Well Played – Ladder 101

HEARTHSTONE Well played! HEARTHSTONE CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR LADDER 101: HOW IT WORKS In this video, I’m going to teach you
how to climb the ladder so you can start earning
Hearthstone Competitive Points for high finishes. So let’s get into it. The ladder refers to
the Hearthstone ranking system, which encompasses ranks 25 to 1, followed by the Legend status. Players start at rank 25 and gain or lose stars after each match. Every accumulated five stars, players move up a rank. After Rank 1, players hit the Legend status, which is going to be indicated
by an orange gem. The number displayed inside the orange gem is your Legend rank, and the lower this number, the closer you are to being
the best Legend player in your region. Hence the coveted Legend 1 spot. The ladder is one of the biggest and most important parts
of competitive Hearthstone. It’s where pros test their latest decks, as well as where new players
cut their teeth on competition. And most importantly, finishing ladder as Legend can earn you Hearthstone Competitive Points, setting you on the path to become a Hearthstone pro. If you’ve played
any amount of ladder at all, one thing you might notice
is that laddering can feel very streaky, so you win a lot of games in a row, and then you just lose
a lot of games in a row. Why is that? The biggest reason that that happens
is something called “the meta.” The meta is short for “meta-game,” and that’s the aggregate composition
of all decks being cued on the ladder. So, as decks become more popular, more players
naturally choose competing lists that match up favorably
against those decks. That means that a deck
that’s strong one day can be very weak the next day, as more players just
actively try to counter it. The meta makes laddering fun and dynamic, since the best deck to play
is constantly changing. There’s also something
called “local metas,” or points in the ladder where the composition of decks
being played just commonly changes, and these usually happen at around
the rank breakpoints of 20, 15, 10 and 5. Whenever you reach one of these ranks, you should pay particular attention to what decks you see being played, and consider adjusting your list, or swapping your deck accordingly. Now you understand
how the Hearthstone ladder works. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, try to climb and earn yourself those crucial
Hearthstone Competitive Points. Thanks for watching, everyone. If you enjoyed this video, brought to you
by the coaches at Gamer Sensei, please visit playhearthstone.com/esports for more of the Well Played series and all things Hearthstone esports. HEARTHSTONE Well played!

7 thoughts on “Well Played – Ladder 101

  1. NGL actively countering decks is natural in legend, but in Every rank from 25-1 you can bring any strong deck and get legend with it.

  2. There's only 5 other comments here and I'm still thinking this comment section leaves something to be desired.
    Good intro video though. I enjoy this series as a way to teach newer players about important aspects of the game. It's cool that HS itself is promoting it on their news section for the game.

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