90 is freakin' cheap… this will saturate the whole game mechanics and experience… sad

  2. I love this feature but this totally screwed up lfr. People don't even bother to learn their class before queuing hah 

  3. So it's a better deal if you use the boost on a level 60 character.. Just think of the materials you will save having your professions boosted to 600 automatically.

  4. Бллизард дают нам казуальную игру за бешенные деньги,по-моему,они держат нас за дураков

  5. Honestly, I'd rather just be able to buy heirloom gear that's account bound and do the 1 – 90 content myself with the exp bonus of the gear.

  6. First there were a few lower lvls in the game. But now. Every single player will be lvl 90 and what sux most is that most of them are newbs. bg's are screwed with bots and IM sure with this new exp it will be a total shitfest.
    Why not raise lvl cap to 140 or something so we have a little difference between players. sigh..

  7. another wow expansion to make the game even worse. cant play ICC or any of the good raids anymore theres no point. i wonder how many more portals they can cram into stormwind. well done blizzard well done.

  8.  Do this mean i can boost my character at Warolds of Draenor expasion or i need boost it at Pandaria when i does not have it? 

  9. As a vanilla player this is actually sad, yes there were plenty of bugs and lots of grinding to even attempt to cap 60 but it was all apart of the experience and why WoW had such a strong player community. Now I feel like its ruined by "friendly" user features like this insane level boost. I never thought WoW would turn into its own Private Server and make loads of money from ruining the game without actually improving it… R.I.P WoW and I'll miss all those raids I loved expansions ago…

  10. this is great im tomorrow going to pre purchase wod and the battle pack
    my account has a perma ban so this is a great way to get back in the game considering a battle pack is 11 euro's where i live and the pre purchase is 33 im going back to the place where i belong back on azaroth 🙂

  11. This is just a way for people who don't play wow anymore to get right back in with their friends instead of spending 2-3 months leveling to max level.
    And that gear wont be super good when WoD comes out anyway.

  12. So if i don't pre order WOD then i don't get character boost because i wanna get the collectors edition but not the digital one

  13. I don't see why so many people are bitching so much about this. I'm not going to say it's not going to happen at ALL, but I'm pretty sure if a player doesn't have at least one 90 at this point, they probably aren't going to pre-order WoD or buy a 60$ boost. Like I said, there might be a very small percentage that does it, but all in all it's probably going to be such a small number that it doesn't even matter. 

    For players that already have at least one or two 90s, this doesn't really affect anything negatively at all. It's not like we're boosting EVERY character to 90. If you want to still experience the content or if/when they revamp some of it, you should have more characters to do it on. If you don't have any character slots (and this boost is literally to your last character), i doubt many would want to experience the leveling content regardless. Having another alt at max is a great incentive to have more flexibility to raid and PVP with. The only part i might not agree with is to have both primary professions upped to 600. Also maybe ilevel 483 (skipping all heroics) might be a bit much, but idk. This is just my opinion, after all.

  14. Strange, its been over three months, and yet this hasn't killed WoW yet. Could it be that all the edgy teenagers who love Vanilla were wrong yet again?

  15. Buying a 90 is just pointless and whoever does it isn't a true "wower", they are only posers. We all understand that getting to 90 is the ultimate goal, however once you get there, you sit back and realize, it wasn't about getting to 90, rather it was about the journey

  16. So say I pre order it from gamestop, how do I get the boost from them? Do they give you a code or do you have to do it from blizzard directly?

  17. Can you choose not to boost your character? It maybe sounds like a stupid question, but I still want to know xD

  18. they need to lower the price for character boost don't make sense for it to be that high i mean u can buy a new game for $60 or 5 used games for $60

  19. One question: If i buy now and get a character boost from pre-ordering, can I buy another one immediatley so I can boost two characters one after the other? Will those two count as separate or one? I could use a lvl 90 hunter for the alliance, and a lvl 90 lock for the horde.

  20. $60 for a insta boost to 90?? why $60 Blizz?? why not make it $100..or $200 cause we know you need the money! oh Blizz you're so kind to us!

  21. I already boosted my orc warrior to 90, however I want an alliance too. Buying pre-order agian gives me another boost, or I have to buy it from the blizz store?

  22. personally its great some people find it hard and annoying when they start and some careless lvl 90 orc runs up and does something cool besides no you don't have to go through ALL the quests you've done many times before but what is annoying is when your walking around and someone come up with the same armour as you

  23. I pre-ordered WoD and for some reason I don't have the notification do I have to wait a little for it to register or is it just not working?

  24. Is it then possible to level up an alt to 60, learn let's say leatherworking and skinning + first aid and cooking, purchase WoD and get a level 90 char with all those professions with 600 skill?

  25. Why are you trying so hard to bring in the kids to WoW ? You're destroying the hardcore community.. Every move you made in the last 3 year was towards the casual 12 year olds, no wonder why most people don't play these days…

  26. Do I need to pre-purchase Warlords of Draenor to get the level 90 boost? or can I buy the expansion later and still receive the boost?

  27. If I pre-order Warlords of Drenor, (Digital copy), but doesn´t buy game time before the expansion is released, will I still be able to access my character boost and then boost my character? 

  28. I just boosted my 60 monk.  I don't have a glyph tab and i am reduced down to 4 abilities… anyone else have this problem?

  29. Could i buy Warlords of Draenor Standard Edition without World of Warcraft Original (pre-Purchasing) and still get the Character boost?
    Or is it required to have WoW to even get WoD?

  30. Do you get the 90 character boost only from pre purchasing or can you get it whenever you buy even after it comes out?

  31. For all people saying its a "PAY2WIN". For f*ck sake no it isnt! Its not like you get all achievments, a amazing guild, all mounts, all pets, great armor, all proffesions to 600 and everything done for you. With the boost you still have EVERY single quests left in the game. You only get armor and the boost it self. There is a ton of stuff left to do. You can also level up a new character to try something new… Those who say its a pay2win has either not played the game or has a level 15 as a main. And if it bothers you so badly why the heck not just stop playing and keep complaining, its not going to help. Just make you look stupid agreeing with people that dont know how wow works. 

  32. @Cameron Correa  YES you can get the lvl 90 boost if  you purchace the expansion from a store. If you buy the  dvd-disk from your local gameshop you will get the instant 90boost aswell!

  33. they fail to mention the stuff they take away from you…my hunter lost the hunter pets and they haven't returned them..pretty damn bad in my eyes..

  34. Was thinking if you're brand new to the game and want to use this boost for a Death Knight do you still need a 55 character first?

  35. Following problem: I bought the game in the shop. And bought a month of play-time seperatly, i tried to put the time on Warlords of Draenor but it would make a new Account. So i can't have my level 90 push. What do i have to do?? Please help!!

  36. If I want a secondary boost,do I have to re-purchase the game again?Please anwser me someone who knows,because I can't find anything at forums!

  37. I wanted this game so badly! but in December i really wanted it so badly but i forgot to download it and then school open back then closed for Easter and still forgot to download it -.- so gotta wait till school closes again…

  38. Blizzard plz…MAKE A THING THAT U DONT HAVE TO PAY 13 EURS PER MONTH make something like unlimeted edition thingi or something

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