What Kind Of YouTuber Am I?

Hi guys! Today we’re talking about what kind of YouTuber I’d like to be. I know that when I started this channel I said that I was going to be a happiness vlogger or something of that sort. I still like the idea of sharing a journey to happiness. Of becoming a more confident and overall more excited-about-life type of person. But I can’t really share that sort of point of view through video, with you guys, if I’m only ever talking about being happy I felt that my videos before were… inauthentic. I didn’t feel like I was sharing what made me happy so much as what I thought I needed to be to seem happy. Watching my videos made me sad and I didn’t want to rewatch them. So why would I continue making videos if I didn’t want to watch them? Earlier this year when I tried Vlog Every Day in April, unsuccessfully, I might add… My favorite videos to make and to watch were the ones that talked about things I really enjoy or involved people I enjoy being around. I realize I can’t really talk about how to be happy if I’m not sharing what makes me happy! I’d like to become closer with you guys and I think the best way to do that is to be more honest about the type of person I truly am. I truly am a person who wants to talk about the things that make them happy and how I’m working towards being a happier more confident person. But they way I do that is by doing more of the things that I love! Things that make me happy. Things like writing, reading, books, and sometimes dinosaurs even! I just want to share with you guys and treat you like the friend that you’ve treated me as. And I hope that this change in directions is something we can both be excited about. So that’s why I wanted to make this video to tell you that my channel will be taking a slightly more casual approach… I said in my first video that I’m not a trained psychologist or anything …psychologist? Therapist? Therapist, not psychologist. Psychologist is the one that gives out drugs, right? That has nothing to do with this video! Let’s get back on topic! I’ve already come up with a lot of great, really wonderful ideas for the channel and I hope you are as excited about them as I am. I’ll be posting every Wednesday, hopefully. Starting next week! I’ve got most of this month’s videos already figured out. And I hope that they are as fun for you as they are for me. I guess I’ll see you then, bye. Does this video make any sense at all? I don’t know.

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