What animal lays an egg like this? | Natural History Museum

Eggs are used by many animal species To protect and feed their young as they develop Most have the same classic shape But what animal could possibly use an egg like this? So when you first look at this egg, it doesn’t
look like an egg at all, but it’s actually an egg from a bullhead shark, and these eggs are specifically adapted for eggs that develop underwater. So when the mother shark lays
its egg, it actually carries it around in its mouth until it finds a gap in the rocks.
Once it finds a suitable gap it’ll place the egg inside and the corkscrew-like shape helps hold it in place so the ocean current doesn’t wash it away. Each egg contains one embryo
and a yolk sac which the embryo feeds off and helps it develop inside the egg. Sharks
have had eggs like these for hundreds of millions of years and you can find these in the fossil record. So whilst these might not look like the classic egg shape, these bullhead shark eggs are perfectly adapted to their environment.

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