What is the Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative (SADI)?

The Sexual Assault Demonstration
Initiative, SADI, identified eight key lessons for dual/multi-service programs
interested in creating meaningful services for survivors of sexual
violence. The eight key lessons are: Truly effective and accessible sexual assault services only happen when programs have an understanding and direct response to
racism and oppression. To be truly effective programs must have a clear
organizational identity as a provider of services for survivors of sexual
violence. Sustainable sexual assault services require explicit and agency-wide support. Stable and empowering leadership is fundamental. Programs must
attend to the well-being of their staff and of the organization as a whole. Programs need to prioritize in-depth foundational and ongoing sexual assault
specific training. Programs need to offer comprehensive services that meet the unique needs of survivors of sexual violence. Strong programs embrace change
and growth. For more information about the SADI lessons visit www.nsvrc.org/SADI.

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