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Ahhh, Fate Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front
Babylonia, it was the one anime I was really looking forward to in the Fall Season, of
course War of Underworld being more of an occupation at this point than a hobby, and
sure as hell, Fate has not disappointed! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and this
is Fate Grand Opinions, where I will be covering the Fate Grand Order Anime! Now, if you have been following my channel
for a while, I have my Sword Art Online Explained series where I share in depth information
about SAO, comparing it to the source material etc, that even some other Youtubers sloppily
tried to emulate. My Fate Grand Opinions series won’t be that,
as you can guess from the title, it has no Explained attached to it. I am a huge Fate series fan, however that
universe is just too large for me at this point to have a good enough grasp on everything. Im also an avid FGO player, but due to how
time consuming it is, I have relegated myself to someone who enjoys the gameplay and uses
it as a Waifu Collection Simulator, while skipping the stories. So, since I was in no position to provide
that in depth information, I decided it was better to stick to opinions, rather than slapping
the Explained banner on it, acting as if I knew 100% what I was talking about like those
clickbait channels. So, without further ado, welcome to Fate Grand
Opinions where I’ll be sharing my opinions and opinions alone on the anime, regarding
its animation, story, voice acting etc, as well as things I look forward to based on
FGO the game. Hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me! As always, timestamps to individual points
will be in the description as well as the pinned comment so you can skip to certain
sections of the video if something interests you more. Before you start with those however, I do
have to provide some basic information for you to properly understand the scale of Fate
Grand Order, if you have never played the game. Again, you can skip that via the timestamps
if you possess the basic knowledge already, but if you don’t, then you shouldn’t skip,
otherwise you’ll be asking questions like “Who is Mashu?” or “Is Babylonia the 7th Season
since they mentioned 6 other Events?” or “How is this tied to the other Fate timelines?”. First off, you should definitely watch Grand
Order Episode 0, which focuses on Who Mash Kyrielight is. For reference, I’ll be saying Mashu is I’m
only using her first name and Mash if I’m using her surname along with it, Im generally
used to Mashu due to the actual Japanese voice acting in the game, Mash only feels more suitable
because Kyrielight feels closer to English, thus flows better with the surname. Anyways, Episode 0 focuses on who Mashu is,
or rather what she is. How her relation to Romani Archaman aka Dr.
Roman built up, and the extremely abridged version of how she got bonded with Fujimaru
Ritsuka, or the Protag Master as he is know in the game, which brings us to the second
clarification. Yes, starting with Episode 1, we have a major
timejump. We skip the Singularities from 1-6, which
the anime counts one by one by name, as well as showcasing their notable servants, and
go straight into the 7th and Final Singularity, Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, which you
may have realized is the name of the anime, so… Yes. In fact, the sixth Singularity, Divine Realm
of the Round Table: Camelot is currently being adapted into a movie as well, so yeah, once
the Babylonia Anime ends, we got more FGO to cover. Last but not least, is Fate Grand Order canon
to one or any of the other Fate series? Well… It’s complicated, because Fate does not really
have a strict sense of “Canon” as you may know from the other series. Basically, Fate started off as a Visual Novel
with multiple routes, all of which are canon. So generally speaking, and I’m sure there
will be people who can provide a more detailed explanation if needed in the comments, for
all intents and purposes, all stuff are somewhat canon. If it isn’t, you just consider it canon in
a different timeline, so basically a multiverse in a sense. But yeah, let’s begin with the episode itself,
I am actually genuinely impressed by the episode. Now I have a more than decent idea regarding
FGO, but even then, combined with Episode 0, I really do feel like they provided a great
entry point to the series, in its final chapter. Sure, skipping 6 singularities may have you
questioning some stuff, but I dont think taking the relationships on screen as granted isn’t
too much to ask, think of it as backstory information that is not extremely relevant
to the adventure ahead. Sure there are important bits, like you may
be asking what Lord Camelot is, which had evolved into that form over the course of
6 Singularities, but when it comes to Fate series, it is not too much to ask to just
understand it is a powerful defensive Noble Phantasm, which is all that matters at this
point in time. Dont worry, if you have question marks regarding
the ongoing plot, they will surely be explained during the course of the series, think of
Singularities as largely standalone stories rather than something like the Avengers that
brings multiple narrative threads together. Anyways, going back to the story, I love how
“normalized” Mashu and Protag’s relationship is, it’s a typical moment where someone does
something heroic and it results in an awkward situation, and then in your typical anime,
this is followed by some loud yelling and blushing and a typical tsundere situation. Here, they just play it off as something normal,
yeah, you guys were on top of each other, the fact of the matter is, you fell off miles
up in the sky and were saved by the Noble Phantasm enhanced by the Camelot Castle to
survive and just realized you are nowhere near where you should have been sent to in
this history changing magical event, your awkward falling position is probably not of
much concern in comparison. It’s also great to see the relationship of
the two properly portrayed, this is not really possible in a mute protag format in the games,
at least I dont find it as interesting, which was one of the main reasons why I ended up
skipping stories in the game in the third singularity or something. It’s honestly great having a proper portrayal
opportunity for the Protag, which enhances Mashu a lot as well. Then we start getting our first fight sequences
against the Lion Dogs, Uridimmu. I am very happy about the fight animations,
they feel impactful and moving, without compromising on the quality overall, however this is also
the bit where I remembered why I should be kinda worried about something… Repetition in the game is something acceptable. It gets boring there as well, but its not
much of a concern because you go in with the expectation of a certain repetitive grind,
but we will see these Uridimmu quite a lot in Babylonia, constantly actually, among other
repetitive enemy types. I am interested in seeing how they will spice
things up because more often than not, the same people will be fighting against the same
beasts. It will get a whole lot more interesting when
Servants start clashing, but yeah, in this episode alone, we had 3 separate fight sequences
against Uridimmu, and I think it’s pretty clear where the concern is coming from. If they remain creative with the choreographies
as they have done in the episode, which having different servants around helps a lot, sure
we may sigh every time the same type of beasts appear again, but at the very least, regardless
of the enemy, we can watch a fun sequence. I feel like this is the biggest hurdle Babylonia
anime, or any FGO Anime Project in general, has to overcome, but this first episode certainly
has been very promising on this front. Of course, when Ishtar arrives, the amount
of buttshots increase by 300%, but let’s be real, that is Ishtar’s purpose anyways, it
is not at all surprising… At least her fight also had a lot of movement,
which again, was very promising, after so much static, tripod camera shots that we went
through in Alicization. I really enjoy having some dynamism. Also, I dont care, because Rin is always worth
it to have on screen, whether it’s the real Rin, or other Rin faces like Ishtar or Ereshkigal
who we will get to see later down the line in Babylonia! Enkidu probably had the least interesting
action sequence, but then again, that’s usually how the seemingly all powerful people are
introduced, just effortlessly distroying stuff without moving a muscle. I honestly dont know anything about Babylonia
story since I skipped all of it, but sure as well, Enkidu was introduced as somewhat
of an all powerful being, so Im not really surprised. I dont have anything to say about the Voice
Acting, these are all actors that have already proven themselves either before somewhere
else in the Fate Anime series, or back in FGO Game in the first place, it’s not surprising
at all to have great VA performances from an established cast. As for the animation, after Sword Art Online
Alicization’s first half, the animation felt like a fresh breath of air. Alicization focused too much on Wallpaper
worthy shots, which resulted in a very static anime but goddamn, Fate Grand Order just feels
so good to watch in general! Obviously, individual keyframes are not as
detailed as Alicization, but to be frank, I prefer this, FGO just feels very much alive. Everything has popping and interesting colors
as I would expect from a fantasy anime, they simply dont use looping animations, even a
single simple running animation just feels lively, the way Mashu and Fujimaru interact
with each other feels natural and I feel like that is the most important thing in my opinion. Some fantasy anime tries to ground itself
with “realistic” artstyles, that’s what Alicization did with the less saturated color palette
and other concepts and honestly… I dont think a fantasy anime should ever try
to ground itself if it’s talking about magical godly beings, it should embrace it, make it
bombastic, special, creative. And that is exactly what Babylonia did here. Some people will have issues with the use
of CGI, eh, I personally dont mind much.. It doesn’t look good in some of the scenes
here, but it doesn’t look terrible either as they relegated CG usage to background props,
aside from Enkidu’s chainwhip thingies, so its never a significant focus. I also love the usage of actual game music
in certain instances and music inspired by the in game music, it’s a nice touch! But yeah, it’s technically an intro episode,
so I focused a bit more on technicalities at this point, along with the important information
at the beginning, but next week, I’ll focus more on actual episodes, the first episode
in a series, I always focus a bit more on technical aspects and pre-emptive informational
stuff, so I hope that didnt bore you too much. Either way, I plan my Fate Grand Opinion series
to go live on Monday or Tuesdays in normal cases, as I want to focus on SAO during Saturdays
and Sundays, and since both FGO and SAO air the same day, I have to push one further away. This first one is coming out this late, because
I fucked up my own personal schedule as expected with University work and stuff… Episode 2 may suffer the same fate, as I will
make an Alicization Explained for the new Opening and another one for the episode, soooo… That’s an early warning for you regarding
the inevitable delay… Either way, I want to know, are you an avid
Fate Grand Order player? Are you in it for its story or its gameplay
or its countless waifus and husbandos? Or are you just jumping into the anime because
you are simply interested in Fate series in general? Do let me know in the comments down below
and make sure to subscribe for more videos on Fate, but also a whole lot more on SAO,
this Fate series is just a casual hobby Im following, in hopes that some of you may enjoy! But yeah, thank you very much for watching
and a huge thanks to all my Patrons and Channel Members! I will see you all next time and until then,
Stay Cool~

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Mesopotamia! – Fate Grand Opinions | Gamerturk FGO Babylonia

  1. Timestamps: 0:20 Why is it Fate Grand Opinions and not Fate Grand Order Explained? | 1:38 Fundamental Information about FGO | 2:08 Who or what is Mash Kyrielight? | 2:45 Babylonia is 7th Singularity, is Babylonia the 7th Season of FGO? | 3:21 Is Fate Grand Order canon to the Fate series? | 3:56 Isn't Final Singularity a weird place to start an Anime? Should I watch Fate Grand Order Babylonia? | 5:21 Mashu and Fujimaru's portrayal and relationship | 6:04 Mashu vs Beasts, fight animation quality and choreography, possible worries for the future | 7:28 Ishtar arrives! | 8:03 Enkidu arrives and destroys everything | 8:24 Opinions on Voice Acting, overall animation, use of CGI and music

  2. Is Fate Grand Order episode 1 Relative to the movie I also saw. Fate Grand Order 1st Order? I saw the movie English Dubbed

  3. Ok, so I play FGO for about a year and about 3-4 months. I play it for the story, the game, the characters, and of course the Waifu's. But to be honest GamerTurk I didn't actually think that you would be interested with the Fate series at all, SO clearly I was wrong. So which character is your favorite?

  4. I'm just into Fate series in general here. In the past I've seen the animes: Fate Zero, Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, Apocrypha, Last Encore and U.B.W. Movie. I'm not fond of Illyasviel here. So I never watched Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya .

  5. mmmm I have to say I kind of felt the opposite. I wasnt too fond of the animation style. There were some moments I liked…Mash's fight was good. Ishtar's fight scene looked clunky. I guess I felt a majority of it felt clunky and the cg was bad. I have little knowledge of the FGO story so that limits my enjoyment as well. As I watched I could tell that any fan of the game would love what they are seeing. Me though, meh. I really like the main characters, Mash especially. I love that her thing is a shield rather than an offensive weapon like most others. This can lead to creative uses for it in combat. Them and their interaction in the other world is what will make me come back for another episode.
    I know Ill get hate for this but I hate that they make Ishtar look like Rin. Ive read the reason behind it, but it just screams like a lazy way to make fans like a character. Rather than fully create a new character they use one they already know fans love and give her less clothing. Its from a game i know but Id rather have the real Rin in the story than a fake.
    Just how I felt from the first episode. Others tell me to give it more time and let the story unfold and I will but, at the moment I really dont see myself going all the way with this one.

  6. It's October, 2019. Gamerturk still can't stop talking about certain foxes 😂
    Didn't know you were a Fate fan. Hope to see your vids on FGO and also on War of Underworld 😃

    EDIT: Oh, and, in case anyone doesn't know this yet, Otaku Dai-kun does an amazing job explaining the lore of the Fate series, and other Nasuverse works, so check out his videos for more fun.

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