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Hello, Tank Commanders! Welcome to an episode of WG Explores. I’m Josh, and I’m your host for today. Wargaming Asia is here in New York to give you an inside look at an armour museum far away from home. Welcome to the Museum of American Armour! The Museum of American Armor is located on Long Island, on the grounds of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. This place is home to a restored 19th Century village. With a bit of effort, the village transforms into a 1944 European town! The Museum has a variety of vehicles and weapons, most of which are from the World War 2 era. It is also home to familiar specimens such as the very recognisable M4 Sherman. The M4 Sherman was the medium tank that formed the bulk of American armoured forces during World War 2. Although not technologically innovative like the Soviet T-34 and lacking the powerful guns and strong armour that was fielded by late-war German tanks, the M4 Sherman was dependable and easy to produce. More than 50,000 were built in various configurations, including up-gunned versions like the Easy Eight and Firefly. The M4 Sherman and its up-gunned variants saw action in many post-World War 2 conflicts such as the Korean War and conflicts in the Middle East. There are also some special exhibits in this museum, such as the rare M18 Hellcat. This vehicle was a fast-moving tank destroyer, the fastest tracked armoured vehicle in America until the advent of the M1 Abrams. This beauty here is the Magach 3, an Israeli tank that is essentially an upgraded version of the M48 Patton. Upgrades include a more powerful 105mm gun, a more compact turret, an improved communications suite, and a high-output, less-flammable diesel engine. Aside from that, there is something very special about this particular vehicle. This particular vehicle was presented to the Museum of American Armor at a recent commemorative event as a reminder of the Yom Kippur War. Aside from playing host to cool exhibits, the Museum also holds special events and honours military veterans by inviting the veterans themselves to experience what the Museum has to offer. In October 2016, the Museum invited Dr. Yuval Neria, a former Magach 3 driver, and his family to visit. They got to see the tank up close, and Dr Neria even got to drive it and reconnect with a part of his own history. During the Yom Kippur War, Dr. Neria was wounded when Egyptian forces conducted a surprise attack on his unit’s position at the Suez Canal. Today, Dr. Neria is an American citizen and resides in New York, where he works as an expert in PTSD studies. Aside from special events like these, the Museum also runs regular Armor Experiences. These Experiences allow the general public to observe how an armoured unit would have fought during World War 2. Complete with working and restored vehicles, the Armor Experience lets you experience history first-hand. … And we’ve come to the end of this episode of WG Explores, Tank Commanders. If you ever happen to come to New York City, be sure to take a day and spend some time here at the Museum of American Armor. It’s an experience that you won’t wanna miss! Thanks for watching, guys. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. great video, I'm glad that the SEA server is starting to make similar video types to the EU and NA server. Looking forward to more videos :)7

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