What do Indians think of Tseries vs Pewdiepie?

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Today we are reacting to a video. What a great intro that was by the way. [GLORIOUS Swedish laughter intensifies] Today we are reacting to a video, that even my mom sent to me, so you know it’s pretty important. “What Indians Think of Pewdiepie vs T-Series.” So far the Indians have been quiet, their voice have been silenced. I assume by T-Series themselves, But now thanks to the channel: *A S I A N B O S S* We will find the answers. Like i said, my mom sent me this video, so you know it’s gonna be good. Let’s just find out… What do Indians feel about it? (Just read the captions given by A S I A N B O S S) AS THEY SHOULD! (Pewds questioning himself) I dunno, actually I dunno. BUT THEY SHOULD! This is what really matters okay? (MGS4 re-enacted by pewds) Wars are no longer fought through soldiers and mercenaries. They’re fighting through…. 9 year olds. A S I A N B O S S captions These are hard hitting questions. (Pewds winds up like the Yamero seagull) Y E S! Finally we will know. Oh god I’m actually nervous. T-Questions I don’t know if I like how they refer it as obviously. (pewds is ness confirmed) I bet most people found out about T-Series thanks to me anyways. If anything, T-Series should be thanking me! T R A S H They’re T R A- I thought he was gonna say biggest YouTuber But NO NO NO Oh! Is that what they do, they make original music? Very interesting! I thought, you know they just uh, copyrighted other people’s music. That’s really strange! That sounds awful by the way. One… …one company making all the music for India? Don’t like. That’s right! From India! They keep leading up to something, but no! It’s the biggest channel from India. That’s right! That’s all you’re gonna get T-Series! And don’t make me come to India by the way! Emphasis on “one of” okay? [muffled] you will NEVER BEAT US (O rly now?) Alright, this kid knows what’s up! (nice picture you got under the tv back there) It’s the YouTube algorithm, that’s all there is. Well, I like this kid Finally someone speaking some truth here, okay? Right! They post like 20 videos a day, YouTube is like, oh yeah, we need to push this! No human being can push 20 videos a day. It’s the only advantage they have on me. Ok, fair enough, alright. I don’t wanna keep, you know, stomping on T-Series. I can acknowledge that they do make music videos I willingly acknowledge that. They make videos. Just like Bitch Lasagna connected literally everyone. [TEH HEH] Even Indians are on our side, thanks to Bitch Lasagna. So she’s not wrong. I just realized. T-Series is a music company, and we absolutely stomped them by making a song! That actually makes it even funnier, I never thought of that. (Potato cam intensifies) Alright, this whole quality- Who cares about quality anyway? I got great quality here, you see the lighting? Everything is top notch. That’s why, I got great quality ok? S T O P! (Meaty claps) Yes! There is hope, yes! [PEWDIEPIE USES HIS FULL POWER] …I don’t like you… (Victory laughter) *air succ* YES! There is hope guys, there is hope! (We have an ally!) OOOOOOOOO What did I say? WHAT DID I SAY?? T-Series should be thanking me for introducing them! Damn, that’s awesome. They actually found like- What do you mean!? Girls definitely know! What do you mean- don’t speak for all whamen, ok? I have plenty of wamen who watches me. What’s up ladies? (MARZIA SEND HIM TO THE RANCH!) I have a lot of them ok, and I don’t need this judge- I mean blanket statement. *don’t tell marzia about this* Stop this. Freaking beautiful! (Swedish laughter) I like how she just changed, she was like: Yeah, 60 million plus, I just checked. Oh, it’s 87 million? See it’s what I said, 60 million plus! what WHAT What’s up my Indian bros? Big shoutout, thank you very much! That’s awesome, I didn’t know that. That’s so weird to think about, people like, so far away on the Planet Earth watching Swedish little idiot I appreciate, thank you guys. (Captions appreciates you too uwu) That’s so weird, that’s crazy, that’s crazy to think about. Simple, silly, and stupid, is that what he said? I mean he’s not wrong. Damn, I didn’t expect like such nice comments. (Feels train has hit Felix and Captions too.) Wasn’t ready for the feels! That’s so nice! Hey we got blue shirt kid. FOR THE MEMES GOD DAMN RIGHT This kid is the best! Since the bro fist time! Thank you! OG bros from India, that’s f*cking awesome This is so crazy, how did they find these people? That’s sick. Yes! This is- I mean don’t do that obviously, that would be cheating, and I don’t condone that kind of behavior whatsoever. But, that’s awesome! Yes, it has! That’s right. (not going to change) Excuse me, excuse me, I think that’s where you’re wrong kid. (air succ part two: electric boogaloo) That’s where you’re wrooong, it will never happen. Bro army too strong okey? I wouldn’t say “right behind” I would say like if I look over I’ll be like “ah whatever”. You know when you’re being chased by someone? Yeah, we all can relate, and you look over and you’re like: “Oh god” it’s more like a “uh yeah I can keep going, it’s fine”. That’s how I would describe it, but that’s just me of course. I need to fact check this. T-Series, when was T-Series founded? It sounds like a lie. 1983, Ok fine, fine, whatever, like who’s counting? (rekt lmao) Swedish laughter I called T-series a Bitch Lasagna, okay? Plus, that’s not even an insult im sorry, I’M SORRYYYY COME BACK TO ME, I’M SORRY FOR CALLING YOU A BITCH LASAGNAAAAA NOOOOoOooOOOoOo *laughing* *pewdiepie is happy* Give this man a brofist! (◠﹏◠✿) (‘ω^\) oooohhh… damn This is so cool (that kid should really host meme review amirite) See, that’s right.
I’ve been doing it for a long time too. That’s right! I can’t post 20 minute videos a day- I mean, 20 videos a day. okay I need to listen to him. Okay… …but what if I’m really desperate!? I mean- I’m not desperate of course but, let’s say I WAS desperate… hmm Like, what do I do then? oh ye (oh ye) hmmm? Eh, that’s not necessarily true, ok? A lot of companies start off really big and they have investors, they have a lot of people, lot of capital… Let’s not jump into conclusions here, okay? oh yeah yeah WHAT So is the Bro Army! *pewds laughing* OH *pewdienut* cHiLDisH?!?
AH! *more laugh* *laughing but with a lower voice tone* I love how just some people get it, and some people are like: “It’s a BATTLE! He called me BITCH LASAAAGNAAA!” *felix laughs more* what OOooh! damn, this kid is so smart (again, he should host meme review) *laughs* Youtube. Hire. This. Kid!
*laughs harder* So, basically, India is getting Internet, which is a good thing, obviously.
I wouldn’t joke like: “UGH, that’s so bad!” but honestly… …THAT’S TERRIBLE!!! *he was joking about that too* So, basically, India is getting Internet and T-series dominates India, obviously, with the- as soon as you make an account in India,
I-I tried this out myself, you’ll just be blasted by T-series videos. They have a huge advantage there, but (villain voice activates) sooner or later… …they will RUN OUT OF INDIANS! *waluigi laugh* And there are FOREVER INFINITE 9 YEAR OLDS *more waluigi* WhEeEeEe! That’s right. Yes. And you might say: “You know, but there’s nothing bad with that” and companies have the same set of… …uhh, rules that applies to everyone else, but I think it’s more a concern from the community of…
Youtube’s been shifting towards less… creator-focus for years now.
And now seeing, uhh, an actual company taking over as the biggest channel, people feel like that, uhh- a symbol almost of losing another touch of the creator side of Youtube Creators is (are) why people love Youtube and THAT’S what created Youtube and, I- people wanna protect that, I understand that. I don’t think necessarily T-SERIES is the the fault for all of it, obviously. That’s not how it is but-
I think that’s why especially people are so caught up in this battle So interesting to watch this… There you go! heHE, this KID! No…
No, it didn’t… *laughing* YES! *laughs really loud* *laughs even more* ughhh aw 🙁 That’s right! It’s up- The TRUTH! Damn That was an amazing video! Thank you, uh, Asian Boss,
go check ’em out, link in the description, obviously, uh, for making that.
That’s so fun! What a great insight! It’s cool to see the kid so smart and are- Yeah, like “articulate knowledgeable” (whatever that means)
So awesome! Uhh, and everyone that supported me aswell or even if like- I don’t know. In-between aswell, I thought it was really cool. Great video! Really enjoyed it!
I hope you guys enjoyed as well, smash like, subscribe, check out the merch and as always, see you guys tomorrow! Holding off the brofist… …another couple of days at least minimum (dammit) b y e Tuber Simulator is now so relevant… …that it’s got a brand new minigame! CRANIAC! Drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing-machine-like game. And you say there’s more?
OF COURSE THERE IS! New knowledge perks! New quests! And new Pixelings! And LEGS! Guys… *meaningful look* L E G S (it’s okay guys, you can brofist the captions instead) (but it won’t be the same…) 🙁

100 thoughts on “What do Indians think of Tseries vs Pewdiepie?

  1. Well t series is a film and music company …
    So ! No competition needed between a YouTuber and a company .. I think

  2. And by the way,,T-series is damnnnn not good honestly I mean I don't judge them at all,but what ever it takes I like PewDiePie so if you're reading this comment PewDiePie,don't hate the T-series coz the more the haters the more the subs so still cool,,,Im on ur side

  3. T-series is the most popular youtube channel rn,,cozz They upload 20 vids a day f*ck it,,,but still PewDiePie is just one person who's making his own vlogs,yes he have someone but I mean u know,,,And The t series is a company da*nnn ittt they're weak!

  4. Hi Indians,if ur offend of being called bitch lasagna you shouldn't be offend coz one thing if ur offend its true so I guess ur offend

  5. You can never beat t series because India have the power to make top the channel in YouTube and i think you are not know about it

  6. What ever they say for their selves, I don't like their t-series and pewds doing the right thing by introducing them to the world✌️

    Barrels: we love you pewds❤️

  7. Indian woman : 'He’s a Swedish guy, with cute, light-colored eyes, and is very pretty.'
    Pewdiepie : don’t tell Marzia about this 😂 (and gets shy ☺️)

    Yup, he’s cute and funny as hell 😂👏👏!!

  8. Really remove that figure out that nose you sound like cow piwdiepie and what is that name 😂 how jealous and immature are you….your mom should’ve really showed you mirror rather than that video😂

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