What going AFK looks like

Intro musicHello adventurer! Welcome to the town of Honeywood Us town folk here have lived under the rule of Gongoron for hundreds of years Huh… Yeah so… So monsters (clears throat) Monsters , they run wild here Are you staying safe? Huh Huh (snap finger sound) Hello? (surprise sound) Good morning Nice day for fishing ain’t it? Epic NPC man

100 thoughts on “What going AFK looks like

  1. It's defo weird haha in the game Sacred it makes fun of it though by getting the characters to tell you off when you go AFK, they are like "I'm not waiting here all day! i have better things to do you know?!", that's the Vampiress lol but the other ones are funny too acting like they are bored.

  2. There's a medieval song in background. Can you tell me it's name, please? I'm sure that is a production of Fietchers, but I cand find out what song is. Please!

  3. these videos are hilarious 😂😂😂😂 I love you guys already. where have you been all my life 😂😂😂

  4. Honestly, you guys deserve more credit. These episodes are so golden, I can feel a story with Epic NPC Man happening behind the scenes and its so subtle, yet so intended. Camera work, special effects, and especially the sets are grade A.

  5. 00.31 I notice that there is a turkish translation mistake. Are you in safe? When the NPC says. İts translated to Sen güvendemesini? İts literally Wrong translation. İt must be "Sen güvende misin?" İts a bit late but. İf its wrong we have to change it proper.

  6. Should've went the whole way and done some yawns and idle talk, like in Baldur's gate they tell you every 4 seconds "can we get a move on" etc

  7. If this were L2, he'd be busily attacking guards repeatedly, to delevel.
    You even gave him an actual bot hard-to-be-sure-you-read-it-right name; well done.

  8. Suddenly makes since why NPC's call us Adventurer or another generic name… because players have some stupid names and npc's don't want to deal

  9. Imagine a mmo/rpg game had a npc that realized something was terribly wrong with everything and became self aware

  10. what if it wasn't a nice day for fishing? what if it was rainy/stormy… would that npc still say nice day for fishing?

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