We went through Daniel’s CAMERA ROLL for 24 hours and FOUND This… (Game Master spy hacker is a liar)

– Hey, Zam family. Right now, we have our
camera man, Daniel’s, phone, and we’re about to go
through his camera roll. – He dropped it on the
way out of our safe house and I was able to pick it
up and bring it with us up to our cabin up here in Big Bear. – And you guys know
that Game Master told us to get here to our cabin. What do you think we’re gonna find on Daniel’s camera roll? – I have no idea. Do you think there’s
quadrant stuff on there? We need evidence that
Daniel might be working with the quadrant? – The Game Master said that
this was the only safe place. We should make sure it’s secure. Let’s go and shut all the
blinds and everything. – Okay.
– Come on. – [Matt] Is it locked? It’s locked now. – I’m kind of nervous to see
what’s on the camera roll. – [Matt] What do you think it is? – I don’t know. Zamfam, comment below what you think we’re gonna
find on Daniel’s camera roll. So, Zamfam, before we
look at Daniel’s phone, I want you to smash the thumbs up button if you’re happy that we
got access to his phone, well Matt actually did
– I can’t believe it. – Make sure you are subscribed
and have notifications on. Zamfam, we are getting so close to seven million subscribers. Oh my gosh, that is crazy.
– That is crazy. – It looks like we need a passcode. – Let me see that. – What do you think his passcode is? – This is weird. It’s normally a number passcode, but, for some reason, this
looks like it’s letters. You know what, it must
be more secure that way. – Yeah, he must have hacked in. You guys know Daniel
can hack in to anything. So, maybe Zamfam! – Let me try Zamfam. – No, no. Alright you guys, let
us know what you think Daniel’s passcode could be. It looks like it can be a word, which is kind of weird because I feel like most of the phones aren’t like that. – Who does he work with? The Game Master. – Game Master! You’re right!
– Oh, okay. – Yeah! Alright, if you guys think
that it’s gonna be Game Master, comment, “I think it’s
going to be Game Master.” – Here we go. We only have one more try.
– One more try? – It wasn’t Game Master. It wasn’t Zamfam. What’s he like? Camera,
– Yeah we could try camera but – But we only have one more try. – Okay, so, if we only have one more try that means we’ll get locked out and we won’t be able to see
the photos on his camera roll. So, what do you guys think
his password could be? – We saw him in the
quadrant mask, remember? At the safe house. – And we’re not sure if the
Game Master trusts Daniel. – He said, “Don’t show Daniel!” What if it’s, oh hold on, quadrant? – I don’t think it could be quadrant. Do you guys think it could be quadrant? There’s just no way that Daniel’s
working for the quadrant. – It sure feels like he is
working for the quadrant. I think we need to try quadrant in here. – What do you guys think we should do? – We have one shot.
– Alright. – I think it’s just quadrant. It has to be. It wasn’t Zamfam, it wasn’t Game Master, the only other thing that
it could be is quadrant. – Okay. – He works for the quadrant, Bec. – Smash the thumbs up, you guys, so we can get into his camera roll. I don’t think it’s the quadrant, but, at the same time, I really want to get in and see his photos. – It was quadrant.
– How? – No, no.
– Why? Maybe it was quadrant because we want to defeat the quadrant? That doesn’t mean he’s
working for the quadrant. – Rebecca, Rebecca.
– It could! – To stop E2, he’s reminding himself that we need to stop the quadrant. That’s why it’s the password. – That logic doesn’t make any sense. – Do you guys think that
we can trust Daniel? I’m not sure. I think we need to look at the photos. – Okay, let’s go through his camera roll? – Yeah.
– Here we go, here we go. Oh.
– Yeah! You guys remember we went
to the museum of selfies, and it was the first to find the key won the Game Master Tesla, and I took that photo, and it’s on his Instagram. I don’t think that’s weird at all. – What is he doing?
– What is he doing? – Okay, maybe we made a mistake. – Yeah. – Okay, this is a little
weird, that’s the RZ Twin. – Yeah, I was really confused about that. Daniel posted that on his Instagram, and I definitely did not like it. I don’t know why he is with RZ Twin. I think he was pretending to trick her, and pretend to join the quadrant? – But why does he look so happy? – Why is she in my Zamfam merch? By the way, Zamfam, those of you that have gotten it,
shout out to you guys, we’re gonna shout you out here. If you want a shout out
to get some Slays merch, or my merch, just tag us on Instagram, and I will link it on
rebeccazamolo.com in the description. That was when we went to the
secret meeting, remember? – Yeah, but we didn’t
trust Daniel at this point. – Yeah, at that point
we didn’t trust Daniel. That’s why we have those weird faces because he was so happy,
and we were very confused, but then we trusted him, and everything he did made sense. – Okay, I don’t see
anything too terrible yet, – Yeah! – What? I told you he knew karate. – Those are ninja moves? Daniel said he’s never had ninja training. – But he’s had professional
photos of him doing karate? – Yeah, and we saw the surveillance of him training with RZ Twin. He looks very advanced,
like a professional ninja, like a spy ninja. – I don’t know about this, Bec. – Let’s keep going. – Hold on, that’s Ro’s kitchen. – I was gonna say. You guys remember Ro Pansino,
she was at the dollhouse, and I’ve done collabs with her before. I did the Don’t Fall into
the Wrong Mystery Pool, and Daniel was there,
but look at the date. What one was the date? Two days ago? Why does Daniel have a picture
of Ro Pansino’s kitchen from two days ago? – Okay, this is getting weird. Hacking Innovation. – Okay, well you guys know
that Daniel’s good at hacking. He’s helped hack into
the quadrant’s network. – This looks like it’s a book or something like that.
– Yeah. – Maybe he’s reading up
– Yeah! – On how to prepare for E2. – Social Engineering. – Wait, does that say,
“The Art of Human Hacking?” – Like mind control? – Whoa, stop, stop, stop. – Okay, maybe he’s just
doing that for research because, Matt, we think
you were hypnotized. So, Daniel’s probably doing research to help figure out what it is. – Hold on.
– What? – What if, when we gave
Daniel a lie detector, he actually had some
sort of control over it? – Like a hacking device? – Do you guys think
that we should actually give Daniel a real lie detector test? Let us know in the comment
section down below. I feel like we need to
– bring in a professional. – Or, figure out a way to
get rid of all his devices, – Okay. – And make sure there’s no way
that he can get through it. – Yeah, the Game Master gave me a device that I put on my arm. That’s how I was able to
take the lie detector test with RZ Twin and pass, even
though I was lying to her. – Maybe he’s been lying
to us this whole time. – Blueprints of a house. – It kind of looks like Ro’s house. – It could be that, or
maybe it was the doll house from before?
– Or Carter’s house, or Cher. – Or Cher, Lizzie Cher. – More blueprints. – I don’t know what that is. If you guys know what
those blueprints are for, let us know. That’s just a bunch of circles? – Okay, there’s more blueprints. – This looks like some type of device. – These could be schematics
on building something. It doesn’t look good, Bec. – Every time, so far, when
we don’t trust Daniel, it’s always been justified,
he’s always had a reason, so maybe he just didn’t want
to tell us about this yet. – How do you justify him
training with RZ Twin and having the quadrant mask on? – I don’t know.
– And you can’t deny that we saw him at the Battle Royale. – You’re right. Okay, that’s interesting/ – Three of us in a hot tub. – That was when we did The
Last to Leave Wins $10,000 with the quadrant so we could get back the Game Master’s device. – Wait, how did somebody get this photo? – I don’t know. Daniel’s never been to
our cabin in Big Bear. – Really?
– Yeah. – Is that my computer? – It sounds like a Skype call for someone? Hold on. Who do you think is Skypeing us? I don’t even use Skype. – It’s Daniel.
– It’s Daniel? – Here, you take it, you take it. – What do you think he wants? Hey Daniel!
– Hey, Becca. I’m Skypeing you because
I’ve misplaced my phone. Have you seen it anywhere? – No, we haven’t seen your phone at all, but we’ll keep an eye out for it. – [Matt] Ask him about being at Big Bear. – By the way, Daniel, I wanted to know, do you have any relatives
in Big Bear or anything? – Relatives, what do you mean? – I mean, have you ever been to Big Bear? – No, I can’t say that I have, but just keep an eye out for my phone. If you find it, please let me know as soon as you find it. You don’t have to look
at it, or open it up, or do anything like that. I just need you to tell
me when you have it, okay? – Okay, yeah, we’ll
keep an eye out for it, and we won’t look at it. – Okay, sounds good, just make sure to please let me know
as soon as you have it, please, let me know. – Bye, Daniel.
– Alright. I’ll talk to you soon. – He was acting so strange. He really didn’t want us
to look at his camera roll. – [Matt] I wouldn’t either, if he had karate photos on there. You have to see how suspicious this is. We need to confront Daniel
about all of this stuff. – We don’t really have any
hard evidence right now. We have some photos that
maybe don’t make sense, but I think we need to finish
looking at his camera roll before we go and confront him. – [Matt] There’s blueprints on his phone! – Yeah, but that could be to stop E2! – [Matt] He was in Ro’s house. – Okay, let’s just go back
and look at more photos. – Okay, Matt?
– [Matt] What? – It’s a picture of the
Game Master’s master tunnel here in Big Bear. – [Matt] The master tunnel? See, I told you! – I don’t know why Daniel would have this tunnel on his phone. He’s never even been up here. We never sent him a photo of it. – [Matt] I feel like the only reason that Daniel would have
something on his phone is if he was gonna use it. We need to go check this out. – Yeah, I think you’re right, actually. I think we need to explore there and see what’s going on because the quadrant took over all of the Game Master’s master
tunnels and escape rooms. – [Matt] I’ve told you
we couldn’t trust Daniel. – I don’t know yet, Matt. I think we need to go check it out and see what’s there, okay?
– [Matt] Let’s go. – Alright. Alright, you guys remember,
this is the tunnel. – We haven’t been down here in a while. I think we’re gonna find
something here, though. – [Matt] Be careful, please be careful. – Oh, wow. Oh my gosh, this wasn’t here before. – [Matt] No, I don’t remember that at all. – Look, it’s a graffiti. – [Matt] What are we looking for? – I don’t know, I guess
we’re just exploring. There must be a reason why
Daniel took a picture here. – [Matt] Keep on looking, and I’ll see if there’s anything in plain
sight or hidden anywhere. What is that, what is that? – I don’t know, just a tag? Probably just garbage. – [Matt] Maybe it washed
up during the storm. – [Matt] No! – It’s an X on the Game Master’s face! – [Matt] I bet Daniel put it there. – No, Matt, that doesn’t mean he put it, just because he had a
picture of this doesn’t mean, maybe this is where the quadrants were, and he hacked in and found it. – [Matt] Is there anything else? – It has a three digit code. – [Matt] Four, eight, three. – You guys, can you
comment this just in case? I’m not sure what this
three-digit code goes to. Maybe it’s something of the quadrant’s. Maybe one of the devices are hidden. – [Matt] We shouldn’t spend
too much time in here. – Yeah, let’s get out of here. – [Matt] Bec, we should see
what else is on the camera. – It looks like the ship. – [Matt] The ship? – That we jumped off of at the lake! – [Matt] Okay. There has to be something there. – I guess let’s check that out? – [Matt] Yeah, we need to go. – I don’t think we’re gonna find anything. Maybe this was RZ Twin the whole time. He hacked into her phone or something. – [Matt] There’s no way, Bec, it’s Daniel! – Okay, well let’s go. Matt!
– [Matt] What? – [Bec] Look! Hide! Go! Turn it up, turn it up. – [Matt] I told you. – It could be another Daniel. – [Matt] There’s another
Daniel with the quadrant? No, it’s Daniel, the camera man, Bec! – What do you guys think? Hey, Matt, if we go that way, that’s gonna be where the quadrant is because they’ve overtaken
the Game Master tunnels. – [Matt] Yes.
– We need to go out and let’s go to the ship. – [Matt] Okay, just be super
stealthy, like a spy ninja. – He’s gone, let’s move. – [Bec] It should be up there, Matt. – [Matt] Okay. It’s out there, I see it. – [Bec] Oh, okay. Okay, so we’re here at the pirate ship. We’re about to get out. Do you guys think another
quadrant member’s gonna be there? – I hope not. – And then, why was there an
X on the Game Master’s face? – Because Daniel’s
working for the quadrant. – I don’t think so, maybe
he’s just going along to try to trick them. – It’s all adding up. Daniel works for the quadrant. If we find something here,
we know absolutely for sure that he’s working for the quadrant. – We should get out. – [Matt] Okay, made it. Alright, we’re at the pirate ship. – Looks like they docked
this because of winter. There’s a plank! Have you guys ever been
on something like this? – [Matt] Rebecca, I
don’t see any clues here. Do you have the phone still? – Yeah, maybe there’s nothing, Matt. – [Matt] No. Let me see this. I remember seeing this.
– [Bec] What? – It’s blueprints for this boat. – [Bec] Is it next? We haven’t gone through
his whole camera roll yet. – Yeah, there’s blueprints
for everything here. – [Bec] What? – I’m gonna put it up right
here so you can see it. Look around for clues. There has to be something
that we’re missing here, Bec. There’s two motors here, and it looks like there’s some tires here. Oh, wait, what’s that? – It’s sealed shut. We might have to take this
home and use our spy gadgets. – [Matt] Let me check to
see if there’s anything else on the phone, okay. The cave that we went to
at Steven and Gray Cher! Look at this, you have to look at this. – How has Daniel been there? – [Matt] Come on, Bec. – [Bec] We’re heading up to the cave. Oh my gosh, it is so bumpy. – [Matt] You see that? – [Bec] It’s a sign. – [Matt] Can you zoom in on that? – [Bec] Road closed? That doesn’t make sense,
how did Daniel get a photo of the cave if the road’s closed? Did he hike it? – [Matt] No, it’s a four-mile
hike, there’s no way. – Let me see. Okay, well if there was
anything at that cave, Matt, we can’t find it now. There’s no way we can get there. – [Matt] Let me see if there’s
more photos on the phone. It says, “New location.” – [Bec] It’s a photo that
says, “New location”? – It has a tree house. – [Bec] Wait, is it the
tree house behind our cabin where we did the ninja training? – It kind of looks like
it, but not really. This one’s a little bit more advanced. It has a little drawbridge,
almost, with a rope. Is there one around here? – I saw something weird driving up. If he hid something here, and
the quadrant was searching and this was closed, maybe
they changed locations and moved it there. – [Matt] Let’s get down there. Is it here? – [Bec] Zamfam, if you see
a tree house, let us know. – [Matt] Is that it, over there? – [Bec] Where? – [Matt] It’s just a bunch of wood. – [Bec] No, that’s not it. It was definitely a tree house. It came before we were on the main street. – [Matt] Okay, so we’re almost back to the main street right now. – [Bec] Okay. Look, I think that’s it. – [Matt] That’s the rope
I was talking about! – [Bec] Matt, was that the tree house that you saw on the phone? – Let me see, yeah, that’s it! – [Bec] You think?
– That’s it! I think it is! That’s the rope I was
talking about right here. – [Bec] It’s like a drawbridge. – [Matt] Yeah. There’s another bucket over there. Okay, is this gonna work? – I don’t know. – [Matt] You ready to
go up this tree house? Is this even safe? – I don’t know. – [Matt] I don’t know
if we should do this. – Matt, this looks like so much fun! We’ve explored everywhere else, and you wanted to find something, right? You wanted to prove that Daniel’s
working for the quadrant. – [Matt] Okay, if we find something here, we definitely know that he’s
working for the quadrant, Bec. – I mean, we need to see
what’s inside that mystery box. Wow, here Matt, hand me the camera. Look at this tree house, you guys. Whoa, it goes up there, too! – [Matt] Be careful, be careful. – This is crazy! – [Matt] Be careful, it
doesn’t look too safe. Do you see anything? I feel like it might be up there, Bec. Can you climb up there? – I can do it, but if you want to climb, – [Matt] Yeah, I think I want to climb. – Okay, I feel like you want to. You didn’t want to, but then you realized how much fun a tree house is. – [Matt] Okay, true. – [Bec] You’re so high. I can’t believe you’re that high, Matt. Be careful. – [Matt] There’s something there. – [Bec] Something, like evidence? – Do you see that? – [Bec] Is that my hair, Matt? – This doesn’t look good,
Bec, this doesn’t look good. – [Bec] That’s my hair! – I’m gonna hand that down to you, Bec. – [Bec] With RZ Twin, when
they were trying to clone me! – So we found my hair,
but that doesn’t mean that Daniel’s working for the quadrant. – [Matt] It definitely does, Bec. – It could have been from RZ Twin, maybe he hacked into her phone. – [Matt] There’s no way. – Alright, Zamfam, if you’ve made it to this far in the video, I want you to comment “I made it till this point!” in the comment section,
and I’ll be picking some of you guys to shout
out in the next video. So we’re gonna go back
and open the mystery box to see what’s inside. I want you guys to watch
this video right here. Make sure you’re subscribed
to have notifications on. Alright, let’s get back, did you get that?

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