Welcome to Battlefield V

Welcome to battlefield 5, electronic art’s
first large scale war game, since last year’s fucking disaster. Say what you want about their business practices,
but these mother fuckers, sure know how to make good looking games. Even if the run animations, look like a baby,
in an adult body. The core concept of battlefield is still prevalent
in this entry, as you’ll see 90 percent of everyone playing assault and recon classes,
but only god tier players truly understand the experience of playing supports and medics. All medics are equipped with a syringe now,
meaning that there won’t be dumb fucks, with no ability, to do their one fucking job. In general, reviving has had a complete re
work, with it now requiring a short animation, as opposed to being able to revive people
from 6 fucking metres away. All classes are also able to revive their
squad mates, but good fucking luck if you think that’s ever going to happen. Medics are now even more important in battlefield,
as players now have to manually heal, and can only do so with the help of a health pack. Although medics are able to put down medical
boxes that provide free unlimited access to health packs, at no time in my 4 hours of
equipping the gadget, did anyone ever use it. We now move on to supports, who are in for
a fucking treat. Supports are still able to sup press enemy
players better than any other class, but also get access to the tool kit by default. The tool kit allows players to not only repair
vehicles regardless of other equipment chosen, but also to build fortifications much faster
than other classes. Not only this, but more advanced shit like
mounted gun fortifications are also exclusive to the support class. Unfortunately, LMG’s are inaccurate as fuck
unless in a hunkered down position, so much like Kim Kardashian, Supports will often be
useless members of society, unless they’re lying down. Ultimately, it would be nice, for there to
be more variety in the types of fortifications that can be built, but most support players
will just be happy enough to annoy their sniper team mates. But speaking of the re con class, they now
get access to perhaps the most powerful gadget, that none of them fucking use. With the complete re work of spotting, re
con players are the only class who can use the binoculars to ping people on the HUD. This shit is like marking enemy players for
death, and if they last even 10 seconds of being spotted, your team probably deserves
to lose anyway. With all this said, Battlefield 5 still has
a long way to go before being ready. The interiors look like an open house inspection
with not even a single piece of furniture in a residential building. Not to mentions the doors that are bricked
up for whatever fucking reason. Some of the player models could also use some
improvement. Such as this terrifying monstrosity. However it was nice to see the developers
include a forties re-imagining of filthy frank. Papa franku would be proud. Some of the more serious issues however are
not being able to fully customise loadouts mid game, not being able to exit into the
main menu after a match, and that it takes a laughable amount of time to exit the game,
assuming players are able to find the exit button at all. Some say that it takes another second to exit
the game, every time Electronic arts does something anti-consumer. Speaking of dodgy shit, players have detected
that some phrases are being censored, with electronic arts themselves commenting on the
issue, stating that the system is not currently working as intended. Some of the phrases that have been censored
are DLC, White man, Kek, Nazi, and nuts. Acceptable phrases include, free DLC, Hitler,
and, Go commit die. Clearly, it’s not such a bad thing that
this game has been pushed back another month. Because as we all know, not finishing a creative
project just comes off as highly unprofessional.

100 thoughts on “Welcome to Battlefield V

  1. I've played battlefield for a long time now and when I got killed by a damn medic with a tiny ass gun vs a fucking damn tiny mini gun, aka an actual MINI gun

  2. I really want this game to become good. I know its like hoping for a miracle multiplied by the odds of being struck by lightning while i'm in a shark's mouth after winning the lottery, but still. I love battlefield. I don't want it screwed over.

  3. Thanks for an actual review, a lot of you tubers are just posting hate hate hate cause it generates free views and likes but you actually brought up some positives instead of just complaining.

  4. There's a lot of things I don't like about the game, but I could live with most of them. My least favorite thing however is how fast everyone dies. Very high damage, and low recoil. I can snipe with an smg and kill someone in a split second. I know some people love high damage but personally I hate it. Fights are over too fast with no chance of it being extended due to a shootout or someone running away and coming from a different angle. Seriously, you just look at someone and press "delete".

  5. Seriously IDK what happened to Battlefield once BF1 came out literally nobody fucking revived. I remember in BF3 I’d be revived so much that I was sick of it lmao.

  6. If I can see them with the binoculars I'm gonna just shoot at them though, I get that spotting is good but I'd get 35 points if they get killed but if I get a headshot I'm gonna get 150+

  7. Briiliant review like the voice over very comical and dry you missed the sniper nerfing and the stg44 assult gun having sniper like range using semi auto

  8. Wtf are these terrible ass ads before every video of some dumb fuck obnoxiously screaming about his stupid ass new goochi ass anime game. Stfu please.

  9. they build battlefield 5 for battle royal fortifications less ammo everyone can revive no spotting stupid dice i will skip your stupid game this time

  10. Battlefield 4 all the way. Still loads of people who play it, gameplay is amazing, no bullshit, and it's a genuinely amazing shooter.

  11. *Dude, you forget thinks about toolkits and fortification: Despite all your effort as Support to built all them fortification, you dumbass teammate in a tank will gladly destroy all your hardwork in a blink of an eye :))

  12. That moment when you’ve got decent quality stuff that sounds like shit because you’re using a bot, as you’re either an underage child who would squeak on the mic or just too poor/lazy to be bothered with buying a mic

  13. I do like the rework on marking. Tired of being marked by a random 300 miles away just because they are scanning and clicking the mark. Makes sneaking easier.

  14. The bipod and other animation are annoying and dumb. You hang and pull yourself up in 4 seconds after you grab a ledge. Takes to long. The bipod animation got me killed every time.

  15. Only ever played Support and Medic, and I can say they're really underestimated. I have seen some Medics top games due to their self-sustaining abilities, and good luck digging into a fortified zone that a Support has had time to upgrade. My friend played Recon almost exclusively, and almost only used the monocular when I pointed it out. At the same time though, I will say this game is….. weird… with how it explains it's controls. Would be nice if other classes actually said they revived, considering that they get MORE points than when a Medic does it (likely to compensate for the longer revive time), and the same for the Tool Kit. That as well as a few other things are why I can't honestly enjoy the game all that much.

  16. People whine about everything don’t they? This looks like the best Battlefield since 4 and literally everyone is saying it’s trash for the most trivial reasons while Black Ops 4 is getting praise for absolutely nothing. Battlefield V: Amazing graphics, brand new features, FREE DLC, single-player campaign, co-op campaign, battle royale, new modes, great immersion, great customization, new building system, etc. Wait there’s females in the game? Instantly worst game ever. While Black Ops 4: Worse graphics than 3, performance issues, no single-player, only 80 person battle royale, and to top it all off A FUCKING SEASON PASS! Jesus christ how dense are you people. If we see a season pass in the next battlefield and call of duty just remember it’s YOUR fault for praising Activision for their greed.

    Free DLC > Optional Microtransactions.

    Gameplay > Realism.

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