Washington 10 Round Mags, Assault Weapons Ban, 3D Printed Gun Ban – The Legal Brief!

Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show
where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of
the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we’re taking
a peek at the Gun Control Agenda the Washington Attorney General is pushing in 2019. Last year, Washington was faced with some
of the strictest gun control to ever hit the state. The ballot initiative, known as I-1639, which
ultimately passed, reclassified a number of firearms into “assault weapons” and added
a number of draconian measures to gun ownership. We covered I-1639 in this episode. Unfortunately, 2019 brings a new onslaught
of nonsense requested by none other than the Attorney General himself. So far, there are three different legislative
initiatives that the Attorney General is requesting. Some further along than others. While filming this episode, only one of them
had a bill prefiled in the legislative body, so we’ll start there. The AG’s office is requesting limitations
on, you guessed it, “high capacity magazines”. In the informational pamphlet developed by
the AG’s office, readers may be shocked to know that individuals in Washington can own
magazines that hold 30, 60 and even 100 rounds. The “solution”? HB 1068 which would limit the ability of Washingtonians
to purchase magazines holding more than 10 rounds. The bill allows for individuals to keep magazines
in their possession that hold more than ten rounds and they can be passed on after they
die, provided it is done so by operation of law and they can prove that it was originally
possessed lawfully. As you may have guessed, the bill would not
allow for individuals to sell or transfer magazines to anyone other than an FFL or law
enforcement. And it also includes the ever important exemption
for law enforcement, military, etc. In order to continue lawfully possessing a
large capacity magazine, a person shall possess it only on property owned or immediately controlled
by them, while engaged in the legal use of the magazine at a duly licensed firing range,
while engaged in a lawful outdoor recreational activity such as hunting, or while traveling
to or from either of these locations for the purpose of engaging in the legal use of the
magazine, provided that the magazine is stored unloaded and in a separate locked container
during transport. Violations would be classified as a gross
misdemeanor which is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for up to three hundred
sixty-four days, or by a fine of up to five thousand dollars, or both. The AG is also requesting legislation that
would ban the sale of “military style assault weapons”. The fact sheet produced by the AG’s office
looks like it had some help from the head mom over at Moms Demand Attention. It features a quote from a doctor comparing
the trauma from a 9mm gunshot to one from an AR-15. Under the title “What is an assault weapon”
the pamphlet states “Assault weapons are semi-automatic rifles with at least one military-style feature
making the weapons easier to fire more accurately and rapidly than a typical hunting rifle,”
and to see the picture on the back. And here you see an archaic relic from when
soldiers used to have to grate their own cheese in the field. Lastly, the AG wants to put the kibosh to
“ghost guns”. The solution according to the AG’s office? Prohibit the ownership or transfer of any
firearm that cannot be reliably detected by a metal detector, such as a plastic 3D-printed
gun, prohibit anyone from facilitating the manufacture or assembly of a firearm by a
Washingtonian who is ineligible to own a firearm under state law, and increase the criminal
penalty for using an undetectable firearm in a felony. It seems like Washingtonians will have their
work cut out for them in 2019. The AG’s office is pushing for legislation
that would limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds, ban the sale of “military assault weapons”,
and prohibit 3D printed guns. As I’ve said in the past, the best way to
fight back against this is to get involved. So if you are in Washington state, get to
it. That’s it for this episode, if you have learned
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100 thoughts on “Washington 10 Round Mags, Assault Weapons Ban, 3D Printed Gun Ban – The Legal Brief!

  1. We are holding our breath here in NM. I never thought it could happen here but it is very possible. New Democrat governor and a big majority of them in BOTH houses if the legislature. Pray for us.

  2. when is the bullshit going to end I welcome the revolution the one that kicks these sobs out and lines them up against a wall.

  3. Illinois just got on board, introducing legislation for there "Assault Weapons ban"
    There is a long list of what constitutes an "Assault Weapon" but in short any rifle or shotgun that is magazine-fed would fall on the list.

  4. I think they should put as much gun control laws all over the country. That may just piss enough people off to finally solve the problem. Because no politician or law will ever fix the problem. Everyone knows that the goal is political, economical, and social control. Including control of food, weapons, shelter, utilities, etc.

  5. Washingtonian here. This is why I bough a lifetime supply of guns, mags, and ammo a few years ago before this all started and tragically lost all of it in an unfortunate boating accident.



  7. As a Washitonian, Im almost certainly all this will pass. Seattle and Olympia control the entire state. We call them seatilites and believe me they are some of the most liberal anticonstitution crazy idiots ive ever seen. Im not even saying that trying to be an asshole, they are legit the stereotype of easily offended liberal.

  8. If I ever run for President every gun law will be abolished and anyone who ever had anything to do with passing gun laws will be tried for Treason for violating the 2nd Amendment.

  9. They aren't expanding gun laws they are test-firing these things in certain States. They're trying these ideas out testing them so that they can close loopholes that people find so that they can observe how people react and slowly walked all the slack out of their Concepts before they Implement them Nationwide

    That's why it's important that now more than ever they get a rather gratuitous and strongly-worded go fuck yourself

  10. I am surprised to learn that the AG has time for attacking our right to keep and bear arms, as he continually brags about all the ways that he is suing Trump

  11. The retards literally passed a law against something that essentially doesn't exist? Let's make a law requiring all unicorns to be registered, while we're at it.

  12. Thank you for using “air quotes” when saying “assault weapons”. It annoys me, and I know other pro gun videos mean well, use the word assault weapons applying them to their non assault weapons during explanations of new laws, gun features, etc. No legal abiding U.S citizen owns an assault weapon. We should not be having to change our utilitarian tools in any way shape or form. A pitch fork is an assault weapon if I assault someone with it. These are just dangerous words used by the left to scare the masses and it’s working because the masses are voting in these tyrants who are eroding our second amendment rights.

  13. Simple question, why don't you just vote them out of office?
    Am I missing something.
    In the UK we have a General Election every 5 years & get to vote the government out should we wish.
    Don't you have a similar procedure?

  14. If you live in Washington state then be prepared to move. This state is bullshit. The voters pass something and the state legislature overrides it by use of the WAC. Anything they dont like they just amend the law to fit their needs, this is total socialism people. But most of the residents here are to fucking stupid to even see that fact. I think they spike the water so people will become passive. The only answer now is to move out of the state to a more friendly state like Arizona, or Colorado.

  15. “U.S.SUPREME COURT DECISION – "…every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent." Cruden v. Neale, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E.

  16. We need to vote these people out of Washington im tired of people laying down to "feelings" its my right period to have a semi automatic firearm its not just for hunting its also to defend myself from threats foreign and domestic we need legal and lawful second amendment protests for OUR gun rights because if more gun control bills pass, soon we are going to have a 51'st state because eastern Washington is going to revolt from seattles unfair representation of hard working hunters and farmers who make their lively hoods with firearms

    Note you may be surprised but some places in eastern wa DONT HAVE McDonald's OR WALMART'S you actually provide food for yourself I know how barbaric I can't wait to move to the soon to be 51 state of liberty its worth it even with the mountain lions and bears

  17. As a Washington resident, i cant fix the brainwashing of these liberals. Want to move to a more conservative state before its to late. Its like they want to be slaves.

  18. As a Washington state resident who was born here and lived here most of my life the worst thing to hear.
    "This place is nice, but only if it were more like……**insert where they moved here from**…"
    We hear it all the time. Its sad to live in such a beautiful state that has some very remote areas, far from Seattle but still under the grip of the liberal western Washington gun laws.

  19. People, you are so funny. This is exactly what liberals want us to do. You can't all leave, we have to stay and fight this, there are many of us. Liberals are trying to take the entire coast line and you are making it easier for them by getting out. If we move from state to state, pretty soon we will live on reservations like native Americans.

  20. First they came for California, but I did not speak up because I was not a Californian.
    Then they came for New Jersey, but I did not speak up because I was not from New Jersey.
    Then they came for Washington, but I did not speak up because I was not a Washingtonian.
    Finally they came for my state, but no one was left to speak up for me.

    Gun control anywhere in America threatens us all.

  21. God help texas. Too many cali and nyc transplants down here already. wtf. They screwup where they live and then move to a great place only to do the same. Fucking locusts

  22. Thanks to the influx of millions of Californians, Washington is now a totally Left state and moving to be a carbon copy of California. I wonder where they will move to once they f**k up Washington like they did California.

  23. The liars oops I mean lawyers……are simply
    Creating New Felons to put in jail and The
    Evil White Man that keeps
    His Liberty's must be
    Put down !
    This worked to keep
    black men from owning firearms……
    The democrat used this back in the day,
    and it worked. Now
    They have feminist and Communist and of course
    " The Children"
    Along with only
    Thirty Six MILLION
    new socialist from down south.

  24. Fuck so sick of this……. folks Seattle gonna pass it. O we ain’t gun grabbing! Man go fuck you self libtards. 10 more years out of here! Son will be raised. Montana bound!

  25. When are the pro 2nd amenders going to start pressing charges against each and every politician in a official and personal level for perjury witch is treason and a felony for violating their oaths of office,and for violating article 18 u.s.c 241 conspiracy against rights and article 18 u.s.c 242 deprivation of rights under color of law, because of these crimes these gun grabbing politicians are tresspassers of their offices and have no legal authority or jurisdiction whatsoever and they have no imunities,they are traitors.

  26. NPR says of over 200 school shootings only 11 could be confirmed. So why are any bills/laws even being considered? They're lying. That simple. Call them all out on this publicly. On yt / facebook etc…. Call them all out.

  27. Get involved? How? Vote put these morons? Cause that'll definitely work.the only way to stop this shit is through shedding the good of tyrants

  28. SOS State of Washington is now an anti-2nd state. Voted in I-1639 is in effect. All semi auto rifles are defined as "assault rifles" regardless of features, caliber, capacity. All sales of semi-autos now banned to anyone under 21. State will investigate all firearm owners yearly or more. Medical records now accessible by the state. If firearm is stolen & used the owner is liable. A ridiculous state approved "safety" course (includes required suicide prevention & etc.) required before purchase (very few training has been approved yet) essentially making it impossible to legally purchase firearms. Plus all kinds of additional fees & costs.

  29. I still don't get why the 3d printed gun is scary to them. Even it is about getting around metal detectors guess what the ammo is made of. (Re:edit airport detectors can find brass) but, I have seen people find brass while metal detecting.

  30. Time for talk is over. Time to start shooting these TREASONOUS pieces of shit for violating their oaths. Let the Civil War of Restoration begin.

  31. sounds like the ACTING ATTORNEY is being used by the gun grabbers to be the FALL GUY just as FAKE 1 term MayorJane Byrne was used in Chicago to completely outlaw handguns in Chicago This is all a BULL SHIT SCAM and needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY ! Why did Trump Appoint this cock sucker if supposedly he is pro 2nd ammendment. I think these scumbags are all pro 2nd ammendment when it comes to THEIR SECURITY AND THEIR LOVED ONES SECURITY and they all get free passes … I CALL BULL SHIT !

  32. Could you guys please make a video about sb501 in Oregon it requires licensing to purchase firearms and the is only a 5 round capacity, can you help get the word out

  33. Extended mags reduce the time to reload. There is no real evidence this increases the number of kills from the shooter. A practiced reloader would add 6 seconds to his total reload time if you compare 3, 10 round mags to a single 30 round mag. If you assume a shooter will kill more people in that extra six seconds, then you should assume that a shooter, with those skills, could train to reload twice without reducing his threat against lesser armed targets. Just like changing the appearance of guns, these laws don't make us safer and waste time and money on enforcement.

  34. The FBI even says that the New Assault Rifle Ban wont do anything since they said that AR-15s etc are hardly used in shootings. If it does pass then mass shootings will be done with shotguns or bolt action rifles

  35. The first person that suggested the 10 round limit on magazines suggested by the Sen. Dianne Feinstein, was Bill Ruger CEO of Sturm, Ruger Company

  36. I'm from Yakima wa an the police have stated that they will not comply with the laws because they go against the Constitution they have said that they will not enforce the laws other than the background checks which they have no control over but it is ridiculous 😡 that Seattle can just speak for us I hope that it will get struck down and if not there are also alot of freedom people that won't stand for it Seattle lives in a bubble now that they know they have majority over us they can do whatever it's not cool

  37. We are encouraged to “get involved.” I vote, write my senators and representatives and support the GOA and other groups that support the 2A. Still, the onslaught goes on. What else do you suggest?

  38. With the Democrats preparing to permanently take over the WHITE HOUSE in 2020, save some money and buy EVERYTHING you want now!

  39. Never thought we'd be next. We need to stand together on this one guys. Be a voice and make sure you vote. I will not let this happen in my state. God help us.

  40. So if I carry my Taurus pt111 g2 with a standard capacity of a 12 round magazine it’s illegal? Or when is the possibility of it becoming illegal?.

  41. The only reason to do this, is to prevent a people from defending their country against an enemy take over. The people pushing these bans are enemy spies, punishable by death.

  42. The "Gun Collective" sounds
    like they are rubbing it in your
    face, get it, they want to come
    "collect" your guns.
    If you subscribe, you end up on
    their list (they know you got one)
    And look a the facial features of
    those tunning the channel.

  43. I just moved to Washington because California is dead to me. I will be assisting in fighting these types of bans as I am a fanatical 2nd amendment advocate. These laws about banning assault rifles are b.s. liberal stupidity in understanding why the 2nd amendment exists. The people have a right per the constitution to arm themselves not to hunt, or fight criminals, but to ensure the government is policed by the people it has been elected to "serve". Not the other way around.

  44. I find it amusing that scary black guns are banned but the Mini 14 is not. is it really easier to shoot with a pistol grip? I don't see any other banned features that might make a difference

  45. Rifling is used to make guns accurate, used by military, on all guns to make them accurate. So ban rifling that way when you frackin need to be accurate so you dont miss the bad guy and graze 3 innocents. the reason the need your weapons to be inferior to the police and military, is so they can twist your arm back whenever you try standing your ground and say no, everyone else is ignorant enough to think criminals will follow the new laws that ban the guns they already posess illegally..* it only removes weapons from law abiding citizens* who are the ones keeping guns for safety unlike violent criminals who dont have them for that reason..the more gun laws you put into place, the more simple-to-make semi autos that are banned and the more *gun free zone*s you make (sandy hook or any of the other mass shoktings)
    The more innocent lives will be lost because of your votes.. i had to find a loophool in laws and change some of our guns into legal pistols (not sbr) so that the 18 year olds can keep there guns.. but oh yeah not to mention it costed them over a grand in total to change their guns according to law just to keep them legally.. you think criminals will do that? Pay money and take weeks just to follow a law when they can report their guns stolen and just keep them hidden? Hell no they won't.

  46. No such thing as "assault rifles " that is politicàl mythology. So what's next? Registration of ammunition? Gun confiscation without due process? Warrantless home searches by WSP?
    You gun grabbing politicians don't seem to get, " ….shall not be infringed ". Do you get, …."will not comply"?

  47. Why would anyone put up with these laws?? Put your politicians in jail with your guns problem solved thank god I'm in Texas.

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